Deadside – How to Deal with AI

Tips for Dealing with AI

The military AI will always be hard from medium upwards, but there are many different ways to deal with them:

  • Snipe as many as you can from far away with the SVD or .50 CAL (but you need a good scope)
  • Go right at them with a high capacity gun then bunker up and finish off the incoming danger with a shotgun (you will need high tier protection to survive)
  • Go Rambo style and blast the whole place with the grenade launcher (will take some practice to know where to aim)

Some booby traps to cover your butt is also a good idea but you need to find the grenades and other items to craft them.

In any case, you will have a hard time looting high tier gear if you cannot finish missions or heli crashes so do a few easy missions until you have enough cash to purchase what you need. Plus do not forget something to boost your health (painkillers, bandages, etc) and fluid to recover.

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