Dominions 6 – Monster / Item ID’s

How to Get the IDs

To get the ID of a monster and of its weapons and armor: open the monster’s details screen and press [Ctrl+I]. This shows the IDs for the monster and its weapons and armors.

To get the ID of a spell or magic item: open the descrption and press [Ctrl+I].

ID List

ID, Name, Rarity, Loc

1,The Smouldercone,5,0
2,The Coral Towers,5,0
3,Cathedral of the Spheres,5,0
4,Swamps of Pythia,5,0
5,Forest of Avalon,5,0
6,Tower of Avalon,5,0
7,The Keep of Ulm,5,0
8,The Forges of Ulm,5,0
9,The Temple City,5,0
10,Tower of a Thousand Stars,5,0
11,The Citadel of Frozen Crystal,5,0
12,Empoisoners Guild,5,0
13,The House of Fiery Justice,5,0
14,The Grove of Gaia,5,0
15,The Halls of Andvare,5,0
16,Iron Woods,5,0
17,The Sunken City,5,0
18,Ravens Vale,5,0
19,Hidden Grove,5,0
20,Surakid's Tower,5,0
21,Mine of the Cyclops,5,0
22,Bolivar's Tower of Reflections,5,0
23,The Unholy Sepulchre,5,0
24,The Unholy Sepulchre,5,0
25,The Unholy Sepulchre,5,0
26,Starke's Ice Cave,5,0
27,The Queen's Galley,5,0
29,The Ruined Keep,5,0
30,Temple of the Land,5,0
31,Temple of the Rain,5,0
32,Temple of the Moon,5,0
33,High Temple of the Sun,5,0
34,House of Fiery Justice,5,0
36,Oleg's Alchemical Device,5,0
37,The Deepest Cave of the Province,5,0
38,Temple of the Everburning Pyre,5,0
39,The Smouldercone,5,0
40,The Citadel of Frozen Crystal,5,0
41,Ravens Vale,5,0
42,Black Forest,5,0
43,The Sacred Swamp,5,0
44,The Black Temple,5,0
45,The Void Gate,5,0
47,Well of Urd,5,0
48,The Grove of Gaia,5,0
49,The Grove of Gaia,5,0
50,The Heavenly Gate,5,0
51,The Celestial City,5,0
52,The Celestial City,5,0
53,The Bamboo Grove,5,0
54,The Gate of Spring and Autumn,5,0
55,Temple of the Dead,5,0
57,Swamps of Pythia,5,0
60,God Forest,5,0
61,God Mountain,5,0
62,The Temple Marsh,5,0
63,The City of Tombs,5,0
64,Temple of the Spheres,5,0
65,The Desert Eye,5,0
66,Gold Mine,5,0
67,Silver Mine,5,0
68,Copper Mine,5,0
69,Iron Mine,5,0
70,The Royal Academy,5,0
71,House of Justice,5,0
72,Palace of Pearls,5,0
73,Mount Cephalos,5,0
76,Temple Sanguine,5,0
77,Temple of the Shroud,5,0
78,The Lotus Gardens,5,0
79,The Carrion Grove,5,0
80,The Carrion Grove,5,0
81,The Carrion Grove,5,0
82,The Wheel of Pain,5,0
84,The Great Cauldron,5,0
85,The Bitter Stream,5,0
86,Steppes of Sauromatia,5,0
87,High Temple of the Land,5,0
88,High Temple of the Sky and the R,5,0
89,Temple of the Moon,5,0
90,Temple of the Sun,5,0
92,Temple of the Pure War,5,0
93,Mountain of the Mystics,5,0
94,Palace of the Eagle Kings,5,0
95,Mountain of the Oni Kings,5,0
97,The Jeweled City,5,0
98,Mount Kailasa,5,0
99,The Lotus Garden,5,0
100,Augurs' Circle,5,0
101,The Grove of Aphros,5,0
102,Temple of the Land,5,0
103,High Temple of the Rain,5,0
104,Temple of the Moon,5,0
105,Temple of the Sun,5,0
106,Mount Shinuyama,5,0
107,Tombs of the Oracles,5,0
108,Mines of the Pale Ones,5,0
109,Halls of the Oracles,5,0
110,Roots of the Earth,5,0
111,Halls of the Oracles,5,0
112,The Chamber of the Seal,5,0
113,Gnipah  lan,5,0
115,The Halls of Andvare,5,0
116,The Gorge of Ancient Cities,5,0
117,The Carrion Grove,5,0
118,The Grove of Gaia,5,0
119,The Smouldercone,5,0
120,Temple of the All-Consuming Flam,5,0
121,Temple of the All-Consuming Flam,5,0
122,The Sibylline Caves,5,0
123,The Cerulean Tower,5,0
125,The Enchanted Isle,5,0
126,The Coast of Ice and Bones,5,0
