Dominions 6 – How to Play a Multiplayer Game

Playing a Multiplayer Game

The game supports many ways of playing multiplayer: hotseat play (multiple players on the same computer), online play (either with a private server or on the official server), or even play-by-email (PBEM). If you are the only human player in the game (all other nations are AI) then it is a solo game and you can skip this chapter.

Because turns in Dominions 6 are resolved simultaneously, it works very well in multiplayer. Everyone can do their turns when they want and when everyone is finished a new turn will be generated.

Playing a Hotseat Game

Starting a hotseat game is done in the same way as a single player game. Just add extra human players when choosing the participants and you are done.

Playing a Network Game

The easy way to play online is to use the official game server for Dominions 6. Choose Network and then Enter Game Lobby from the main menu.

From the game lobby it is easy to set up a game for others to join, or to join a game someone else has set up. It should be pretty self explanatory if you are familiar with how to set up a solo game of Dominions 6.

From the tomes of the lore of Dominions

Ermor is an empire centered on a great city. For centuries it has grown, and has become more and more influential. Traders and travelers from near and far come to the city. By military campaigns, diplomacy, and trade, Ermor has become a power to be reckoned with. By adopting local traditions and beliefs, Ermorians posed little threat to neighbors and conquered peoples, but this has begun to change. A new God is rising. Old syncretistic faiths and spirit worship were banned by a Prophet dressed in white shrouds. The remnants of his bods and shrouds are buried in the Holy City of Eldregate where the adherents of the New Faith are awaiting the arrival of the Reawakening God foreseen by the Prophet. The all-encompassing old state cult of the Numinas still survives, but the Pontifices and Flamen are slowly adopting the New Faith. Cornelius is the current Pontifex Maximum and the highest ranking priest of the Old Faith. He was the one who performed the high sacrifices in the capital. But it was also he who let decadence and corruption thrive in the priestly order. He has been blamed by many for the fall of the Old Cult and its traditions. The Arch Bishops of the New Faith let him remain as a figurehead, but everyone knows that his influence is limited. Cornelius still commands great religious authority and is a potent mage. Cornelius is old, frail, and rather fat and rarely ventures far from his chambers.

Note: Remember to add a password to your pretender when playing online. Without a password anyone will be able to peek at or alter your turns.

Setting up your own personal game server is also possible, but more complicated. The recommended way to play multiplayer in Dominions 6 is via the game lobby.

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