Deadlink – Bosses Fight Tips

Tips for Fighting Bosses

I can beat the first two bosses fairly reliably but the third I’ve only been able to beat with engineer and I’ve only gotten close for the final boss.

For the first boss, I find absolutely hammering them ASAP works well since the C-balls are east to get to and the cover is well-placed enough just to run around the pillars

For the second boss, I literally just try to melt, boost away since he doesn’t really have ranged attacks, and kill adds as I see them, but I find the longer and safer you fight him, the tougher adds spawn in and can really be a problem, so it’s best to try and just throw everything you have in his face ASAP.

Final one is tough, particularly the third and fourth phases, since the lasers can be really hard to avoid and c-balls aren’t really in the best spots and can even be used against you. Again, melt is the best option, but I find going for adds for the shields to be viable too.

Final boss.. IDK, since it’s all bosses, lmao. the adds are tough, the bosses can be scary (the hammer guys are the worst, since their attacks do so much and I can’t seem to dodge them). If anyone has tips, please, CEO is kicking my booty.

Note: Feels like you should always restore shield when possible (don’t get hit, yeah). Last phases is usually “kill it fast or else”.

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