127,The Forest of Avalon,5,0
128,The Basalt City,5,0
129,The Dark Crystal,5,0
130,The Heavenly Gate,5,0
131,Sri Pada,5,0
133,Tir na n'Og,5,0
134,Mag Mor,5,0
135,Mound of Ancient Kings,5,0
136,Isle of Balor,5,0
137,Rath Chimbaith,5,0
138,The Imperial Capital,5,0
139,Temple of the Spheres,5,0
140,Grand Cathedral,5,0
141,Hall of Elders,5,0
142,Palace of the Sage King,5,0
143,Temple of the Sage King,5,0
144,The Twin Cities,5,0
145,Mount Seir,5,0
147,Mount Hermon,5,0
148,Campus Sceleris,5,0
149,The House of Water,5,0
150,The First City,5,0
151,The Swamps of Ur,5,0
152,Temple of Storms and Flames,5,0
153,Forest of Spider,5,0
154,Great Mababwe,5,0
155,Novg  rd,5,0
156,Pine of Skulls,5,0
157,Campus Sceleris,5,0
158,Campus Sceleris,5,0
159,Campus Sceleris,5,0
160,Palace of Pearls,5,0
161,Palace of the Setting Sun,5,0
162,The Grove of Aphros,5,0
163,The Grove of Aphros,5,0
164,The City of Unfullfilled Dreams,5,0
165,The Chamber of the Broken Seal,5,0
166,The Chamber of the Broken Seal,5,0
167,The Womb of the Earth,5,0
168,Spire Horn Mountain,5,0
169,Ravens Vale,5,0
170,Lake Urmia,5,0
171,Mountain of the Everburning Cave,5,0
172,Palace of the Sun Kings,5,0
173,Tombs of the Sun Kings,5,0
174,Cavern of the Sun,5,0
175,House of Knives,5,0
176,House of Jaguars,5,0
177,The Sacred Cenote,5,0
178,The Flooded City,5,0
179,The Cave of Perpetual Darkness,5,0
180,The Flooded City,5,0
181,The Obsidian Cavern,5,0
186,Great Temple of the Moon,5,0
187,The Swamps of Ur,5,0
188,The House of Water,5,0
189,Pine of Skulls,5,0
190,Oak of Storms,5,0
191,Hall of the Dawn,5,0
192,The Royal Academy,5,0
193,The Red River,5,0
194,City of Gold and Marble,5,0
195,Forge of the Cyclopes,5,0
196,The Burning Fields,5,0
197,Fortress of the Cyclopes,5,0
198,The Orichalcum Palace,5,0
199,Black Korkyra,5,0
200,Gold Apple Tree,5,0
201,Orichalcum Mine,5,516
202,Shattered Volcano,5,0
204,The Burning Mountain,5,223
205,Sublime Palace,5,0
206,The Great Mirror,5,0
207,The Onyx Court,5,0
208,Fountain of Youth,5,0
210,Great Dam,5,0
211,The Vault of Incense and Marvels,5,0
213,The Iron Wood,5,0
214,The Three Deserts,5,0
215,Iram of a Thousand Pillars,5,0
217,City of Brass,5,0
218,Seminary of Magisters,5,0
219,The Cathedral Cavern,5,0
220,Grand Dolmen,5,0
221,Mount Anboto,5,0
222,The Cathedral of the Emerald,5,0
223,The Caves of Pyrene,5,0
224,The Pleasure Orchard,5,0
225,Fir Bolg Highlands,5,0
227,The Sublime Palace,5,0
228,The Cerulean Cathedral,5,0
229,The Veiled City,5,0
230,The Senate Palace,5,0
231,The Void Gate,5,0
232,The Hall of Mirrors,5,0
233,Great Mine of the Deep,5,516
234,Great Mine of the Deep,5,516
235,Bhuva Loka,5,16607
237,The Rift of Surtr,5,0
238,The Meltwater Gorge,5,0
239,The Shrine Serene,5,0
240,The Empty Slot,6,0
241,The Empty Slot,6,0
242,The Empty Slot,6,0
243,The Empty Slot,6,0
244,The Empty Slot,6,0
245,The Empty Slot,6,0
246,The Empty Slot,6,0
247,The Empty Slot,6,0
248,The Empty Slot,6,0
249,The Empty Slot,6,0
250,The Empty Slot,6,0
251,The Empty Slot,6,0
252,The Empty Slot,6,0
253,The Empty Slot,6,0
254,The Empty Slot,6,0
255,The Empty Slot,6,0
256,The Empty Slot,6,0
257,The Empty Slot,6,0
258,The Empty Slot,6,0
259,The Empty Slot,6,0
260,The Empty Slot,6,0
261,The Empty Slot,6,0
262,The Empty Slot,6,0
263,The Empty Slot,6,0
264,The Empty Slot,6,0
265,The Empty Slot,6,0
266,The Empty Slot,6,0
267,The Empty Slot,6,0
268,The Empty Slot,6,0
