Derail Valley – Tips for Beginner Quests

Useful Tips

Some suggestions: When starting out try to take the lighter jobs, they might pay less bit you don’t have to limp about at 10kmh (the steel mill has some of the heaviest jobs so ot might be good to avoid that station after the tutorial until you have stronger locos).

Get a second loco, you might not be able to use the mu cable but you can hop between them and controll them that way, not ideal but it should get you some more hauling capacity, at least untill either the 060 or the dm3 (060 requires a shovel and lighter on top of the license to work).

Try shunting jobs, they are what the de2 is really designed for anyway and the license is cheap enough to be a good early game investment.

Try shunting jobs, to generate a more suitable freight job!

  • Sometimes, the RNG will hit you with initial jobs, that are clearly too heavy, for the current DE2 to handle.
  • That’s why the game also gives you the option, to purchase Shunting licence right away.
  • And completing a shunting job, will automatically generate a new job.
  • Depending if the shunting was about loading, or unloading the train.
  • It would generate either Freight (after load shunt), or a Logistic (after unload shunt) job.

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