Crimson Veil – Walkthrough (Chapter #1)

Noctorna HQ

Waking up from Mila’s room, immediately check the drawer in front of you for 50 gold.

You can also examine the other objects in Mila’s room to get a few interesting dialogues including, though you may notice the dialogue regarding her diary is a bit different from the others… We’ll be back here for sure…

Head downstairs to be scolded by your older sister. After receiving your mission orders, she will give you your first weapon, Sacred Whip. Afterward, speak with your fellow Noctorna allies to receive a few free items. Speaking to Iris who is sitting by the table will give you a free Medicinal Herb, a weak healing item. Further to the right, you can speak with Maria who will give you Holy Water,  an invaluable item early on that will cure the Vampirism status. On the left, you can speak with Bridgette who will give you Liquid Silver, which weakens undead enemies. Follow her upstairs and speak with her again to receive a Supply Cache (S), which restores 30 SP. For now, using this item is the only way to recover SP so be sure to grab this free one while you are here! 

The last two NPCs you can speak with here are Maye, Noctorna’s information specialist, and Faahlda Noctorna’s personal trainer. Maye will provide you with a few hints and lore early on, including the ever important tip to SAVE OFTEN, but be sure to return to Falda frequently during the adventure. By giving her either 4x Vampire Dust, 2x Vampire Fangs, or 1x Vampire Heart, she will raise your Hunter Rank or HR. Each time your HR increases, your stats will go up and reaching certain levels will grant you new skills as well. 

Before you leave, search the two bags next to the bookshelves near where Iris is sitting to collect 20 Gold. While you’re here there is also a short optional scene you can watch by searching Maye’s bookshelf on the second floor. Her bookshelf is found on the leftmost side of the room. That’s all there is to do here for now, so exit Noctorna HQ and head to the town to the south to continue.

Mor Town

Mor Town can be entered from either the North, South, East, or West. We will start off in the North area, which is the residential district. On the left is an NPC who has lost his house keys. Go around the house and search one of the pots next to his house to find them and return the keys to receive an Ammo Pouch. In West Mor Town, you can find a chest with a Supply Cache (S) in plain sight by the connection to North Mor Town and you can find 50 gold inside one of the barrels beside the growing crops. In South Mor Town there is a green chest hidden slightly behind some trees. Open it to find a Vulnerary, a more potent healing item. On the right side of the Antique Shop, you can also collect a single gold coin. You can also speak to Gestel who talks about a shop he will be opening and then will give you a Felix Laurel. There is also an NPC here who will tell you about Cursed Vampire Equipment. Keep this man in mind, we will return to him later. East Mor Town has nothing to collect for now, so let’s head to Mor Town Center.

Mor Town Center has 3 items to collect. The top-right of the map has a small red chest with 100 Gold, to the left of the Tavern is another small red chest with a Medicinal Herb, and going north from there you can find an out of place looking set of vines next to a statue. Interact with it to get another Medicinal Herb. Mor Town Center has all the shops you need for your adventure.You can get extra supplies here with the money we’ve collected so far. Be sure to invest in some Holy Water in the general store. The vampirism ailment makes upcoming enemies more of a threat than they seem so be sure to buy a few just to be on the safe side. 

Enter the flower shop and speak to the owner and she will give you a free Viribus Laurel, an item which permanently raises your attack stat by a bit. The flower shop sells more stat raising items, but they are pretty pricey at the moment. Grab a hidden 50 gold in the small palm tree to the left of the store and leave. The armor shop has some equipment for you to buy, but you should return here once you have collected some more gold. Lastly is the weapon upgrade shop. In exchange for Silver Ore, the blacksmith can upgrade your whip! The first upgrade requires a single Silver Ore, but further upgrades will require more. Check with the blacksmith to see how many more ores you will need for the next upgrade.

We need to begin our first Hunting Contract, so head into the Tavern. Inside the Tavern, you can speak with the bearded man with long hair to the left to get your first accessory, a Defense Brooch.Make sure to equip it! Speaking with the bunny waitress will net you 50 gold searching the pot next to the bar will earn you another 10 gold. Lastly, you can speak to the hopping man to the right and speak to him to receive a Slice of Pork. Another weak, albeit free, healing item.

