Choo-Choo Charles – Nightmare Mode Tips and Tricks

Useful Tips and Tricks

Charles loiter time (the time he hangs around an area he decides to hunt in) is near infinite even if you get away. So, if you are around a building you will be there for a long time. Your train will be targeted and you may lose it entirely. #paperweight You will likely lose the game if he catches you on the tracks at any point or in early game/mid game at a building. This factor is your worst nightmare

After Charles kills our dear friend in the intro, you have 4-5 minutes before he will come for you next for the first time. Use it wisely to speed run anything you think you need or want. You can get the lock pick and 40~ish scrap if you are focused. (Speed running from boat landing to first hunt is 8.5min)

Stats; Speed is not your #1 priority even though time between safe locations is large, defense will not help enough to make up for Charles increased speed & increased attack damage & increased hunts, lastly your weapon damage will not make up for Charles increased health bar.

So far, the only tactic I have right now may be going backwards after lock pick speed run is, maxing out speed (back it up Terry), and knowing where shelter is so you can ditch the train keeping scrap on you to fix if you get the chance.

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