DARK SOULS III – Useful Tips for Sorcerer

Gameplay Tips for Sorcerer

Aim for 60 points into INT. Use Young Dragon Ring and Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring to boost damage. Lloyd’s Sword Ring is also good if you don’t plan on a Glass Cannon RTSR build (don’t bother with vigor or vitality, use light armour and Bloodlust to set up).

Focus primarily on Crystal Soul Spear for Magic or Great Deep Soul for Dark. Court Sorceress Staff is good for Magic and Murky Long Staff for Dark at 60 Intelligence, use the Staves innate buff to boost damage further.

A mage in PvE is perfectly fine with only those two spells however Pestilent Mist is powerful too.

After all, a mage is nothing without a trusty sidearm for when the fp is too low or the enemies just aren’t worth it!

I always recommend infusing a good straight sword like the Long Sword or Lothric Sword with magic in the early game. Once you get further, you can also run into some weapon catalysts that act as a weapon and staff at the same time. Really fun if you like fighting up close. Some unique weapons you could use without much investment would include: Crystal Sage Rapier (Increases item drop rate), Aquamarine Dagger (It’s a lightsaber), Crescent Moon (Mini Moonlight), and Heysel Pick (Hammer catalyst)

You also have more heavier magic weapons you can use if you level your strength and dexterity a bit. There is the classic Moonlight Greatsword, which is always fun to use. Greatsword of Judgement if you want to mix things up. Immolation Tinder is one my favourites which is a halberd weapon catalyst.

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