Crimson Veil – Vampire Route Walkthrough

Chapter V-1

Would you rather become a vampire than continuing on as a vampire hunter? After completing chapter 2, you will have the option to forgo the main story and begin a new one where Mila will work alongside other vampires instead. This route does not feature bad endings for losing to enemies, but rather you will get scenes for progressing the story and defeating human enemies. To begin the Vampire Route, you must follow the sidequest “A Simple Delivery” and lose to Lord Dorian.

After being defeated by Dorian and watching the scene, you will be in control of Mila once again as well as unlock Pic 34 in your Picture Gallery. Mila will reawaken as an Ancient Vampire. You can check her status in the menu to see all that has changed. All of your previous equipment and items will all be gone, but more importantly, Mila’s memory seems to be mostly gone. She doesn’t understand why she has woken up here or anything else about her previous life as a hunter. From the coffin room, proceed upstairs to return to the dining hall of the mansion. Leave that room and a new vampire maid will greet you. She calls you her mistress with utmost respect and says that Dorian has been waiting to speak with you. 

You can explore the mansion and speak with Dorian’s other brides for some dialogue. You’ll notice that Claudia’s demeanor in particular has changed quite a bit since you last saw her. Once you are ready, speak with Dorian in his quarters. He laments that it is his fault that you have lost your memory. Genevieve enters the room and states that if Mila drinks blood, her memories may return to her. As soon as she states this, the mansion comes under attack by vampire hunters. Follow Genevieve downstairs to confront the problem.

A group of vampire hunters have come to wreck your home and Genevive sees this as a grand opportunity to test your new powers.

  • Ophelia
  • Max HP: 1250

Ophelia is a well trained vampire hunter, but she is still nothing compared to your strength. Ophelia will use most of your old skills like Knife, Axe, Cross, etc. She and other hunters you fight also have the ability to perform 2 actions per turn. The only skill available to you at this time is Bite. If it lands, Ophelia will be given the vampirism status and lose health each turn. Halfway through the fight, Ophelia will cast Brave Soul on herself as well as recover all HP and statuses on her. Once she’s beaten, Mila will enjoy her first feeding.

Mila will fall unconscious after tasting Ophelia’s virgin blood. She will be reawakened by Dorian and Genevieve and some of her memories will have returned to her. Dorian will reveal that Mila has been dormant for over a century and the world outside has changed drastically. He tasks Mila with visiting a contact in Mor Town’s antique shop. Afterwards, he gives you the Cursed Whip, your new weapon! Mila will also reach Hunter rank 2 and learn the Mesmerize skill.You will also unlock Pic 35 in the Picture Gallery.

If you head into the closet downstairs, you will find Ophelia. Her mind is broken and all she can think about now is you. She is slowly turning into a vampire now, let’s return once her transformation is complete. You will immediately notice how much the world has changed as soon as you leave the mansion and enter the overworld. The color pallete is drab and the villages you visit will be very different than they were a century ago. 

Before we visit Dorian’s contact, let’s quickly go over any collectibles there are to obtain at this point. It should be stated that while exploring the towns you must avoid contact with any vampire hunters patrolling the streets. If they spot you, you will be forced into a battle against many hunters at once. Your only choice is to run, however, the hunters you leave behind will sound an alarm causing all hunters in the vicinity to track you down and corner you. If you get surrounded by them, it’s game over. For that reason, Saving is impossible while in towns.

All other NPCs are safe to talk to. They will not notice your vampiric appearance. 

Abelleth Town (Future)

To the north of the village in front of the now closed Silver Mine is a gold chest with 300 Gold and near the southern exit is a red chest containing Low Quality Blood, a weak healing item. Check the barrels to collect 150 Gold, a Garnet Shard, and a Moonlite Tea. You can also speak to the NPC Blackbeth who will give you a Mana Talisman for speaking with her.

Ilbrooke (Future)

The devastated town is home to a few collectibles and not much more. Check the chests and barrels to obtain: a Lesser Succubus Choker, 2x Low Quality Blood, a Garnet, and a Bloody Plate.

The Rotten Grove (Future) 

The Rotten Grove still has a bunch of Ghouls and Nosferatu, though they will no longer attack you. This is also the first area where you can begin fighting off vampire hunters for Gold and Experience. Let me briefly explain how the leveling system works in the Vampire Route. When you defeat a vampire hunter, you will be given the option to either Turn the hunter, or Drain them. If you turn the hunter, there will be a short scene showing you biting the hunter you just defeated. The hunter will then collapse and after about a minute, they will turn into a vampiric ally that you can speak to. If you drain them instead, it will skip the biting scene and the hunter will collapse just as before, only will instead rise as a ghoul. You will level up every time you obtain 10 Blood Points. You gain 3 points for draining a victim and 2 points for turning a victim. During the story, you will run into virgins, which will net you 10 Blood Points regardless of whether you turn them or drain them. Blood Points cannot be tracked within the status menu.

