Dominions 6 – Best Combat Spells

Effective Battle Spells

When you’re first playing around with magic the best combat spells fall into three types:

  1. Direct Attack Spells – These are mainly found in the evocation school. Fireball is the classic example. They usually benefit from your mages being relatively close to the things they’re blasting apart.
  2. Buff Spells – These make your elite troops even better. Many are in the enchantment school, but they’re a bit more scattered around. The early ones tend to have an aoe of 1. To use these script your mages to cast them and put them near your elite troops, with the troops scripted to ‘hold and attack closest’ so the mages have time to apply some buffs.
  3. Combat Summons – These buy more time for your mages to do other things and can overwhelm the enemy and tire them out. They are a bit scattered around, but the classics are things like horde of skeletons in enchantment. To use these it’s often best to have your mages positioned far back on the battlefield and protected by bodyguards.
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  1. Evocation tends to have the most direct damage spells. Good option if you have a lot of mages with Fire and Air paths.

    Alteration and Enchantment have a lot of buff/debuff spells. Glamour, Water, Earth and Nature are good paths to look for here. Enchantment is also valuable for death with battlefield skeleton summoning spells, AKA “Skelly Spam”

    Conjuration is all about summoning. The various elementals are pretty valuable with Fire and Air elementals being particularly useful. Nature has a few real standouts here with spells like Howl.

  2. Generally, if you want to blast something up, the Evocation school is your bread and butter.
    Even on second level of it, you have things like Flare and Lightning Bolt, which are obviously not great, but good enough for it’s level.

    Level 4 gives you a great spells like Fire Cloud and Thunder Strike, but generally it’s up to you to decide what your nation specilizes in (what magic paths your mages have). Experiment and have fun

  3. Gifts from Heaven is a favorite of mine (there’s just something about dropping meteors onto my enemies that fills me with joy), although the new changes to it have made it even more risky to use!

    Depending on the nation, you have lots of fun synergies. Caelum, for instance, is built for Storm, Storm Power, Wrathful Skies, and spamming various lightning and cold spells. MA Ulm gets a lot of usage out of Blade Wind, and various large-scale earth buffs.

    Most nations have ample access to damaging spells, although nations heavily invested in astral and nature tend to be a bit more limited, especial in the early-game.

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