Crimson Veil – Walkthrough (Chapter #3)

Your Room

After waking up, head down stairs to have a short scene with Maria regarding the state of Noctorna HQ. Enter Amber’s room and speak with her. There will be a scene where she will describe the Guardia, a race that she believes once aided their father in battle. You’ll eventually be tasked with picking up a package for Amber in South Mor Town’s Antique Store. You will receive Amber’s Package. You will also unlock Pic 46 in your Picture Gallery after the scene.

Head downstairs and after another short scene, Lucy will join your party temporarily. Before heading to South Mor Town though, be sure to speak with Maria as she will grant you a new Light Skill, Holy Purify, which not only removes the vampire status, but also heals HP a bit!

When you try to enter the Antique Store in South Mor Town, you will bump into the mayor of Mor Town, Charlotte Sholz and have a short scene. Once that’s done, enter the shop proper and speak with the owner. This man’s name is Dealer and will hand you the Dagger of Verderbt in exchange for Amber’s Package. Dealer will also offer you a quest to deliver an item for him and before you can even accept will hand you 3000 Gold, as an incentive to return to him. If you wish to tackle this quest, it will have to wait until after Lucy has left your party, but you can talk to him again at any time to get started on his quest.

Return to Amber in her room where Mila will scold her sister for spending such an insane amount of money on the dagger. Amber will inform Mila and Lucy that they have been tasked with assisting the king of Fallholt, the city to the north. She tells you to prepare and to meet her at the Port of Mor when you are ready. Shortly after the scene Lucy will leave your party and you are once again free to complete any side quests or activities you choose to take. Once you are ready to continue, meet with Amber at the Port of Mor, which is north of Noctorna HQ. Check one of the barrels to the left for 60 Gold and then the vase for a Holy Water. You can also speak to Roman who will give you a Sunlite Tea. Next, the three of you will board the ship to Fallholt and then a scene will play.

Once you dock, you will have Amber and Lucy in your party temporarily. Check the barrels that are to the left to find 20 Gold and 30 Gold. It should be noted that both of these ports have a small store with supplies, but nothing beyond the very basics. Once you are outside, you will have to head straight to Fallholt in the north. There are two other places to explore, but are inaccessible until you reach Fallholt first.


Once Lucy and Amber leave your party, you are free to explore the big city (As well as a few locations outside of the city!). Your goal is to reach the castle at the north end of the city, but there are some goodies to collect first, so let’s do that.

You can find a Silver Plate in a red chest just to the northeast of the residential area, sitting along the river. In the northeast end of the park, there is another red chest with a Ruby Tiara and a small brown chest containing a Vulnerary is found northwest of the park, by the road. On the east side of the town is a small brown chest containing Holy Water and finally there is a small brown chest with a Mighty Tea to the left of the shopping district on the east side of town. Inside of the Tavern you can speak to the NPC Alexander who will give you a Viribus Laurel.

On the subject of shopping, Fallholt has some interesting things to buy in the shops! There is a new Flower Shop here for purchasing Laurels, though since it’s more expensive, you should exhaust the Mor Flower Shop before buying from here. The prices for equipment can also be high, but the effects will prove useful. I personally recommend purchasing the Revenge Plate, if you can afford it! Being able to counter attack occasionally will be useful in tougher fights. Lastly, there is the bistro where you can purchase some food items which heal and provide buffs for a few turns. There is also a man inside the bistro who will give you a free Fruit Smoothie just for talking to him! Fruit Smoothies boost your natural HP regeneration each turn! Keep in mind that these benefits can all be applied outside of battle! Give yourself an edge and have a full course meal before a major fight! When you are done, go ahead and go north to Fallholt Castle and meet up with Amber there. Don’t forget to collect the Viribus Laurel to the right of the castle’s entrance!

There are other areas of interest you can choose to explore before heading to the castle, the Casino, the Slime Cave, and Fenrir Glade.