There are quite a few collectibles to be found here. The layout of this forest has remained the same, so I will be referring to the item placements as I have been. The first area has a green chest in the northern portion that contains Good Quality Blood. The graveyard to the west has no items to get, so go east into the forest maze. To the northwest is a green chest with a Celeritas Laurel, towards the center-east is another chest with a Viribus Laurel, towards the southwest is a chest with Low Quality Blood, and finally at a small opening to the southeast of the maze is a chest with Vile Poison. Vile Poison works similarly to Liquid Silver in the standard route.

In the small grotto area south of the Forest Maze is a chest with a Mana Talisman, which raises your SP by 25 points. Return to the Forest Maze and go north to enter a section of the broken bridge area to open a chest containing a Praesidio Laurel. Run to the eastern pond area, climbing the cliffs to reach the other side of the broken bridge area. If you go towards the Blood Temple, you’ll see that the entrance has been blocked off by a vampire hunter. There will be a chest containing a Dark Dress here. Lastly, return to the pond area via the ground path of the bridge area to collect a green chest in the northeast section with a Low Quality Blood. Follow the pond leading all the way south to reach a chest containing a Salutem Laurel.

There are additional fights to be found in the Rotten Grove if you are looking for more of a challenge. I suggest you be at least HR 6 before attempting these fights. South of the Forest Maze, in the small grotto, you will find the gold knight Johannes and at the west end of the forest where the cemetery is, you will encounter Alyena. Speak with them and select the first option to begin the battle

  • Johannes
  • Max HP: 7600

Johannes is a multiphase boss. Initially, his attacks shouldn’t do too much. He is also immune to the Vampire and Entranced statuses. Johannes also likes to block attacks, so you should focus on just attacking and healing if needed, but save any stronger moves for the next phases. Once you have dealt at least 3800 damage to Johannes, his stats will increase for a few turns and he will recover all of his HP. If you bring him down to half health a second time, he will again increase his stats, though this time will sacrifice most of his defense for raw attack power. His attacks deal very heavy damage at this point, especially the multi hitting fire bomb move. Guarding if you are close to half health of less may be a good option at this stage. Johannes uses up so much power he will occasionally fatigue himself and miss a turn or two. This is your chance to either recover or go in for stronger attacks. While in this last form, he also loses his immunity to Vampire and Entranced statuses so take advantage of that. Defeating him will earn you Johannes’ Plate and Unlock Pic 43 in your Picture Gallery.

  • Alyena
  • Max HP: 1850

Alyena goes back and forth between attacking with her blade and using magical spells. Every two turns, she will switch between these stances so that you can anticipate what she will do next. She has a variety of attacks in both forms, but her most damaging move is her Fencing Blade skill while she is in her sword form. Alyena is susceptible to Mesmerize and if you use it on her a turn after she has switched forms and it lands, she will miss the chance to switch forms. I recommend doing this while she is in her magical form, because it is much easier to deal with the attacks she uses while in this form. About halfway through the fight, she will power herself up, much like Ophelia did during her battle, so keep that in mind. Defeating her will earn you Alyena’s Ring and Unlock Pic 44 in your Picture Gallery.

  • Jaina
  • Max HP: 5000

Jaina is fast, VERY fast. You are not likely to go first in this fight, so be prepared for that. One of Jaina’s main attacks is the bomb skill, which you should know occasionally prevents you from attacking. Combined with her ability to occasionally attack twice may put you in a tough spot if you are unprepared. Jaina has low HP compared to the other hunters though, so just keep up the pressure with status effects and you’ll be fine. You will receive Jaina’s Pendant after defeating her and unlock Pic 80 in the Picture Gallery.

Noctorna HQ (Future) 

Your old HQ lies in ruins, all that remains are memories and a few pickups. There is a shadowy figure among the ruins. Once it notices your presence, it will flee north. Check all the shimmering spots to find a Broken Whip, Rusted Noctorna Armour, and a Rusted Noctorna Helmet. The two armor pieces can be equipped immediately, but the Broken Whip is currently useless.