269,The Empty Slot,6,0
270,The Empty Slot,6,0
271,The Empty Slot,6,0
272,The Empty Slot,6,0
273,The Empty Slot,6,0
274,The Empty Slot,6,0
275,The Empty Slot,6,0
276,The Empty Slot,6,0
277,The Empty Slot,6,0
278,The Empty Slot,6,0
279,The Empty Slot,6,0
280,The Empty Slot,6,0
281,The Empty Slot,6,0
282,The Empty Slot,6,0
283,The Empty Slot,6,0
284,The Empty Slot,6,0
285,The Empty Slot,6,0
286,The Empty Slot,6,0
287,The Empty Slot,6,0
288,The Empty Slot,6,0
289,The Empty Slot,6,0
290,The Empty Slot,6,0
291,The Empty Slot,6,0
292,The Empty Slot,6,0
293,The Empty Slot,6,0
294,The Empty Slot,6,0
295,The Empty Slot,6,0
296,The Empty Slot,6,0
297,The Empty Slot,6,0
298,The Empty Slot,6,0
299,The Empty Slot,6,0
300,The Cave of Storms,5,0
301,The Healing Spring,5,0
302,The Sacred Mountain,5,0
303,The Grove of Irminsul,5,0
304,The Crystal Cavern,5,0
305,The Empty Slot,6,0
306,The Empty Slot,6,0
307,The Empty Slot,6,0
308,The Empty Slot,6,0
309,The Empty Slot,6,0
310,The Empty Slot,6,0
311,The Empty Slot,6,0
312,The Empty Slot,6,0
313,The Empty Slot,6,0
314,The Empty Slot,6,0
315,The Empty Slot,6,0
316,The Empty Slot,6,0
317,The Empty Slot,6,0
318,The Empty Slot,6,0
319,The Empty Slot,6,0
320,The Empty Slot,6,0
321,The Empty Slot,6,0
322,The Empty Slot,6,0
323,The Empty Slot,6,0
324,The Empty Slot,6,0
325,The Empty Slot,6,0
326,The Empty Slot,6,0
327,The Empty Slot,6,0
328,The Empty Slot,6,0
329,The Empty Slot,6,0
330,The Empty Slot,6,0
331,The Empty Slot,6,0
332,The Empty Slot,6,0
333,The Empty Slot,6,0
334,The Empty Slot,6,0
335,The Empty Slot,6,0
336,The Empty Slot,6,0
337,The Empty Slot,6,0
338,The Empty Slot,6,0
339,The Empty Slot,6,0
340,The Empty Slot,6,0
341,The Empty Slot,6,0
342,The Empty Slot,6,0
343,The Empty Slot,6,0
344,The Empty Slot,6,0
345,The Empty Slot,6,0
346,The Empty Slot,6,0
347,The Empty Slot,6,0
348,The Empty Slot,6,0
349,The Empty Slot,6,0
350,The Empty Slot,6,0
351,The Empty Slot,6,0
352,The Empty Slot,6,0
353,The Empty Slot,6,0
354,The Empty Slot,6,0
355,The Empty Slot,6,0
356,The Empty Slot,6,0
357,The Empty Slot,6,0
358,The Empty Slot,6,0
359,The Empty Slot,6,0
360,The Empty Slot,6,0
361,The Empty Slot,6,0
362,The Empty Slot,6,0
363,The Empty Slot,6,0
364,The Empty Slot,6,0
365,The Empty Slot,6,0
366,The Empty Slot,6,0
367,The Empty Slot,6,0
368,The Empty Slot,6,0
369,The Empty Slot,6,0
370,The Empty Slot,6,0
371,The Empty Slot,6,0
372,The Empty Slot,6,0
373,The Empty Slot,6,0
374,The Empty Slot,6,0
375,The Empty Slot,6,0
376,The Empty Slot,6,0
377,The Empty Slot,6,0
378,The Empty Slot,6,0
379,The Empty Slot,6,0
380,The Empty Slot,6,0
381,The Empty Slot,6,0
382,The Empty Slot,6,0
383,The Empty Slot,6,0
384,The Empty Slot,6,0
385,The Empty Slot,6,0
386,The Empty Slot,6,0
387,The Empty Slot,6,0
388,The Empty Slot,6,0
389,The Empty Slot,6,0
390,The Empty Slot,6,0
391,The Empty Slot,6,0
392,The Empty Slot,6,0
393,The Empty Slot,6,0
394,The Empty Slot,6,0
395,The Empty Slot,6,0
396,The Empty Slot,6,0
397,The Empty Slot,6,0
398,The Empty Slot,6,0
399,The Empty Slot,6,0
400,Lava Lake,1,735
401,Tar Pits,0,219
402,Sun Ridge,0,223
403,Gold-Leafed Tree,1,223
404,Bronze Pillar,0,735
405,Smoking Mountain,1,223
406,Plain of Perpetual Drought,0,8
407,Magus Temple,1,223
408,Alchemists Guild,1,223
409,Smoke Forest,1,2
410,Rage Wind Heath,1,9
411,Candle Marsh,1,134
412,Copper Cliff,1,197631
