Dead by Daylight – How to Counter the Knight

Useful Tips on How to Counter the Knight

As a Knight player, I would suggest you the following:

  • If he has the Carnifex up (skull symbol on his arm) DONT camp pallets, Carnifex can nearly insta-destroy dropped pallets.
  • If he has the Assassin up (sword symbol on his arm) DONT run in a straight line away. Assassin is the fastest of the guards, normally used to catch/injure survivors.
  • If you are only chased by a guard, try to loop around and get the banner (giving you a speed boost, enduring and ending the chase).
  • The Banner of the Carnifex spawns slower compared to the ones of the Assassin and Jailer (it is based on the hunting duration).
  • If a guard “camps” a hooked survivor, run to the hook and unhook. The Guard will stop chasing you the moment you start the unhook animation.
  • Getting chased by a guard AND the knight at the same time can be a death sentence, dont get cornered (map awareness).
  • Knights try to deny you a loop. As soon as he puts his sword into the ground to summon his guard HOLD W and leave the loop. He wont be able to summon a new guard for a while after doing so (only if he “destroys” the summoned one). Knight is just a 115% Killer, he has to catch up with you by foot.
  • While getting chased by a guard AND the knight, most knights will try to corner you so that the guard can hit you first and he can finish you off. Watch out for this.
  • While a survivor is “haunted” and chased by a guard, the knight will lose his collision. Use this to your advantage. He cant bodyblock you while in this state.
  • Guards arent the smartest bunch, try to use pallets. More often than not the guard will get stuck and tries to find a new path around the obstacle, giving you plenty of time to escape.
  • Stay healthy against a knight. An injured survivor most of the time is a dead survivor against a good knight (since he can deny most of the loops in the game and patrol two areas of the map at the same time).

Here are some more:

  • You can bodyblock a hit for teammate that is chased by one of the guards. The guards prioritize hitting a survivor. So just run directly behind the haunted survivor to tank a hit for them.
  • Same goes if you realize that one teammate is chased by the knight AND a guard at the same time. Run to them and try to tank a hit. This denies the knight a “two tap” (hitting with a guard, directly following with a basic attack) on the chased survivor. This is a bit risky because in the worst case two survivors are now injured, but the knight will have to waste more time for a down.
  • Knights cant see you while using their power. Use this if you believe the knight is using his power towards your generator (at the start of a match, after a down near your generator, after a hook near your generator, etc.). But be careful! The knight will still be able to hear you reparing the gen.
  • Dont run away if a guard spawns at your gen and starts damaging it. While performing this action the guard CANT spot you and start a chase. Keep your eyes and ears open, maybe the knight is heading towards your generator.
  • Loud noises (fast vaulting, entering a locker fast, etc.) WILL trigger a chase with a patrolling guard while being in his detection zone. They have to either see OR hear you to start a chase. So dont perform rushed actions while the guard cant see you.

Hope some of this tips will help you playing against the knight!

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  1. Don’t go for a fall unless you have balanced landing. Be aware of los and failed skillchecks when guards are patrolling. If it’s a weaker guard(jailer typically) you can aggro it to take pressure from your team and deny the killer his power for a while. If you can loop back for the banner, do so.

    Pallets usually mess up the guards path in chase and slow them down but I’ve not found it to be consistent. From what I’ve heard they work poorly if pre dropped. Knight can use the carnifex (1st guard) to instant break dropped pallets.

  2. In simple terms, avoid a 3 gen at all costs (Deja Vu and Wiretap). Because his power is really about guarding 3 close gens. His power, means he can be effectively in two places at once.

    Use an exhaustion perk to manage the 3 goonies that the knight sends after you. I always have Lithe.

    He is alot like Skull Merchant to handle.

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