Mor Town (Future)

Mor Town has seen the most changes in layout in the time gap. Starting with Mor Town North, you can collect Low Quality Blood in a chest to the west and a Brew of Mana to the east between two houses. In Mor Town West, you can find 200 Gold near the connection to Mor Town North, a Vile Poison between, and an Amethyst Shard inside of a barrel near the farmlands. Mor Town South is the base of operations for the Knights of Friedrich, your new nemeses. Next to the Antique Shop is a chest with a Viribus Laurel. In Mor Town East, enter the East Shelter to find a chest containing a Sapphire Tiara. All of the shops here are closed, so we will have to do our shopping elsewhere. In the northwest is a chest with a Ghost Pendant, to the northeast is a chest with Steel Plate armor, and to the southwest is a chest with a Reinforced Corset.There is also a barrel containing 50 Gold.

There’s an NPC in Mor Town South you can chat with named jar. The old fellow will either give you a Celeritas Laurel for picking his right hand when prompted or a Salutem Laurel for picking the left. Head inside the Antique Shop in South Mor Town to meet Dorian’s contact. He happens to be the bald man who sent you to meet Dorian over a century ago! His name is Dealer and although you request his help, he refuses. Mila will attempt to dominate his mind, but unbeknownst to her, Dealer is much too powerful to be overtaken. After the lewd scene, he will task you with bringing to him Eliza Friedrich, the leader of the Knights of Friedrich. This is no small feat, as she is sure to be well guarded, but you’ll have to do this if you are to get Dealer’s assistance. Once the conversation has ended, you will unlock Pic 36 in the Picture Gallery. There is also a book you can read in the Antique shop which will unlock all of the standard route’s Pics in your Picture Gallery! Once you step out of the antique shop, you will sense that Ophelia’s transformation is finally complete.

You’ll need to find the whereabouts of Eliza before you can continue. If you enter the Tavern in Mor Town center, there will be some hunters gathered around a table who are all perfectly safe to speak to (they’re on break after all!) One of the hunters will mention Eliza heading towards the Cliffside Library so let’s head there. Speak to a man sitting at the westmost table before you leave. He will give you a Defense Brooch

Eastern Mountains (Future)

In this initial area you can find a chest containing a Low Quality Blood, and another with some Lucky Panties. The alcove leading east has a chest with a Brew of Mana. Go up the mountain cliff towards the library and enter the cave that used to be a vampire lair. There is a lone hunter here you can fight if you like and a chest containing a Celeritas Laurel. Once you are in front of the library, be sure to save if you haven’t already.

Cliffside Library (Future)

The library’s appearance will vary based on whether or not you killed the Bookworm vampire at any point for beginning the Vampire Route. If she was slain, the library will be in an even worse shape than it was before and the Vampire Hunter Leader we believe to be Eliza will have found and killed her targeted vampire. If the bookworm was never slain, the library will be in pristine condition and the Vampire Hunter Leader will still be searching for her target. Either way, a boss fight will commence.

  • Vampire Hunter Leader
  • Max HP: 5900

The hunter leader has a ton of HP, but your damage output should be more than enough to make this fight a drawn out victory. A few things to note, the hunter leader will purify herself if you land a Bite on her and when she is close to health she will begin to use Brave Soul to buff her attack and defense. Use Mesmerize as much as you can here. It is a very useful stalling tool against this boss.

Once the hunter is down, Mila will turn her into a vampire to obtain information out of her. We find out that she isn’t actually Eliza Friedrich, but just the leader of this particular group of hunters tasked with defeating the vampire in the mountains. Mila sends the former hunter leader out to find out information on Eliza’s whereabouts and you will unlock Pic 37 in your Picture Gallery.

Before you leave the library, if you never killed the Bookworm in the standard route, she will be on the west side of the library and you can speak to her. After speaking with her, Bianca the Bookworm will become your newest Pet. She will wait for you in Dorian Manor.

Return to Dorian Manor and a scene will play with Mila recounting the recent events. Once the scene is over, you will be forced to speak with Claudia, who will return to you your Quick Travel Widget, allowing you to return to Dorian Manor from any Gemmare Statue. To proceed to the next chapter, return to the coffin room where the vampire route first began and rest in your coffin.

Chapter V-2

While resting in her coffin, Mila’s slumber is interrupted by Geneveive. She tells Mila that the hunter she turned recounts that Eliza Friedrich is currently in Humilem Village. That is your next destination, however Genny also tasks her to be on the lookout for something called a Malisphere, which sounds familiar to Mila. Once the scene is over, you will unlock Pic 67 in your Picture Gallery. Attempt to leave the Manor where another scene will play involving Claudia and Ophelia. Claudia now seems to be looking for Eliza as well, though she doesn’t seem to want to work together with Mila. Once the scene is done, head west toward Humilem Village.