Fallholt Castle

You’ll be stopped by the Captain of the guard, Samantha Friedrich. She finds you suspicious despite having an order from the king. She sends you away to a waiting room while she verifies it. There are a few people you can talk to in this room while you wait, but only 3 are necessary for progression. You need to speak with Amber, Mayor Sholz who seems to be here on her own business, and Fall- I mean Maahlda. Keep Matilda’s location in mind, you can return to her to level up instead of going all the way back to HQ. ONce you’ve spoken to the three of them, Captain Friedrich will return and escort you to the king.

The King will explain that he requires help with his daughter. Follow the king into the princess’ room where he explains that she’s been bitten by a vampire and tasks the two hunters with saving her. Amber says she has a plan, so we will have to take her word for it. After all the scenes have played out, you will be back in control. In this guest room, Amber has laid out a supplies chest to restock your SP and left a small brown chest containing 2 Liquid Silver, 2 Holy Water, 3 Medicinal Herbs, and a Supply Cache (S). It’s a good idea to stay prepared, and this small kit certainly helps! In this same room check the northern drawer for 40 Gold.

Your goal now is to speak with the princess again, though I recommend first getting familiar with the layout of the castle. There’s a few things you can grab now, but I will detail them shortly, once we have full access to the castle. After speaking with the princess, be sure to check her drawers on the right side of the room for some Lucky Panties! Also, check the King’s closet on the west end of the room for an Ammo Pouch! You can return and speak with Amber if you wish, she will tell you to stay nearby in case she needs you. Head back towards your guest room where you will hear a scream coming from one of the guest rooms! Enter the opened guest room to find that same silver haired vampire we met in Chapter 2. She seems to have cornered the mayor and you will be given the option to fight her. Regardless of your option, the vampire will flee and the mayor will tell you that she is after the princess! Rush back to the Princess’ side, though ultimately you will be too late and a boss fight will ensue against the princess herself.

  • Anja
  • Max HP: 1900

Use either dagger or Liquid Silver to immediately weaken the vampiric princess. Her attacks do a fair amount of damage at this point, especially if you haven’t upgraded any of your equipment. Anja is capable of wounding you and using the tempt skill to reduce your LP to 0 on a whim, so don’t be conservative with using Light Skills when they become available. It should be noted that if your HP gets reduced to 20% or lower, a prompt will appear offering you to surrender. Be sure to ignore this prompt unless you want to get a bad ending.

Once she’s downed, Amber will enter the room. She finds the princess’ weakened body on the floor and before the two can decide what to do, they are interrupted by the king and Captain Friedrich. The two hunters are arrested for harming the princess and are placed in a jail cell. Once the scene is done and you are back in control, you will unlock Pic 50 in your Picture Gallery. Speak with Amber to continue. After some dialogue, the silver haired vampire returns, introducing herself as Ashe. She offers to free you from your cell if you decide to help her, but regardless of your choice, Amber will cut your discussion short and shoo away the mysterious vampire. Without much hope, the two sleep for a few hours. Before long, they are rescued by Lucy, who is in disguise as a Fallholt soldier. Once you are free from your cell, head up the stairs to return to the castle’s main hall.

Amber feels uneasy seeing the castle so empty. Her fears are found to be true as they are soon attacked by Fallholt Soldiers who have been turned into vampires. Amber leaves you to go and protect the King and she tasks you with clearing out the castle of any vampires that threaten it. 

Clearing out every single vampire is not necessary but you will want to clear out as many as you can, since these vampires will not respawn once you have cleared this part of the story!

Start by heading to the west wing of the second floor and enter the kitchen, which is the second room on the right hand side. Interact with the vampire maid on the far right to engage in a battle with her. Once she is taken care of, collect the shining object in front of her, which is the Forked Tongue. Go one room south of that to the guest lounge and open the chest there for a Maid Hairband. Go downstairs to the first floor and enter the library. Collect the Research Notes that Amber left behind and you will be attacked by a Vampire Guard. Once he is defeated, he will drop the F.Castle Guest M-Key. This key will open all of the guest rooms on the second floor hallway. 

