DiRT Rally 2.0 – Tips for New Player

Useful Tips

  • Repair of Lancia Fulvia is free.
  • To tune car, you need to buy upgrade allowing it.
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly events pay extra, and are best source of income in game.
  • There’s no restarting in above events. Everyone has only one run.

For a starter, focus on getting to finish line in one piece. Roads are narrow, and driving off at wrong spot can be pretty damning, so you need to get used to that. As you get more comfortable on trail, your moves will become more confident without you noticing.

Use cockpit or hood cam. Their position is “locked” to car, so feedback is much more crispy than chase cam.

Remove any HUD elements you don’t absolutely need. You don’t need distractions. Audio pacenotes is all you need.

If you doze off and don’t remember pace note for corner ahead, go by old street racing rule and steady car until you see exit.

Don’t start learning 4-wheel-drive cars with Group B cars. The reason why this group was banned after just few years is because how notoriously dangerous they were. True to that, they are hardest to drive on limit here too.

For rear-wheel-drive cars, those with naturally aspirated engines tend to be easier to keep under control. Personally I find H3 cars easier to drive on limit than H2, but their repairs can get pricey.

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  1. Start with th 1960s FWD cars.
    It’s better to take it slow. If you’re braking you’re going to lose a few seconds. If you spin out and crash your car you’re not finishing the stage at all.
    Tune your car one part at a time – that way you’ll learn to feel which parametre affects what.

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