The road to Humilem Village now has a road leading you in the right direction. Once you are a bit deep in the woods, there will be a scene where you will encounter a blonde warrior named Vicilla. During this scene, a choice will be presented which will alter a few events in this chapter. You can either choose to attack Vicilla, or leave her be.

If you attacked Vicilla…

  • Vicilla
  • Max HP: 4500

Vicilla has high attack, but low defense and abysmal magical defense. She is also more susceptible to being entranced than the average boss enemy. Her main form of attack is using her axe and axera skills, which hit hard, but are inaccurate. Once she is taken care of, you will unlock Pic 74 in your Picture Gallery. Enter Humilem Village.

If you let Vicilla go…

Vicilla will leave your side and return to searching for her partner in the woods. Follow the path into Humilem Village.

Humilem Village (Future)

Humilem Village has been reestablished with citizens and even though Mila is here looking for Eliza, turning the poorly guarded town into a lair for the undead becomes her new goal. Speak with everyone in the town to attack them. Check every area, including the insides of houses for villagers. Whether you decide to turn them into vampires or ghouls has no effect on how the story plays out, so do whatever you like. Collectibles in the village include: Low Quality Blood, 25 Gold, 35 Gold, 15 Gold, Draught of Mana, 20 Gold, 100 Gold, and a Mana Talisman. Once you have attacked everyone, a scene will play out in the village’s main square depending on your choice with Vicilla from earlier.

If you attacked Vicilla…

You will be introduced to the hunteress, Eve. Although your vampiric minions surround her, you’ll still have to face off against her to continue.

  • Eve
  • Max HP: 4900

Much like the fight against Vicilla, Eve sports high attack and low defense, although her speed is higher. Eve uses sword skills to attack, including a multi-hitting attack.

If you let Vicilla go…

  • Eve and Vicilla
  • Max HP: 4900

Despite having to face off against two hunters from the get go, don’t waste your time attacking Vicilla. After a few short rounds, she will flee the fight and abandon Eve. Eve sports high attack and low defense. Watch out for her multi-hitting sword attack.

Once Eve is down, Mila will claim her. The entranced Eve will lead the way towards where she was meeting with Eliza Friedrich, The Friedrich Knights Sanctuary. After this scene, you will also unlock Pic 68-73 and Pic 75 in your Picture Gallery.

Friedrich Knights Sanctuary

This three floor mansion is one big puzzle. The goal is to open the locked door on the third floor by entering a 4 digit passcode. The first clue can be found in the room immediately to your right on the first floor. On a scrap of paper, you can deduce that the third digit is 3. Be sure to pick up the Hex Plate in the chest too. The second clue is in the room across from this one. Check the bookshelf and a scrap of paper will fall out of it. Check the paper which will read that the second digit is the suits of armor in the main hall. Don’t be fooled by the statues of armor, the correct answer for this is 2! Before you leave this room, grab the Vile Poison from the cabinet on the western wall.

The third clue is on the second floor in east room 2B. The note with the clue states that the first digit is the number of plants found in the mansion. If you go through each room, you will find that your answer is 8. Remember to check the vase for another Vile Poison and the next door room for 65 Gold. In the west hallway, check the rooms to find a Viribus Laurel, and a Pendant of Ruin. The final clue is found on the second floor hallway leading to the third floor. Glass can be found on the floor coming from the broken window in the center. If you go outside and around the mansion to investigate, you will find a scrap of paper with the fourth digit, 9. You now have the entire code:8239. Be sure to save before walking through the door.

As you enter a scene will play and Mila will find what seems to be the Malisphere she was looking for. Before she can get a good look at it, a wolf girl steals it from her grasp. She calls herself Eliza Friedrich but runs away before you can fight against her. Mila will then be surrounded by three vampire hunters, which you will need to fight against. Using the flame skill is recommended since it can hit all of your targets at once! Once the hunters are taken care of, leave the mansion and towards the back of the village that was gated off. The gateway is now open and you will face off against the main boss of this chapter, which is dependent on your choice with Vicilla from earlier.

