Dominions 6 – Basic Game Functions / Keyboard Shortcuts

Playing the Game

Once you have started a game and are presented with the main game screen, you’ll need to become familiar with the interface.

At first you are viewing your home province, to view a different province you should right-click on it (this can be changed to left-click in the preferences if desired).

  • To view a different province, right click on the province.
  • To select a commander, left-click on his icon and he turns white (selected).
  • To give a commander order to move, you left-click the province to which you want him to move.

Right-clicking, in many cases, gives you further information. For example: To get information on a unit in almost any screen, you right-click on the unit. The same applies when you want information on magic items or spells.

Basic Game Functions

At the top right of the map screen is a row of buttons that are used for most things. These are divided up into five sections.

The province buttons performs actions for the current province only. These buttons are (letter in parenthesis is the keyboard shortcut):

(e) End turn

  • This ends the current turn. In a single player game this initiates the host procedure.

(t) Army setup

  • This is where you can assign your units to commanders, change formations, and array your forces on the battlefield.

(y) Army setup at destination

  • This is an alternative to the regular army setup. Instead of commanders currently present in the province commanders that will be present next turn are shown.

(u) Patrolling army setup

  • This is an alternative to the regular army setup showing only patrolling commanders. This is mostly useful in fortified provinces.

(r) Recruit unit

  • This opens the recruitment panel for a given nation and shows the units available for recruitment in the selected province. This only works for provinces the player controls.

(b) Mercenaries

  • Players can see which mercenaries are available for hire. You can bid on these by clicking on the name of the company you wish to bid on.

(i) Read Province Chronicles

  • Here you read some information about the province and its inhabitants as well as all past important events that has occurred in the province.

The nation buttons are not dependent on the current province. These buttons are the following:

(m) Read messages

  • Allows you to read the beginning-of-turn messages.

(s) Send messages

  • Allows you to send messages, items, or gold to other players.

(F1) Nation Overview

  • This screen gives a global picture of your units and provinces. You can buy province defense, or go straight to a province using this screen. It also keeps track of magic site searches.

(F2) Score graphs

  • If score graphs are enabled, you can see a running comparison of the strengths of the various nations in terms of provinces owned, total dominion, army size, etc. You can also see the names and status (human or AI) of all pretenders, and whether or not they are still in the game.

(F3) Hall of Fame

  • Commanders who have survived the most fights and killed the most enemies receive a Heroic Ability for entering the Hall of Fame. This ability continues to improve as long as the hero is listed here.

(F4) Pretenders

  • Displays a list of all pretenders in the game unless information on other players was disabled during game creation.

The magic buttons are the following:

(F5) Research

  • Takes you to the Research screen where you can access spell research.

(F6) Global Enchantments

  • Shows you the global enchantment spells currently affecting the world.

(F7) Magic item treasury

  • Shows the magic items you have stored in your treasury.

(F8) Magic item overview

  • An easy way to see all magic items in your kingdom (both in treasury and equipped on commanders) and learn where they are.

(F9) Thrones of Ascension

  • This displays the Thrones of Ascension active in the game (if any).

The game buttons can be used to change settings and to end the turn.

(Esc) Options

  • Adjusts music and video settings, and allows you to save, and quit the game.

(e) End Turn

  • When you have completed your turn, this button saves your move to a file in the game folder, or uploads it to the server if you are playing an online game. You may still go back and adjust your move, or even start over from scratch. Exception: In a solo game, hitting End Turn automatically hosts the current turn.

On the row underneath are buttons for all the planes. These buttons will be greyed out for any plane that you currently have no access to. Usually the planes are these:

(1) Pantokrator’s realm

  • This is the overland world where most of the game will take place.

(2) The realm beneath

  • The caverns underneath.

(3) The void

  • The empty space where horrors thrive. Usually you will not end up here.

You can hide all buttons and commanders by hitting the “h” key. This way only the map will be visible.

Some buttons may be active (like the Statistics button) but not yield any information if the score graphs have been turned off in the game options when the game was created.

The Province buttons refer only to the province you have selected. They may do nothing if the province you have selected is owned by the enemy.

Most of these buttons will be discussed in detail in further guide.

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