Dominions 6 – Guide to Path Boosters

Path Boosters

These are the magic items that can increase the path levels of magic users.


F / A / W / EFire / Air / Water / Earth
S / D / N / GaStral / Death / Nature / Glamour
B / HBlood / Holy

Path Boosting Magic Items

     1    Skull StaffD25
      1   Thistle MaceN25
1         Flame HelmetF45
 1        Winged HelmetA45
       1  Gossamer VeilG35
  1       Robe of the SeaW35
        1 Armor of SoulsB55
      1 1 Armor of Twisting ThornsB3N25
   1      Earth BootsE25
 1        Horn of StormsA55
    1     Coin of Meteoritic IronS2E25
        1 Brazen VesselB55
   1      Blood StoneB3E25
1111      Staff of Elemental MasteryF4W47
1111      Staff of Elemental MasteryA4E47
      2   Treelord’s StaffN57
        1 Blood ThornB37
    1     Starshine SkullcapS27
     1    SkullfaceD57
111111111 Robe of the MagiA5B57
1         Skull of FireF1D17
  1       Water BraceletW17
111111111 Ring of WizardryS77
    1111  Ring of SorceryS67
      1   Moonvine BraceletN3S17
       1  Mirage CrystalG3E27
         1Ring of the False ProphetG4F27

Path Boosting Magic Artifacts

         1Sword of JusticeF3S39
  1       Trident from BeyondW3S29
       1  The Sword of Many ColorsG4F29
    1   1 The Oath Rod of KurgiS3B39
     1    The Flailing HandsD29
     2    Sceptre of Dark RegencyD69
         1Sword of InjusticeD49
     1    Sun SlayerD69
    1     Dimensional RodS39
1         The Staff from the SunS5F19
         1Immaculate ShieldF3S29
1111      Crown of the ElementsF4W49
        1 Flesh WardB49
   1      Pebble Skin SuitB4E19
   1      Boots of AntaeusE4N19
1         The Ruby EyeF39
 1  1     Tome of High PowerA2S29
   11 1   Atlas of CreationE5S59
  1       Orb of AtlantisW4E19
2   2     The Forbidden LightS5F59
       1  The Black MirrorS4B29
        1 Tome of the Lower PlanesS3B29
     1  1 The Black Book of SecretsD2B29
   1  1   The Tome of GaiaN2E29
       2  Tome of LegendsG59
    1  11 The Trapped Dreams of HruvurG4S49
1         Orb of Elemental FireF49
 1        Orb of Elemental AirA49
  1       Orb of Elemental WaterW49
   1      Orb of Elemental EarthE49
    2     The Void SphereS6B19
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