Return to the main hall’s first floor and enter the wooden door on the west side. It will lead you to the castle armory, which has a few free chests. Here, you will find a Hex Plate, Steel Plate, and a Silver Ore in chests. You are unable to open those gold chests at this time. Back in the main hall’s first floor, enter the gated doors to enter the courtyard. There are a lot of vampires in this area so you should take out at least a few of them to give yourself some breathing room. Pick up the Viribus Laurel in the green chest to the north and then interact with the dragon statue in the center. Place the Forked Tongue we picked up earlier to open a secret passage underground. Inside, you will find a silver chest containing the Fallholt Family Emblem. Now let’s go back to the second floor hallway. Restock your supplies in your room if you need to then begin opening the locked doors in that hallway.

Starting from the leftmost room, check the drawers for a Medicinal Herb and 60 Gold. To open the third room, you will have to fight the vampire blocking the door. Once she’s beaten you’ll find the surviving humans all gathered together in this one room waiting to be rescued. Checking the drawers on the left, you will find a Holy Water and an Ammo Pouch inside the red chest. Inside the fourth room, you will find a Sunlite Tea and Liquid Silver inside the drawers as well as a Sapphire Tiara in the red chest. The fifth room is empty and can be skipped. The sixth room has three vampire maids looking very happy to see you. EIther fight them or leave. Finally, the eighth room has a Liquid Silver inside one of the drawers on the left and locked chest. Use the Fallholt Family Emblem on the chest to unlock it and get the F.Castle Treasure Key.

Return to the main hall’s first floor and enter the east wing. In the hallway, take the first door which will lead you to the treasure room. Unlock the door using the key we just obtained and claim all of the goodies inside, including: Noble Robe, Elixir, 4600 Gold, 2 Silver Ores, and the War Room Key, the last key we need to progress in this area! Take the key to the east wing second floor to unlock the door leading to the war room and prepare for a battle.

  • Samantha
  • Max HP: 2700

Captain Friedrich’s mind is being controlled by a vampire and she attacks you as you enter the hallway to the war room. Daggers and Liquid Silver are ineffective against her, since she is still a human. Her physical defense is rather high due to her armor. Bombs are an effective way of getting around this. Watch for her spear stab which can wound you and also be wary of her multi hitting spear attack. After beating her, you will unlock Pic 51 in your Picture Gallery.

Proceed into the War Room to find Anja feeding on one of the maids. You’ll be forced into a fight with her, but despite your best efforts, she will defeat you. Thankfully, you are saved by Ashe and get to play as her briefly! Just use her Blood Moon Crescent skill to finish her off in a single hit. Your new objective is to save Amber from the real villain of this chapter, but before leaving the war room, check out the cabinets to find a Salutem Laurel and 130 Gold! Go to the throne room and the villain will reveal herself to you. Get ready for the main boss fight of chapter 3.

  • Charlotte
  • Max HP: 4700

The mayor starts off the battle by giving herself a 30% boost to her attack and defense, a boost which lasts 6-8 turns. While her attack is the highest we have seen so far, her defense is pitiful. I opt to guard the first few turns to help build up the LP meter faster. Using skills like Brave Soul, and Compassionate Soul are helpful to bide your time until Charlotte’s buff runs out. After 10 turns, Charlotte will cast her buff once again but once that runs out she will not cast it again. Charlotte likes to waste turns laughing at you while her HP is still high, so use those early turns to set up debuffs on her while buffing yourself with Light Skills, but also be aware that she occasionally attacks you twice.

If you are defeated in this fight or surrender, you will be treated to an extended bad ending where you play as Lucy. While playing as her, just enter the throne room again to watch the scene.

Charlotte is defeated and Lucy joins you still in her guard disguise. Go into the King’s bedroom on the west side of the room to watch the scene. There will be a few scenes that play back to back, but once you are in control of Mila again, you’ll be back in the throne room. You will also unlock Pic 49, 52, 53, 54, 78, and 96 in your Picture Gallery. You must now head back to the port to return home, but before doing that pay Princess Anja a visit. She’s still a vampire, but her demeanor returns to what it once was. She will reward you with a Felix Laurel for helping her. 

Once you join the others at the port, the final few cutscenes will play for the chapter. New contracts become available after this, so tackle them if you’d like. Otherwise, head to bed to start the next chapter.

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