You can view the first bad ending in the Tavern by sitting at the empty table and continuing to order drinks. Once you are ready, enter the room in the back. Read the job posted on the wall to accept the contract (This large wall only has one job for you at the moment, but as you progress further in the story, more quests will become available for you to do.) After accepting the job, you can leave the Tavern and go outside. You will also unlock the Contracts Journal! You can view it in the main menu to track your progress on story quests, side quests, and contract quests! Head right and speak with the man near the roaming puppy, this is your job contact. He’ll tell you that we need to clear out the ghouls in the Mountainside area and check up on his client, the Librarian. We are done in Mor Town for now.

Slime Ranch

You may have noticed a small house to the east of town on the overworld. You can visit it to come upon the Slime Ranch. Speaking with the man here will grant you a Hunting Bow. Oddly, this isn’t a weapon, but rather a tool to farm slime jelly. This slime rancher will pay you gold for each Slime Jelly you bring him, so it’s a good way to earn gold for items and equipment in town if you aren’t feeling very confident. In the upcoming Mountainside area, You’ll notice roaming slimes. Tagging one of them will knock them out and earn you a Slime Jelly. These slimes will respawn after a short while, so spend as much time as you need hunting them down. Don’t forget to pick up the hidden Medicinal Herb in the leftmost flower bush while you are here!

Eastern Mountains

If you haven’t saved yet, now would be a good time. This open area has rampant Ghouls who will attack you if you bump into them. They are relatively easy, dying in about two hits or so from a basic attack, but be wary of their Bite attack. If it lands, it will infect you with the vampirism status, which can currently only be removed by using Holy Water. Losing to one ghoul will net you another bad ending. I recommend defeating each Ghoul in this area. Each one you kill will earn you 50 gold and have a 25% chance of dropping Vampire Dust, which you will need to level up later. Additionally, Ghouls may also drop garnets and garnet shards which can be sold for a small profit later in the game. Exploring this first open area, you will find 100 Gold in a chest to the left, a Praesidio Laurel in a chest hidden in some trees to the south, and another 100 Gold in a chest to the right on the river. There are two other alcoves that you can enter. They can be found by following the arrow pattern of grass to the right side of the map, which leads you to a red chest containing a Holy Water and another alcove to the north west that has a ghoul and a chest containing 200 Gold.

Head north up the mountain to find a few more ghouls and some hidden items. Interact with a lone log sitting on some grass to the left to find a Medicinal Herb. From there, go up one flight of stairs to see a lone rock on your left. Interact with it to find a Liquid Silver. Coming up, you’ll find a cavern. Inside is what appears to be a vampire lair, with four coffins and a chest containing 150 Gold. Be careful, the coffin on the left is boobytrapped and will infect you with vampirism if you try and examine it! Heal yourself with holy water if you have one as vampirism will damage you even as you walk around! If you die while on the overworld with vampirism, you will get another bad ending. 

Exiting this cave and continuing to head north up the mountain, you will find one last red chest containing a Holy Water. It will come in handy if you decide to check the boobytrapped coffin! Proceed north and enter the Library,

Cliffside Library

Here we have a dumpster of a library which has certainly seen better days. There are plenty of books scattered about, each of which contain some unique text. From the looks of things, it seems that someone was frantically searching for something in this library… 

There is only one chest here and it’s currently locked. Near the top left half of the library is a blond ghoul. After defeating her, she will drop both a Vampire Dust and a Precious Locket. The locket isn’t an accessory, but rather a key item which you can examine from your inventory. Checking the locket will net you a Tiny Key, which will open that locked chest from earlier which contains the Bat Medallion. Continuing on the left side, you will see a book on top of the bookshelf which can be reached using a convenient ladder. Check the book to get another medallion, this time the Drake Medallion. Also, be certain to inspect the open book on the top left half of the library. Reading it teach Mila the Treat Wound Skill.

Optionally, on the right half of the library, we come across our first mini boss.

  • Bookworm
  • Max HP: 400

The Bookworm is pretty shy and will occasionally skip her turn as she nervously looks around, she shouldn’t be too much of a threat, but like the ghouls we’ve fought previously she may attempt to bite you, which will complicate things. Losing to the Bookworm will earn you another bad ending. After beating her, you are presented with a choice: Slay the vampire or spare her. Your choice will affect future sections of the game and if you want to collect every picture in the picture gallery, you must choose to spare the bookworm. Whatever you decide to do, we will now head to the dragon statue behind the main desk in the library.

