Dead Frontier 2 – How to Use the Car

How to Use The Car to Fast Travel

Once your car is “viable” for use, being gassed up and repaired, you should be able to travel no problem.

At level 17, having never been to Greywood, I can use my car to fast travel there from Dalbow. With 3.90 gallons in the tank I can hit anything on the map.

Fuel up and repair your car with better parts. I keep a couple gallons in the rig and one “working gallon” on me. Once you initially top off the tank it is easy to keep it that way using this method.

If I may be so bold, another vehicle “pro-tip”. It is easy, and cheap, to upgrade your car. In the market search for vehicle parts. Then by name and sorting by quality, use rare not elite, find parts that have at least 10% in each of the four categories.

For around 4-8K you can “pimp yo ride” nicely. On a budget you could at least get yourself rolling for less than a grand.

Hope this has helped. Be safe out there!

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