If you attacked Vicilla…

  • Eliza Friedrich
  • Max HP: 7000

This wolf’s defining trait is her high agility and high attack. From the beginning of the fight, she will cast Brave Soul on herself and increase her attack and defense. Try to play defensively until her buff wears off so that she doesn’t catch you off guard. Once her buffs are gone, try whittling away her life by stacking damaging debuffs with Vile Poison, Claw Swipe, and all flame attacks. Be aware however that as a werewolf, Eliza is immune to the vampirism stat.

If you let Vicilla go…

  • Newborn Wolf Vicilla
  • Max HP: 6000

Vicilla has an enormous attack stat with access to high damaging skills like Axe and Axera. Use Blood Aegis if you have access to it to buff up your defense. Take advantage of Vicilla’s near non-existent magical defense. Casting flame skills to burn her will not only be an effective way to damage her, but the burn will also cripple her attack stat. Try to always keep your Health high so as to not be taken off guard by a devastating critical hit from her. Beating her will unlock Pic 74 in your Picture Gallery. 

Once the fight is over, there will be another cutscene and you will ultimately be transported in front of Dorian Manor. To continue the story, just head inside to trigger an event. Once you are back at the manor and watch the cutscene, follow Genevieve into the third bedroom and speak with her to trigger another cutscene. After this scene, you will also unlock Pic 76 and Pic 77 in your Picture Gallery. Return and speak with Maye outside to watch the final scene for chapter 2-V.

Once you’ve viewed the scene, you can return to Humilem Village to find both Eve and Vicilla by the church who are now vampires themselves. Eve will explain that she has set up contracts for you inside that you can choose to tackle for valuable rewards! Once you are inside of the church, open the chest containing an Ultimus Laurel! Then, speak with Vicilla. She wishes to learn more about her vampiric powers and wants to join Mila on her adventures! She is now a playable Pet and can join Mila in battle if you choose to take her!

This is the end of the main story section of the walkthrough!

Contracts (Vampire Route)

This section covers all contracts and miscellaneous side quests that can be completed during the course of Crimson Veil’s vampire route  as well as mention when and how the quest can be started.

Contract 1: Terror of the Seas

  • Availability: At the end of Chapter V-2
  • Recommended Hunter Level: 15

Once you have accepted the quest, meet your client at the now open Port of Abelleth. A vampire has put the guard under hypnosis, which allows you to pass. Your client is the male vampire by the boxes and will explain that you are tasked with stopping Captain Gloria and the pirates of the Ruddy Raider from importing a hazardous (to vampires) substance known as “Sanctusaid”. Though the substance hurts vampires, its main use is to treat vampire bites. Mila is suggested the idea to turn the crew into blood thralls, by using the sanctusaid on the pirates that she bites, thereby having a way to sail the seas freely while having easy access to blood.

You won’t be able to leave once you begin the mission, so come well prepared and speak with him again once you’re ready.

Once you wake up from your little nap, Mila will emerge and ambush a weak pirate lass. In the cutscene, Mila demonstrates how she uses the Sanctusaid on the downed Pirate to cure her wounds. She won’t be getting back up, but it’s your duty to do this to all 4 of the other Pirates and eventually to their Captain. Be sure to grab the “Good Quality Blood” inside of the barrel in the starting room.

In order to turn the crew into thralls, you’ll need to find Sanctusaid throughout the ship. They come in small blue bottles. While you have some in your inventory, interact with the Pirate Lass’ downed body. Once you have done this to all of them, you’ll get a prompt telling you to go after the captain. To do this, you’ll need to find her room (Which you can enter via the deck of the ship) and also obtain the key to her door. Let’s go through and explore the ship room by room.

Once you have left your room, you’ll find a “Low Quality Blood” inside one of the barrels. The room to the right is locked though, so we’ll come back to it. Head upstairs. The lower deck is a hall which leads to six different rooms and to the deck of the ship.The first room in the top left corner, is filled with a ton gun gunpowder, which you can’t use. You can however take the “Vile Poison” that’s in one of the plain barrels and the first Pirate Lass. The leftmost room is filled with treasure. Inside, you’ll find: “Sapphire”, “Jade”, “Amethyst”, and 950 total gold between three chests. There is also a gold chest containing a whopping 20,000 Gold, but you’ll have to return once you’ve obtained the Skeleton Lexicon. The last room in the bottom left corner has the second Pirate Lass, a bottle of “Sanctusaid”, and a “Spicy Curry” within one of the barrels.