413,Stargazers Cliff,1,223
414,Desert of Bones,0,8
415,Lantern Forest,1,2
416,Shimmering Haze,1,262169
417,Orichalcum Mine,1,516
419,Solar Lens,2,223
420,Solar Circle,2,223
421,Tower of the Golden Order,2,223
422,Tower of the Golden Order,2,223
423,Tower of the Golden Order,2,223
424,Academy of Magic,2,223
425,Academy of High Magics,2,16607
426,Ashen Fields,2,9
427,Fountain of Fire,2,735
428,The Steel Ovens,1,17119
429,High Temple of the Magii,1,16607
430,The Citadel of Pyriphlegeton,1,17119
431,The Fire Prison,1,279263
432,The Temple of the Raging God,1,16607
433,The Brass Door Hill,1,16607
434,Prison of the Desert Sun,2,16392
435,The Desert of Ptah,5,16392
436,Fountain of Rubies,2,735
437,Dragon Forest,2,16386
438,Enchanted Pyre,0,262367
439,Rageflame Tower,1,262367
440,Steam Swamp,1,128
441,Smoke Gorge,1,8
442,Magma Pit,1,516
443,Starfire Crystals,1,262148
444,Ash Valley,1,8
445,Flame Forest,1,2
446,Fiery Mirage,2,8
447,City of Ashes,2,16392
448,Temple of the Solar Bull,2,223
450,Wildfire Glade,0,2
451,Caverns of Glowing Moss,0,516
452,Glowing Fissure,1,4
453,Smouldering Maze,1,223
454,Scorched Tower,2,16607
455,House of Embers,2,278751
456,Heart of the Desert,2,16392
457,Egg of the Phoenix,2,262367
458,House of Aratron,2,16607
459,Rune of Fire,1,223
460,Maze of Frozen Flames,2,16591
461,Devil's Furnace,1,16607
462,Isle of Rebirth,2,16416
463,Dragon Lair,2,16388
464,Altar of Catharsis,5,16607
465,Wind Spire,0,223
466,Thunder Oak,0,223
467,Canyon of Wild Winds,0,95
468,Blasted Heath,1,223
469,Cave of Clouds,0,524
470,Mist Covered Highlands,0,4
471,Desert of Sighs,0,8
472,Cypress Forest,0,32770
473,Howling Gorge,1,223
474,Canyon of Playful Winds,1,95
475,Elusive Lights,1,262879
476,Ice Mists,1,223
477,Thunder Stones,1,223
478,Cloud Pillars,1,223
479,Singing Stones,1,262879
480,Lake of Perpetual Mists,1,223
481,Dragon Cliff,2,223
482,Tower of the Silver Order,2,223
483,Tower of the Silver Order,2,223
484,Tower of the Silver Order,2,223
485,Academy of Magics,2,223
486,Academy of High Magics,2,16607
487,Cloud Abode,2,223
488,Stone Spires,2,8
489,Tempest Spire,2,4
490,Blizzard Valley,2,4
491,Forest of Joy,1,49154
492,The Cloven Mountain,1,16388
493,Stairway Mountain,1,16388
494,The Flailing Forest,1,16386
495,The Whirlwind of Cyclon,1,16607
496,The Doom Cloud,1,16607
497,Dragon Mountain,2,16388
498,Silver Forest,2,2
499,Valley of the Roc,2,16388
500,Enchanted Windmill,0,223
501,Whisperwind Tower,1,223
502,Scorchwind Waste,1,8
503,Saltspray Cliffs,1,64
504,Copper Mists,1,8
505,Moonwind Marsh,1,128
506,Plaguewind Waste,1,8
507,Thunder Woods,1,223
508,Shrieking Skies,2,262156
509,Dragon Jaws,2,16388
510,Tempest Hall,2,223
511,Copper Idol,0,223
512,Sparkling Fields,0,223
513,Skysplit Oak,0,87
514,Wailing Woods,1,16386
515,Nest of Obsidian Snakes,1,223
516,Black Hawk Nest,1,6
517,Ziggurat of Thunder,2,223
518,The Highest Peak,1,16388
519,Pinnacle of Power,2,16607
520,Rune of Air,1,255
521,Translucent Tower,5,16607
522,Well of White Water,0,735
523,Mercury Pond,0,735
524,Reverse Stream,1,735
525,Weeping Stone,0,735
526,Boiling Bog,0,134
527,Lake of Mists,1,223
529,Lantern Fens,0,130
531,Pearl Beach,1,64
533,Rockside Spring,0,4
534,Well of Yesterdays Waters,1,735
535,Corpse Candles' Marsh,0,130
536,Overgrown Lake,1,223
537,Glittering Stream,1,223
538,Lifeless Lake,1,262879
539,River Fortress,2,223
