Dark Envoy – How to Defeat The Scorpion Boss (Brood Mother)

The Scorpion Boss (Brood Mother) / Insane Difficulty Tips

My recommendation is to concentrate your DPS on the eggs first before targeting the boss.

It’s also a good idea to switch attributes to those that can increase your DPS.

If you have any stun attacks, use them when the boss casts an AOE attack on you.

Do keep in mind that at level 2, you won’t be able to return to her.

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  1. My team was mage and hunter, and it took me about 10 tries to do it. My best suggestion is to rush her down. I had 0 chances to outdps her summoning spiders (killing egg did not stop her from summoning), and she has quite good health regen, so kiting slowly was also not an option.

    In the end I just hid behind the covers focusing fire on her even after small scorpions started piling on my mage tank who has a shield spell. I completely ignorred the adds.
    After she is dead, my another character started kiting small adds, slowly killing them 1by1

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