Inspecting the statue will reveal that it has a combination lock. Clues to the answer can be found

In the 3 envelopes on the floor of the library.. The secret to their order is to look at the words that are incorrectly capitalized in these letters. Reading these, we can infer that the combination

Is 941. Enter that code and you will be granted access below the library. 

Underground Lab

Underneath the library is what appears to be a high tech lab of some sort. Your forward path is immediately blocked by a laser, but the laser can be disabled by inserting both of the medallions we collected into the two statues you see in that small room. Continue into the hallway to find 3 doors and a lone ghoul. The rightmost door is locked and the leftmost door has a chest we can’t reach yet, but the middle room contains a chest with a Lab Key. This key’s only purpose is to unlock the door to your right. Inside that room you will finally meet the Librarian! After your short dialogue with her, be sure to check the objects in her room for some goodies. The small bookcase houses 40 Gold, the glass case has some Vampire Dust, and the wardrobe contains an Ammo Pouch which permanently increases your SP by 25! You can also try and read the librarian’s diary, but she keeps averting your eyes away from what’s inside … strange…

If you have defeated the ghoul that’s outside, speak with the Librarian again and she will bolt out of that room to safety. There’s nowhere else to go but through the north hall, but the doorway is also locked. If only we had a key… If you try to head back towards the room with medallion statues, You will be stopped by the librarian who has taken a liking to you. It turns out, she is already a vampire and if at any time during your dialogue you gaze into her eyes, she will have you under her control and she will turn you, leading to a Bad Ending. 

Denying her attempts to sway you will result in another mini boss battle (You can also get to this boss battle by looking into the mirror before telling the Librarian you’ve defeated the ghoul.)

  • Librarian
  • Max HP: 650

This fight is similar to the Bookworm boss battle. She will occasionally waste a turn gazing at you, which should give you more opportunities to punish her with your whip. Her attacks hit a bit harder than the Bookworm, so use your liquid silver if you still have it to weaken her attacks and heal with your medicinal herbs when necessary. This fight will be over before you know it. The Librarian falls and will drop the Lab Master Key which will not only open the door to the north, but can also be used to disable the lasers in the leftmost room by inserting the key into the machine on the wall. The chest here contains a Silver Ore, an item that is used to upgrade your whip at the weapon shop in Mor Town Center!

By now, you should have a good amount of gold and vampire dust accumulated from your previous battles. At this point, we are about to face the boss of this chapter and it is recommended that you head back the way you came and visit Faralda in Noctorna HQ to level up as well as purchase some armor and items in town. Leaving the library after defeating the Librarian will give you the option to fast travel back to Noctorna HQ if you desire. You can now also turn in your quest to your client in Mor Town to receive your payment, but our job isn’t done yet. Once you are all ready, head back underneath the library and follow the hallway north to unlock that door.

You’re deep underground now! This dungeon has some women behind bars, but they appear to be under some kind of influence and won’t respond to you. There are two doors to your right. Let’s check out the bottom right one first to find a room with 5 coffins. You can examine 4 out 5 of these coffins to get 50 gold from each one. Exploring the remaining fifth coffin will result in a bad ending.

The last room to explore houses the main villain of this chapter, Faye. This vampiric scientist is Maye’s twin sister and is allegedly working on a cure for vampirism. You can listen to her for more details on her plan, but if you agree to become her test subject you will get a bad ending. Whether you ignore her or refuse to be her test subject, you are in for a boss battle.

  • Faye
  • Max HP:850

Faye doesn’t hit hard, but she can be annoying. Her main method of attack is tossing random vials of chemicals at you which can lower your attack, lower your defense, numb you, or surprisingly, heal you. She can still bite you and if she decides to attack you, it can hurt. When Faye is close to dying, she will tell you that she is about to fire off a powerful attack. Her Flying syringes will do a great amount of damage and paralyze you on the next turn unless you Defend. If you came prepared with a full set of equipment, this battle shouldn’t give you any trouble. Faye is defeated, you’ll get a short cutscene and collect an ominous Dark Orb. What could this be…?

After the cutscene with Amber back at Noctorna HQ, You will unlock the Picture Gallery along with Pic 1-6, 8, 9, 23, 24, 38, 39, 66, and 93! Yeah, that’s a lot of pictures to unlock at once! From the Bad Endings we have been able to witness until this point. There’s nothing more to do for now. Head back to your room and go to sleep.

This marks the end of Chapter #1.

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