540,Bottomless Lake,2,735
541,Mist Swamps,1,130
542,Academy of Magic,2,223
543,Academy of High Magics,2,16607
544,Frost Vale,2,4
545,Azure Academy,1,16607
547,The Ferry,1,16607
548,Mount Frost,1,16388
549,The Forest of the Lake,1,16386
550,Stony Swamps,1,16514
551,The Frozen Forest,1,16386
552,The Sea of the Tears of Men,2,16607
553,The Water Sphere,1,16607
554,The Sea Underneath,2,17119
555,Temple of the Turning Tide,2,64
556,Black Ice Valley,2,4
557,Frozen Fountain,2,735
558,Frozen Lands,2,223
559,Academy of the Crescent Moon,2,16607
560,Well of All Waters,2,16607
561,The Swamp of Dread,2,16512
562,The Sunless Sea,2,16904
563,Healing Spring,2,262367
564,Enchanted Well,0,262879
565,Icebrick Tower,1,223
566,Steam Fountain,1,16
567,Rain Ridge,1,4
568,Meltwater Stream,1,4
569,Moonlit Lake,1,4
570,Oasis of the Dead,1,8
571,Double Bottom Lake,1,2
572,Rainbow Fountain,2,16
573,Merman Village,0,64
574,Turtle Village,0,64
575,Ichtyid Enclave,2,96
576,Mermage Coven,2,96
577,Isle of the Saoi,2,32
578,Temple of the Sacred River,2,223
579,Garden of Frozen Flowers,0,223
580,Wellspring of Secrets,0,223
581,Lake of Living Water,0,223
582,Subterranean Lake,1,512
583,Forgotten Oasis,1,8
584,Plaguewater Oasis,1,8
585,Frozen Glen,1,2
586,Melting Cliffs,1,223
587,Pool of Perpetual Night,1,16607
588,Enchanted Glacier,1,4
589,Wellspring of the Virgins,2,16607
590,Sign of Nodens,2,16450
591,Rune of Water,1,255
593,Tower of Ice,2,16396
594,Tomb of Ice,5,16607
595,Wellspring of Abundance,5,16607
596,The Golden City,2,17440
597,Mineral Cave,0,607
598,Earth Blood Seepage,0,735
599,Firbolg Fortress,1,223
600,Iron Cliff,0,197631
601,Canyon of Sand,1,197631
602,Mine of Superior Iron,0,4
603,Great Iron Mine,0,516
604,Great Gold Mine,0,516
605,Great Silver Mine,0,516
606,Hidden Gold Mine,0,516
607,Gem Deposits,0,262879
609,Magma Cave,0,516
610,Standing Stones,1,262367
611,Water Filled Cave,1,223
612,Starlight Chasm,0,516
613,Chasm of Strange Lights,0,516
614,Cave of the Pale Ones,1,735
615,Forest of Truffles,0,2
617,Tower of the Iron Order,2,223
618,Tower of the Iron Order,2,223
619,Tower of the Iron Order,2,223
620,Academy of Magic,2,223
621,Academy of High Magics,2,16607
622,Twice Walled Tower,2,223
623,Archaic Fortress,2,223
624,Lost Vale of the Elders,2,4
625,Troll Pit,2,735
626,Troglodyte Den,2,735
627,Runaway Pit,2,735
628,Steel Swamps,1,16512
629,White Man Hill,1,16607
630,The Forgotten Fortress,1,16607
631,The Jervellan Wall,1,16607
632,Ten Thousand Things,1,279263
633,The Broken Maze,1,278751
634,The Labyrinth,1,16607
635,The Chasm of Black Roses,1,16388
636,The Underworld,1,17119
637,The Statues of the Overlords,2,16607
638,The Cornerstone,2,278751
639,The Factory,2,278751
640,Castle Arcanum,1,16477
641,Ancient Forge,2,262879
642,Chamber of Changes,2,262879
643,Circle of Standing Stones,2,262879
644,Conjurer's Cave,2,516
645,The Statue of the Sitting God,0,16607
646,The Jade Pagoda,2,16607
647,The Imperial Quarry,0,214015
649,Forest of Golden Leaves,2,16386
650,The Vaults Beneath,2,16607
651,The Deepest Mine,2,16900
652,The Sun Below,2,16904
653,Endless Caverns,2,516
654,Glowing Caverns,2,516
655,The Mosaic Desert,2,16392
656,Villa of Ever Changing Fresques,2,16400
657,Bear Mountain,2,16388
658,The Cliff of Seven Directions,2,16388
659,Enchanted Tower,0,262367
660,Earthroot Tower,1,223
661,Sulphur Cliffs,1,8