On the top right side, there is a room with a simple switch puzzle. Once you’ve solved it, You’ll get the “Prison Key” which unlocks the brig, the locked room from earlier. The right-most room 

Has a tricker puzzle. Your goal is to unlock the safe behind the bars. The bars can be opened with the “Prison Key”, but to unlock the safe, you’ll need to figure out the combination using clues within the room. The notes in the room will give you some clues, but if you just want to move on, the code is: 232. Unlocking the safe will give you the “Elegant Key” which can be used to unlock the door to Captain Gloria’s room. The Third Pirate Lass is also here. The last room on the bottom right corner has another bottle of “Sanctusaid”, 50 gold, and “Good Quality Blood”

Let’s double back downstairs and unlock the prison door. Inside is a lone Slimegirl. This enemy cannot be permanently defeated and will regenerate after a few seconds. It constantly drops “Slimegirl Jelly” and a bit of gold each time you defeat it. It’s also a consistent way of raising your Pet’s level, although the method can be a bit slow. Inside this prison are two bottles of “Sanctusaid” and a “Brew of Mana”. Lastly, let’s head upstairs to the deck to find the fourth and last Pirate Lass, though be aware, this Pirate is a bit stronger than the others. If you climb the crow’s nest of the ship and examine it, you’ll find a “Viribus Laurel”.

With the last pirate girl down and drenched in Sanctusaid, it’s time to face off against the Pirate Captain herself!

  • Captain Gloria
  • Max HP: 7200

Gloria sports various attacks that hit multiple times. Combined with a decent critical hit rate and the fact that she can weaken Mila with Silver element attacks, Gloria can prove to be tricky. Gloria has a pitiful Magical Defense stat, so attacking her with Flame attacks is advised. Plus, the burn status effect will lessen the pain she deals. Keep your health topped off as often as you can so that you don’t get killed by a stray critical hit!

Once she’s defeated, the ship is suddenly struck by a reef and is flooded. After the brief scene that ensues, Mila will be washed up on an island. She needs to chase after Gloria, but not before dealing with her Mermaid partner in crime, Maryn! Be sure to check the barrels on the island beforehand for a free “Vile Posion” and “High Quality Blood”

Unlike Gloria, Maryn does not have a weakness to magic. In fact, both of her defense stats are pretty much balanced. Her standard attacks are weak, but her real strength lays in her powerful water based attacks. She acts less often than Gloria and has less health to boot. Just be sure to watch out for the Holy Wave and Tsunami attacks. Both of these attacks will inflict a debilitating status effect on the party, which can cause you to lose control of the battle!

With Maryn beaten and bitten, all that’s left is to follow Gloria into Devil’s Cay. Check the barrels for a “Fried Cod” and the chest for a “Crystal Plate” armor! Go north to view the last scene for this quest and finally claim Gloria as your own personal thrall. You will return to the Port of Abelleth in front of your client, with a reward of 3000 gold and you will also unlock Pic 123, 124, 125, 126, and 127 in your Picture Gallery. Once you’ve completed the quest, you can speak with the NPC Damon P for a Mana Talisman. You should notice him standing near you once you’ve finished speaking to the client.

Once the quest is done, you can return to the Ruddy Raider any time you like to visit your thralls! If you have any leftover Sanctusaid, you can suck on Gloria’s neck for easy blood points. You will use up all of your Sanctusaid when you bite her and you will receive 3 blood points times the number of Sanctusaid you had on hand!

Contract 2: Countess in Crimson

  • Availability: At the end of Chapter V-2
  • Recommended Hunter Level: 15

Meet your client in Abelleth Town. She is a maid standing outside of a house to the south end. Once you’ve spoken with her, you will be invited inside, where a scene will play introducing the characters of this quest: Lauren Lindholm, the maid you spoke with earlier and Edith Rosenblad, heir to the Rosenblad estate which you may have already run into. Edith explains that her inheritance had been taken from her by her younger brother, Alvin. She devises a plan to plant evidence that would cause the Knights of Friedrich to arrest him and she needs Mila’s help. In exchange she offers the Rune of Rosenblad, a treasure which can manipulate the minds of undead.While Mila is uninterested, Edith proposes instead to destroy the artifact and then offer both herself and Lauren as servants to Mila’s cause. Mila happily obliges and bites Lauren, soon adding her as a new Pet. Once the scene is over, speak with Edith again to begin the quest. You will be unable to leave once you have begun, so be sure you are well prepared!

Once you have spoken with Edith again, you will be moved to the Rosenblad Winery Estate. You will also receive Lauren as a temporary party member. Edith is there too, but she won’t be assisting you in battle. Enter the building through the gap between the trees on the left and then head straight towards the secret entrance on the left-hand side of the building. Don’t try to engage with the crimson soldiers, or Edith will scold you. Another scene will play out in the house, introducing you to Alvin and his crass demeanor. Edith also explains to avoid the crimson soldiers at all cost. Unless you are playing this at a much higher level than intended, it’s recommended to take her advice. The soldier’s crimson armor resists most attacks and they hit pretty hard. 

