Destiny 2 – Warlock Guide: Threadling Build

Threadling Build Guide

This is what I run for my Threadling build.

  • Subclass: Strand.
  • Aspects: Mindspun invocation and Wanderer.
  • Fragments: Generation, Warding, Evolution and Rebirth.
  • Exotic Weapon: Quicksilver Storm (don’t have Euphony yet).
  • Exotic Armor: Swarmers (you could run class item with Swarm and anyother perk like Osmiomancy, or Apotheosis; but you wont get unravel from threadlings).

Gameplay Loop

Hold grenade to spawn 5 perched threadlings. Shoot enemies, to launch threadlings into the fray. When they kill they spawn tangles. Throw tangles to create threadlings and to suspend targets.

Also, while you are shooting with strand weapon, your grenade is regening faster. Rinse and repeat.

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That concludes the guide, hope you found it helpful!

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