662,Snowcap Mountain,1,4
663,Thundertop Mountain,1,4
664,Meteorite Cliffs,1,223
665,Iron Tomb,1,262660
666,Rock Forest,1,2
667,Ctonian Gate,2,735
668,Ravine of Perpetual Echoes,2,4
669,Deep Crevasse,0,255
670,Mud Field,0,223
672,Stone Tree Grove,1,18
673,Flooded Mines,2,215
674,Underworld Entrance,2,223
676,Heart of the Mountain,2,16388
677,Basilisk Cave,2,223
678,Rune of Earth,1,255
679,Cavern of Marble Spheres,2,16900
680,Halls of the Mountain King,5,16388
681,Ruined Halls of the Mountain Kin,5,16388
682,City of the Ancients,5,16607
683,The World Pillar,2,16388
685,Painted Cave,0,735
688,Starflower Garden,0,262879
689,Lake of Reflected Time,1,262367
690,Strange Opening,1,262879
691,Sages Guild,1,223
692,Abandoned Laboratory,1,262879
693,Crystal Flames,1,262879
694,Mirror Palace,1,278751
695,Caves of Passing Time,1,262879
696,Scrying Pool,2,262879
697,Pyramid of Life,1,262367
698,Totem Collection,1,223
699,Dream Collection,1,459775
702,Void Alignment,2,262879
703,Village of Strange Men,2,262367
704,The Ancient Master,1,16607
705,Citadel of the Lore Masters,1,16607
706,The Metal Spires,2,16607
707,Academy of Magic,2,223
708,Academy of High Magics,2,16607
709,The Council of Sages,2,16607
710,Moon Mages Circle,2,16607
711,The Hidden Kingdom of Elludia,2,16607
712,The Grey Tower of Nexus,5,278528
713,The Ultimate Gateway,2,279263
714,Library of Time,2,278751
715,Temple of the All-Seeing Eye,2,17119
716,Hall of Enlightenment,2,278532
717,Moonlit Pond of Pearls,2,223
718,Strange House in the Mist,2,16607
719,The Cave of Souls,2,16900
720,The Mountain of the Past,2,16392
721,The Endless Field of Cubes,2,278536
722,Enchanted Gate,0,262879
723,Skywatch Tower,1,223
724,Nightlight Fen,1,128
725,Moon Mirror,1,223
726,Voidwind Plain,1,262367
727,Mooncatch Lake,1,223
728,Mountain Crater,1,4
729,Painted Crypt,1,262879
730,Moonvine Forest,1,2
731,Huge Crater,5,197119
732,The Forgotten City,2,278751
733,Unfound Door,0,262399
734,Starlit Pond,0,215
735,Garden of Pearls,0,262359
736,Impossible Angle,1,262367
737,Moonlit Halls,1,223
738,Brook of Glimmering Pearls,1,262359
739,Seer's Grave,2,262911
740,Dreaming Stone,2,262911
741,Sorcerer's Circle,2,262367
742,Archaic Diagram,2,262399
743,Chamber of Enchantment,2,262367
744,Unsettling Pattern,2,262399
745,Basalt Mirror,2,255
746,Moonshimmer Swamp,2,128
747,The Gnomon,2,16607
748,Seventh House on the Left,2,16607
749,The Halfway Inn,1,16607
750,The Forgotten Astrolabium,2,16607
751,Citadel of the Mage King,2,16398
752,Horror Cult,5,223
753,Ancient Scriptorium,5,16607
754,Secluded Village,5,223
755,Guild of the Merchant Princes,2,17472
756,Dragon Rune,2,16639
757,Starfall Tower,2,223
758,Starfall Waste,2,16392
760,Burial Mound,0,262367
761,Graveyard of the Damned,0,223
762,Cave of Ghouls,1,735
763,Well of Pestilence,0,223
764,Haunted Village,1,223
766,Broken Tower,1,262367
767,Forest of the Dead,0,2
768,Ashen Forest,1,10
769,Banefire Braziers,1,735
770,Windswept Catacombs,1,223
771,Crypt in the Sand,1,223
772,Witches Bog,0,134
774,Overgrown Graveyard,1,223
775,Nightmare Meadow,1,17
776,Marble Mausoleum,2,735
777,Raven Oak,2,223
778,Black Tower,2,223
779,Academy of Magic,2,223
780,Academy of Dark Magics,2,16607
781,Death Mound Downs,2,223
782,Statue of Death,2,735
783,Chillsick Swamp,1,16514
784,Leper Fens,1,16513
785,Grayshade Forest,1,16386
786,Litter Skull,1,17119
