Desynced – Tips for Minerbots

How to Get Bots to Only Mine

A miner should NEVER be connected to the logistic network (wifi-icon next to the powerbuttom).

Lock ALL slots of a miner to the stuff they actually need to mine.

Set them to a program/behaviour which allows them to ONLY mine the stuff they need to mine.

Lock your miner to a node and let another bot do the ore transports via the “transport route” logistics option (right click the wifi-signal and check the box at the very bottom; then assign it a linked storage depot and set the miner as a target),

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  1. You don’t explicitly need behavior controllers on the miners themselves. A basic signal reader that you assign from the [STORE] register will take care of that, and the output from the [SIGNAL] will control what they mine. The dedicated hauler is essential once your base is bigger than about 40 tiles.

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