Your goal is to make a distraction to get the guards protecting the stairs to move. Edith suggests setting off the sprinklers in the indoor garden maze. However, since the maids are the ones normally in charge of outdoor maintenance, they will need to be taken care of first. Both of the maids are in rooms on the right side of the estate. Grab the “Rosenblad Wine” in the west wing, then head over there while avoiding the lone crimson soldier patrolling the dining room. There is also a hidden “Salutem Laurel” in one of the cabinets of the dining room. The maids are no fighters and aren’t much stronger than the villagers of Humilem. Once you’ve beaten them both, head to the indoor garden at the center of the estate, but not before picking up the “Smooth Whiskey” inside the cabinet of the east wing.

There are three switches here and you’ll have to press them in order. The correct order is indicated by the small plants near each switch. Once the sprinkler goes off, the crimson soldiers will emerge from the southern exit. Exit the room from the north side and walk all the way around back to the main foyer to reach the stairs. From here, you can head to Edith’s fathers room to continue the quest, or go down the hall and visit Edith’s room for some optional dialogue. Alvin’s room is not accessible at this time. Inside Edith’s room, you can grab a free “Mighty Tea” from the tea set on the table and 3000 Gold from the chest.

Once you enter the Master Bedroom, you’ll notice a locked gold chest, which can be opened if you have a Skeleton Lexicon and contains a Mana Talisman. However, a scene will play out as soon as you walk in. It seems your distraction was loud enough to get Alvin’s attention and he has the party cornered. 

  • Alvin
  • Max HP: 6500

Using his family heirloom, the Rune of Rosenblad, he can manipulate the minds of the undead. In terms of the fight, he can take control of Lauren and cause her to fight for him. He can’t control Mila (unless you lose), but she will be stunned when he activates it. If you defeat Lauren, she will return to your side with some of her health restored. Alvin will recast the spell every 6 turns and take control of her, even if she’s knocked out. Alvin has a lot of quick attacks that can make him an annoying challenge. Using Vampiric Curse could lower his speed, however he has access to some priority moves such as Knifera and Daggera. The best strategy would probably be to weaken him with debilitating effects such as burn and poison.

With Alvin defeated, all in the family is set right (well, right as far as you’re all concerned!). The knights apprehend Alvin and haul him away, leaving the estate back in the hands of Edith. Edith surrenders to Mila, and Mila claims her as her newest Pet. Once the scene is done, you can return to the estate and speak with the now vampiric Edith and add her to your party! You will also unlock Pic 128, 129, 130, and 131 in your Picture Gallery. Lauren is also available and can be found in Alvin’s old room.Inside of Alvin’s room is a chest containing another “Rosenblad Wine” and a total of 400 Gold between two closets. One other thing to mention is the chest behind the estate that is now accessible, containing a “Spiced Rum”! All the drinks you collected during the quest can give you a quick boost of bond points on Lauren. Avoid giving it to Edith, as she will receive far less than if you were to give it to someone else.


During the course of the vampire routes there will be certain characters that you will be able to dominate and turn into your slaves.These characters can be trained to grow stronger and will provide you with various benefits. Each Pet has a maximum Bond Level of 6 which can be raised in various ways, such as combat (with or against them), gifts, or going out on a date. Each time your Pet’s bond level increases, a new conversation and perk with them is unlocked. Some can even help Mila earn Blood Points to level up. 

Some Pets will have added benefits to training them, for example your first Pet, Ophelia will run a simple shop at level 1, but will add more items to her stock the more you train her. These Pets earn Bond Points when you battle them, even if you lose. Defeating them yields more Bond Points and Experience however. 

As of version 5.2.1 Ophelia and Bianca are capped to Bond Level 2.

Additionally, each girl has their preferences when it comes to food. Using food items on them while they are in your party awards Bond Points for that girl. The amount of points awarded is randomized each time you use it, but their favorite foods will yield the greatest amount of points, while disliked will award the fewest. The food which grants the greatest amount of points will be in bold characters. When gifting food, you will want to order their favorites for the highest chance of a successful date, which yields the most amount of Bond Points! 

Each girl will notify you when they have leveled up their bond. You will need to speak with them at their designated location to increase their level. You cannot gain any more bond points until you view the conversation, so it’s important that you view it as soon as you can!


