Card Survival: Tropical Island – Useful Tips

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Note: It’s part of the survival guide (help button). You can even find it if you search for water as it is a keyword for the entry.

  • Stay hydrated! Dehydration will kill you much faster than starvation.
  • You can bookmark cards from their description windows so you can quickly jump to them.
  • You can right-click on cards to make them quickly jump from one row to another.
  • You can move stacks from one row to another by holding left-click on the top or bottom of a card.
  • You can cut down Banana Trees and get fresh water from their stumps.
  • You can refill perforated coconuts, just make sure they don’t rot while liquids are inside.
  • Keep an eye on your temperature. Heat and cold CAN and WILL kill you!
  • If you’re too hot, consider taking clothes off or getting wet to lower your temperature.
  • Take 15 minutes break when low on stamina to avoid overheating and exhausting yourself too much.
  • Aloe Vera can help you treat and prevent Sunburn, Bug Bites and Backpain among other things.
  • You can burn Snakegrass on a campfire to get some cheap bug protection.
  • Citronella Oil, crafted by grinding Lemongrass and boiling it in oil, is an essential ingredient for Bug Repellant Candles.
  • Clay Bowls can be fired on a normal campfire, there’s no need to build a kiln for them.
  • If you’re not immunized, make sure to have dry Cinchona tree bark at hand to treat Malaria.

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