DemonCrawl – Summer Strategies

Strategies for Surviving Summer

Summer is part fun and part impossibly annoying – it has many mini games but it also gives you random omens. Not playing during the Summer event is possible, but you miss out on playing a Summer tournament (which can gain you 50 tokens!).

  • Playing as lvl 3 Exorcist + Holy Special Chest + something omen-related as heirloom for backup. Provided you don’t have to guess too much during the fourth stage, this guarantees a strong setup with much health + defense
  • Playing as Auramancer lvl 2 + Elemental chest + Onyx as heirloom- enabling a lot of gold (when combined with bug catching – ka-CHING!), omen removal with Cursed cells, and option to “glean” Frozen cells, open Burning cells without adverse effect…
  • Playing as Lvl 3 Guardian – as Guardian is immune to life loss, Guardian has no issues with Sunburn or Mosquito omens. No sunscreen needed for the poolside!

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