DESTRUCTURE: Among Debris – What Even Are You? Achievement Guide

How to Get the What Even Are You? Achievement

There are two things to focus on – not being hit by a bullet, and not losing a ball. Sometimes there might be a ball going towards the shredder together with a bullet, or there simply might be a bullet hell.

For avoiding bullets, Blue Stuff Magnet + Rechargable Shield are a good combo. However, taking any other booster such as crossbow, shotgun, new ball or even another shield will stop the current shield, so I wouldn’t recommend taking Luck upgrade. And actually, if we don’t have to worry about a ball, keeping the Round Thingy of Destruction small and just avoiding bullets is not that difficult.

So how to not have to worry about a ball?

  1. Fractured Balls
  2. Two Sliding Shields
  3. Magnetic Balls
  4. picking a set of levels that doesn’t have a full width shredder – level set 25 meets this requirement, level sets 26 and 27 don’t, I don’t remember sets 23 and 24

Now, with Fractured Balls, we make a lot of small balls and keep losing them. The worst case result is that at any time we have only one, very small ball. This ball deals almost no damage, which means we have to survive longer and we also get less Blue Stuff because modifier is 1x instead of 5x. Also, we are likely to activate more turrets before destroying the already activated ones. So here are the upgrades to turn the tide:

  1. Party for Everybody + Electric Ball / Spiked Ball (or ideally both)
  2. Bouncy Balls
  3. Electric Ball improvements such as Vicious Zeus, Electrocuted Structures etc.
  4. Growing Fractured Balls (although I did it without it)
  5. Enhanced Ball 1, 2, 3
  6. Self Sufficient Ball
  7. Vulnerable Turrets
  8. maybe Juggernaut and Enhanced Juggernaut

With a good combo of these upgrades, beating a single level sometimes takes seconds.

So now we have to get lucky and roll these upgrades between levels, but we can help our luck a bit. Upgrades shown for purchase are randomised from those that we already unlocked. So we have to unlock as few upgrades as possible. The way I have achieved that is after every level I bought upgrades and then hit “save and exit” to see if the next set of levels is already available. If it was, I didn’t continue playing on the previous set.

Here are the screenshots of how my map looked like when I scored the achievement, and what upgrades I had unlocked:

And here is a list of where I have played longer than to just unlock the next set of levels, because I needed to get some upgrades:

  • 1 – blue magnet
  • 16 – rechargable shield
  • 27 – vicious zeus, enhanced ball
  • 11 – party for everybody
  • 2 – bouncy balls
  • 6 – magnetic balls
  • 10 – second sliding shield
  • 19 – electric ball

And a final advice for buying upgrades – don’t buy Fractured Balls to early, because this can drastically reduce your damage. Also avoid buying Random Items. Don’t be afraid to re-roll the available upgrades – note that you will only see those upgrades that you haven’t seen before. Obviously don’t buy upgrades such as Revenge or Automatic Repair. Avoid buying upgrades that don’t fit the described approach – so any upgrades to fire, arrows, shotgun or laser you should probably re-roll.

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