  • Availability: After speaking with Dealer for the first time.

Ophelia will be waiting for you in the closet space of Dorian Manor. Once you have had her initial speech, she will sell her own stock of items for you to purchase.

  • Ophelia Lv. 1
  • Max HP: 1200
  • Item Stock:
  • Low Quality Blood – 30
  • Brew of Mana – 150
  • Vile Poison – 250
  • Ruby Tiara -250
  • Ophelia Lv. 2
  • Max HP: 2000
  • Item Stock:
  • Low Quality Blood – 30
  • Brew of Mana – 150
  • Vile Poison – 250
  • Viribus Laurel – 800
  • Salutem Laurel – 800
  • Praesidio Laurel – 800
  • Celeritas Laurel – 800
  • Bloody Plate – 1000
  • Dark Dress – 1200
  • Ruby Tiara -250


  • Availability: If she was never slain during the standard route; after defeating the vampire hunter leader at Cliffside Library.

Bianca will be waiting for you on the leftmost bedroom on the second floor after you have recruited her. Bianca offers the most efficient  training of any Pet in the game. 

  • Bianca Lv. 1
  • Max HP: 750
  • Bianca Lv. 2
  • Max HP: 1600


  • Availability: After the events of Chapter V-2, inside the old Humilem Church.

Vicilla will be waiting for you right in front of where the contracts are posted in the Humilem church. She is a berserker and thus will attack automatically using a small pool of heavy hitting skills. She’s a risky partner to take into battle, but if you just need raw damage on your side, Vicilla should be your partner of choice.

Vicilla comes in two different forms, depending on your choices during the events of Chapter V-2. The two forms differ in appearance and stats. Vicilla’s “Hybrid” form has higher Attack and Agility, however she also has a greater weakness to silver which could make her rather frail against enemies with silver element skills, such as Dagger. Her support conversations remain mostly the same.

Level Rewards:

  • Level 2: Vicilla Stat increase.
  • Level 3: “Axe” skill upgraded to “Axera”.
  • Level 4: Vicilla Greater Stat increase.
  • Level 5: “Attack” Skill upgraded to “Attack (Heavy)”
  • Level 6: Mila Stat increase. “Axega” Skill for Vicilla, and Pic 132 for your Picture Gallery


  • T-Bone Steak, House Fillet Mignon, Gingerbread Cookies,Cooked Rabbit Legs, Smooth Whiskey.


  • Spicy Curry, Clam Chowder, Fried Cod, House Salad, Gazpacho, Mahshi.


  • Availability: After completing the Countess in Crimson Contract, inside Rosenblad Estate.

Lauren waits in Alvin’s old room. Her role is that of a supporter and healer. She learns a bevy of skills that buff Mila and debilitate the opponent. Her stats are rather low, outside of her large SP stat, so you will have to be wary of her taking too many hits. Take care of her and she will take care of you.

Level Rewards:

  • Level 2: Lauren Stat increase.
  • Level 3: “Blood Goad” Skill for Lauren.
  • Level 4: Lauren Greater Stat increase.
  • Level 5: “Greater Blood Heal” skill for Lauren.
  • Level 6: Mila Stat increase. “Blood Suck” Skill for Lauren, and Pic 133 for your Picture Gallery


  • House Salad, Gingerbread Cookies, Fruit Smoothie, Mahshi Pineapple Cocktail


  • T-Bone Steak, Cooked Rabbit Legs, Lamb Kebab


  • Availability: After completing the Countess in Crimson Contract, inside Rosenblad Estate.

Edith waits for you in her room, within her estate. Edith’s greatest strength is in her higher than normal defense and decent magic stats. As her level increases, she will eventually learn a unique attack called “Center of Attention” which will cause enemies to focus on her for a few turns, while increasing her defense. Edith has no skills that heal, so keeping her on item duty is recommended.

Level Rewards:

  • Level 2: Edith Stat increase.
  • Level 3: “Invoke Flames” Skill for Edith.
  • Level 4: Edith Greater Stat increase.
  • Level 5: “Invoke Hellfire” skill for Edith.
  • Level 6: Mila Stat increase. “Surge of Darkness” Skill for Edith, and Pic 134 for your Picture Gallery


  • Spicy Curry, Clam Chowder, Fried Cod, Gazpacho


  • Supreme Pizza, House Salad, Ham & Cheese Sandwich, Cooked Rabbit Legs, Any Alcoholic Drink (Dates are more successful if you opt out of ordering a drink with Edith)

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