Crimson Veil – Gold Chest Locations

Gold Chests

Gold chests can be found throughout the game, but they cannot be unlocked until you obtain the Skeleton Lexicon (Currently only available in the dungeon of Chapter 4 of the main route). Here, I will be marking the locations of each Gold Chest as well as the contents of each.

Main Route

  • Mor Town Mayor’s Office – Crystal Plate
  • Humilem Village House – Ammo Pouch
  • Lingrave Clinic Dungeon – Ethereal Scarf
  • Blood Temple Treasures Room – Prism Core, 3000 Gold, Noble Robe, Sacred Elixir, Celeritas Laurel, 4200 Gold, Sapphire, Jade, Viribus Laurel, Ammo Pouch.
  • Abelleth Village Silver Mine – Silver Ore
  • Fallholt Castle Armory – Silver Ore
  • Fallholt Castle Treasure Room – Diamond, Prism Core
  • Crescent Village Alpha’s Hut – Moonstone
  • Pyramid of Asenath, Queen’s Treasure Room– “Axera” Skill

Vampire Route

  • Rosenblad Estate Master Bedroom – Mana Talisman
  • Ruddy Raider Cabin 2B – 20,000 Gold
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