DAVE THE DIVER – Lightning Harpoon Tip Minigame

Best Strategies

There are actually a few different strategies you can employ.

  • If you make your first 1 or 2 strikes deeper into the green zone, then in effect the bar started going up later. I find if I hit the green too early each time the bar dips just below the threshold before time is up.
  • That said you can also stack an orange on top of 4 greens if you get your 4 greens early.
  • Even more crazy if you literally land 4 perfect greens, you can even get a yellow segment, I don’t recommend this one as it is incredibly hard to do, given you need to hit the green so close to the yellow zone, and even reacting in time to hit the yellow is hard.

That said out of all the harpoons this one is the most difficult, and the threshold being just a tiny bit lower would go a long way.

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  1. I got perfect greens and still failed the catch. Then each attempt afterwards failed too. This is totally unlike every other harpoon tip, and the chain damage is really low *and* randomly kills fish, why would you want that? I think I’ll be avoiding lightning tip from now on, just like I avoid poison tip (because it kills the fish without counting as a harpoon kill)

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