787,The Crypt Underneath,1,17119
788,Flesh Garden of Mortal Remains,1,16607
789,The Bowl of the Lost,1,16607
790,Skull Temple,2,16607
791,Tomb of the Ancients,2,278532
792,The Shaded Lands,2,16607
793,The Shattered Lands,2,16392
794,The City of a Thousand Wonders,2,278751
795,The Mausoleum of the Great Sarla,2,16607
796,The Charnel House,2,16607
797,The Shadow Furnace,2,17119
798,Halls of the Dead,2,735
799,Banefire Forge,2,735
800,Crown of Darkness,2,16388
801,The Obsidian Sphere,2,16396
802,The Draining Stone,2,16392
803,Well of Darkness,2,262879
804,Enchanted Tomb,0,735
805,Bonedoor Tower,1,223
806,Flaming Tomb,1,735
807,Shademist Swamp,1,128
808,Plaguewater Stream,1,735
809,Valley of the Dead,1,8
810,Silver Sarcophagus,1,735
811,Carrion Thicket,1,2
812,The City of the Damned,2,16607
813,The Bleak Lands,2,16385
814,Labyrinth of Skulls,0,223
815,Garden of Bones,0,223
816,Lilium Vale,0,95
817,Murder Bog,1,130
818,Swamp of Shadows,1,128
819,Murdering Mire,1,223
820,Animal Cemetery,1,219
821,Gloom Gate,1,255
822,Tomb of the Grand Thaumathurg,2,16479
823,Sigil of the Ancients,2,16639
824,Circle of Sending,2,223
825,Nidus of Power,2,255
826,Conjurer's Circle,2,223
827,Plague Barrow,2,223
828,Nightmare Swamp,2,128
829,Pit of Despair,2,16607
830,Imperial Tomb,5,1247
831,Blackrose Tower,1,16386
832,Dusk Spiral,1,16386
833,The Three Towers of Despair,2,214015
834,Necromancer's Lair,2,16398
835,Oath Stone,2,278751
836,Withered Land,5,16607
837,Hall of the Draugadrott,5,223
838,Cult of Death,5,16607
839,Spirit Pact,5,223
840,Ruins of the Old Empire,1,1247
841,Ancient Temple of C'tis,1,1152
842,Cave of Dark Rites,1,735
843,Temple of Darkness,1,735
844,Inkpot End,1,16607
845,Flesh Eater's Isle,1,16607
846,Tower of Seven Tombs,1,16607
847,Tenebrous Tower,1,16388
848,Tenebrous Cavern,1,16388
849,Glen of Verdant Greenery,0,223
850,Forest of Delights,0,2
851,Farm of Plenty,0,223
852,Garden of Weeping Roses,1,223
853,Grove of Evergreens,0,223
854,Wild Forest,0,2
855,Bile Marsh,0,128
856,Hidden Forest,1,2
857,Stone Circle,0,223
859,Animist's Hut,1,2
860,Fields of the Fire Flies,1,223
862,Hidden Valley,1,223
863,Forest of a Thousand Streams,2,223
864,Endless Forest,0,2
865,Dying Forest,0,2
866,Straywild Forest,0,2
867,Cottage in the Woods,1,2
868,Wormwood Marsh,1,130
869,Hall of Ancient Oaks,2,223
870,Flower Swamp,1,128
871,Mandrake Gallows,2,223
872,Jungle Temple,2,2
873,Maze of Thorn Hedges,2,223
874,Horses Vale,1,49375
875,The Cedar Pillars,1,16607
876,The Mammoth Forest,1,16386
877,The Flowering Forest,1,16386
878,The Cedar Forest,1,49154
879,Dreamwood Circle,1,16607
880,The Crown Woods,1,16386
881,Gateward Valley,1,16607
882,The Motheroak,1,16607
883,Forest of Avendron,1,16386
884,Animist's Tower,1,16386
885,Vale of the Silver Cattle,1,278751
886,Forest of the Ape King,1,16386
887,The Sacred Glen,1,16607
888,The Shrouded Lands,1,16607
889,The Land of Pleasures Unattained,2,278751
890,Soul of the Wild,2,16607
891,Wolven Gate,2,223
892,Twisting Woods,2,2
893,Ancient Forest,2,2
894,The Vale of Unicorns,2,16386
895,Forest of Splendor,2,16386
896,The Snake Collector,2,16512
897,Shrine of the Wild,2,223
898,Oak of Ages,2,16607
899,The Valley of Shame,2,16607
900,The Previous Forest,2,278536
901,Thorn Wood Heights,1,16386
902,Poison Glades,1,16386
904,Enchanted Field,0,262367
905,Oakwood Tower,1,223
906,Grove of Revelry,2,2
