Dead by Daylight – How to Find the Hatch as the Killer

Useful Tips on How to Find the Hatch

There are Offerings to let the hatch spawn at either shack or Main building. So those are your best bet. (They dont work on indoor maps.)

Now obviously, dominating a team makes it way easyer to find hatch if you didnt bring an offering, because you can just slugg the last survivor before hooking them and search for hatch.

If you are loosing and you brought a specific offering, just run towards the specific spot (either killer shack or main building) and wait there. survivors will teabag at the exit gates anyways, giving you enough time to get towards hatch. As soon as the last survivor is in the trial it should open itself up around you.

Generally the hatch spawns are set on specific places on every map, but there is multiple places so they are random and not predictable. A general rule of thumb though is they never spawn close near gens. So if you see a loop tile with a finished gen, dont go search there.

Note: The offerings are brown ones btw, pretty easy to get. They are called “annoated Blueprint” and ” … bluebrint” cant really remember the name of the second one. But they are blueprints.

On the note of Hatch sound, listening in this game is very useful as a killer. As you play, you’ll be able to get used to hearing things like survivors breathing or footsteps more easily with practice.

So I do recommend keeping an ear out for the different noises as you play and get used to it more, it will help a lot as you progress! Definitely using a hatch offering will help a lot in this case.

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  1. There is a strategic formula I use to find hatch.

    First loop around and inside every major structure in the match (shack, main building, small buildings, etc). If that doesn’t work, check inside Jungle gyms (the mazes with pallets). If you still can’t find hatch, patrol every unchecked area until you find it

    Please keep in mind that the spawning of the hatch is purely down to RNG and luck, so there will be times when you get extremely lucky and it spawns on top of you, and other times when it spawns on the exact other end of the map and next to the survivor

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