Explanation dor The Stats and How It Works in The Game


  • Increases maximum HP. Reaches exactly 1000 HP at 27 and 1200 at 39.
  • No real point leveling it up past that.


  • Increases your Stamina allowing to take more consecutive actions before resting, and especially benefits shields, but is ultimately an utility stat that most people don’t really need.
  • Maxes out at exactly 160 Stamina at 40 and pretty much stops giving any after that.


  • Increases your maximum equip load, allowing to carry more without sacrificing the fast rolls.
  • When you go above 70% Equip Load – you enter a “burdened” state that greatly nerfs your stamina regeneration speed while also making your dodge-rolls worse (by making them slower and providing less invincibility frames).
  • So basically you want to level this stat up to make sure your equip load is always <70%.
  • You CAN try playing above 70%, with like super heavy armor and a big shield, but it is an inferior playstyle.
  • It also increases your defenses, but that doesn’t really matter because the way defenses work is insane.


  • Increases your FP (mana) and occasionaly provides extra spell slots.
  • Basically stamina for mages. Never played one. If you don’t intend touching spells – just ignore it completely.

Strength & Dexterity:

  • Basically same things. They dictate which weapons you can use and how much damage they will deal.
  • There are general rules of thumb which weapons prefer which, but there’s always an exception in every weapon family.
  • Heavy savage weapons like Axes, Hammers and heavier Swords usually scale with strength, while precise and sharp-looking weapons like Katanas, Rapiers and Spear usually scale with Dexterity. Always check out the scaling ratings and experiment with infusions to be sure.
  • Strength, specifically, has a unique gimmick that you are given a +50% bonus whenever you two-hand your weapon. So you can weild a 30 STR weapon with 20 STR by simply two-handing it.
  • You reach the highest damage values at 40 of each, and then damage gains drop off greatly after that. I heard they pick back up after like 80, but that’s 40 levels better spent elsewhere.

Intelligence & Faith:

  • Same sh*t, but for mages. There are some weapons that would like to have some of one or another and might even scale with them.
  • Intelligence is a favorite stat of Sorcerers.
  • Faith is a favorite stat of Clerics.
  • Pyromancers benefit from both simultanously, which is facinating.


  • Improves item discovery chance and ALSO improves power of Poison and Bleed status effects, applying them quicker.
  • There is also a Hollow infusion which causes your weapon damage to scale with Luck. Very weird stat, not gonna lie.

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