Death Must Die – Tips for Attack Builds

Attack Builds

In my experience having mostly only played attack builds so far in 10 hours, it goes something like:

Justice is always nice to have defensively, though not necessary for certain characters.

ATK: Ice+Justice is all you need for damage and survivability, then just go anything as your 3rd god for the AOEs. Ice is broken with melee imo, cos you’ll be able to easily CC a lot of enemies and then turn that into a ton of damage (between the passives which grant attack damage per enemy impaired/frozen and extra damage to impaired/frozen enemies). I’ve had runs with 1000%+ attack damage with ice.

Summons: Only really one good option that has all the summons – death. Feels like you need good gear with summon damage to make a summon build work, but having death/summons as extra damage works nicely for most builds if you dont need the 3rd god slot

Spells: Time and Fire seem the best I think, followed by Conquest then Lightning. Time is nice because you just get a lot of free exp along the way, but the exp also genuinely does a ton of damage as it passes through the enemies with the right passives. Fire has nice aoe and the “burning enemies leave a pool of fire” talent is pretty good.

The implode passive (I think its called?) is also really strong. Conquest seems okay, as it has a decent amount of AOE between the chains and blades. I havent had much success with lightning – any time I pick it it seems to do no damage by the end of the game, even if I’ve invested a fair bit into it.

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