Death Must Die – Best Build for Ghost Matter Achievement

Ghost Matter Achievement Guide

  • Ghost Matter – Win an attempt without taking damage

It took about 5-10 attempts with this build. For some stupid reason, I didn’t take the end screenshot, so now I have to write it all up.

I’ve found this to be a build that is very consistent in keeping you super safe, so it really just ends up being a matter of not *** up with your gameplay.

You’ll be using Avoron (The Sign of the Disciple – Requires beating the map with every character once to unlock it). This ensures higher rarity offerings to be very consistent, since it completely removes the common quality. With just +7.6% more master offers on my helmet, I’ve been getting master quality offerings very consistently. Even a lot of legendary offerings without even having +legend on my helmet or amulet

This also removes the need to have +adept on your jewel and ring, so instead you can use +anything spell related and +more skill level-up/new skill offers instead in both of those slots.

The Gods you’ll be using are: Lady JusticeWinter and Mort.

Lady Justice – Make sure you have 7 Banishes. They will all be used on Lady Justice to banish everything except Divine Shield. That’s what you’ll be getting from her. Once it’s maxed out, because everything else is banished, she won’t be showing up again and you’ll have all your other offerings come up as Winter and Mort. Hopefully you can land a master divine shield. (It does come up quite often with this build)

Mort – Get Mayhem only if you get it very early on, otherwise it’s not worth it. Main priority here will be – Crows of Pestilence > Soulstealers > Necromancy. Always level up the Crows, but make sure you get all three of these.

Get Brevity if it shows up, 1-2 levels is fine. Get 1 level of Sickles of Mort, it’s useful because it applies your basic attack effect, which will be Chilling Strike from Winter, so you’re getting more freezes off. Though sickle is not absolutely necessary, up to you.

Winter – You’re getting basically everything except: Frozen Treasure (If you have an extra Banish remaining after Banishing Lady Justice to the shadow realm, then banish this offering too).

Get Icebound as soon as it shows up, since it’s a bit more rare to show up and it only has one level. Hopefully you can get epic, but anything’s fine. Everything will be frozen, so getting that extra damage to frozen enemies for your crows and skeletons will make them shred all the bosses. You just gotta stay safe.

Get Chilling Strike at some point – It doesn’t need to be leveled up past 1, but you need it for the chill stacks.

Priority – Blight, Path of Frost, Dive (They’re equally important, I’d say) > Wintertide

Everything else, you just get 1 level, or 2 if by some chance none of the priority offerings show up, but do get at least 1 level in other stuff anyway – Thaw and Frost Ring.

Stats on Gear:

As I’ve said before, 7 Banishes are necessary. I ran with 7 banishes, 6 rerolls and 6 alteration.

  • Get +master offerings chance on your helmet
  • As I’ve said before, you don’t need +adept on jewel or ring because of The Sign of the disciple, so you can get something else on them.
  • Get some +spell duration (I was using a unique amulet called 215 that just gives +60% spell duration)
  • Spell damage, spell speed, summon damage, spell area

You can also use this, which is what I used. Get +passive exp gain on gloves and belt. This makes it so that you can completely ignore the first few waves of monsters and just go searching for various buffs on the map instead. These two passive exp gains will get you to level 3 pretty fast. Of course, it’s not necessary, but I found it helpful for restarting when you don’t get what you need for the build. Of course, still kill what monsters come your way as you’re rushing for the buffs.

I was running this just for the achievement, but I think it’s an even stronger build regularly, when you can just use some other God that’s not Lady Justice and you can get more raw stats instead of reroll, alterations and banishes.

Hope this helps someone. I was just excited to be over with the achievement and wanted to share the success.

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