907,Tinderwood Forest,1,2
908,Mist Forest,1,2
909,Flowering Bog,1,128
910,Evergreen Mountain,1,4
911,Oak of Memories,1,2
912,Maggot Woods,1,2
914,Unfound Paths,2,262146
915,Wolf Oak,0,223
916,Grove of Fertility,0,215
917,Druid's Grave,0,223
918,Lair of Spiders,2,2
919,Skin Shifter's Barrow,2,223
920,The Frogmarch,1,16512
921,Heart of the Forest,2,16386
922,Field of Golden Rye,1,16
923,Withering Woods,2,2
924,Grove of Hooded Spirits,2,2
925,Fungus Forest,1,719
926,The Crone,2,16607
927,Thorn Maze,1,95
928,Earthroot Grove,2,18
929,Starsong Grove,2,16386
930,Tree of Life,2,16599
931,Tree of Knowledge,2,16607
932,Tower of the Moon,2,16607
933,Vale of Healing Herbs,2,199
934,Moonvine Circle,1,16607
935,Hoburg Holdfast,2,3088
936,Hoburg Settlement,2,16
937,Barbarian Warcamp,5,14
938,Ancient Ruin,1,223
939,Dusk Spiral,1,16386
940,Tower of Thorns,2,16386
941,Toad Tribe Settlement,5,128
942,The Primal Forest,5,16386
943,Grove Unpleasant,2,223
944,Cursed Land,5,223
945,Ivy Grove,1,2
946,Hall of the Ivy King,2,16386
947,Dancing Lights,0,262367
948,Mist Shrouded Ruins,0,223
949,Song of Birds,0,223
950,Veiled Valley,0,223
951,Gorge of Echoes,0,262367
952,Shimmering Waterfall,0,223
953,Fairy Circle,0,223
955,Crystal Garden,0,262879
956,Perpetual Rainbow,0,16
958,Singing Tree,0,223
960,Shop of Strange Items,1,262367
961,Veiled Willow,1,223
962,Hall of Merriment,1,223
963,House of Otherworld Windows,1,223
964,Circle of Strange Stones,1,223
965,Cracked Tower,1,262367
966,Inn of Strange Travelers,1,16
967,Dream Roses,1,262367
969,Rune of Images,1,255
970,Stardust Meadow,1,223
971,Rainbow Tower,1,223
972,Singing Stream,1,735
974,The Gray Lodge,1,16385
975,Twin Spire Tower,2,223
976,Rainbow Roses,2,223
977,The Dream Gate,2,214015
978,Ivory Tower,2,223
979,Tower of the Hidden Order,2,223
980,Tower of the Hidden Order,2,223
981,Tower of the Hidden Order,2,223
982,Academy of Magic,2,223
983,Academy of High Magics,2,16607
984,Sprite Woods,2,2
985,Mirror Wall Palace,1,16607
986,Fernglow Forest,1,16386
987,Cedar of Seven Songs,1,16607
988,The Glowing Hill,1,16607
989,The Crystal Oak,2,16896
990,Dreamscape Downs,2,278751
991,Maze of Undreamt Dreams,2,278751
992,Castle of the Sleeping Beauty,2,16386
995,Dreamtravel Grove,2,16386
996,The Good Faery,2,16607
997,The Wormwood Tower,1,16386
998,The Gate of Deeper Slumber,2,278751
999,Cave of the Sleepers,2,16607
1000,Glowing Mound,1,223
1001,Elusive Mountain,1,4
1002,Bog of Strange Lights,1,134
1003,Rainbow Mist,1,128
1004,Moon Mirror Moor,1,223
1005,Shimmering Forest,0,2
1006,Nightmare Tower,1,262367
1007,Invisible Flame,1,262367
1008,Mist Coast,1,64
1009,Invisible Tower,1,262367
1010,Mountain of Playful Sylphs,1,4
1011,Slumber Woods,1,2
1012,Nightmare Marsh,1,128
1013,Leper Dreams,2,262367
1014,Desert of Dreams,1,262152
1015,House of Dreams,2,262879
1016,Dreams Unleashed,2,262879
1017,Everchanging Fields,2,262879
1018,Gossamer Weaver,2,262879
1019,Twisted Mirror,2,262367
1020,Shrouded Glen,2,223
1021,Elusive Birdsong,2,215
1022,Twin Bottom Lake,2,215
1023,The Crystal Citadel,1,16607
1024,The Inverted Tower,1,17119
1025,The Rainbow Shroud,1,16607
1026,Birdsong Tower,2,17119
1027,Hall of Horrible Memories,2,278751
1028,Dusk Spire,2,16607
1029,Bard's College,2,16400
1030,Memory Collector,2,278751
1031,House of Lies,2,16607
1032,Twilight Academy,2,16607
1033,The Crystal Academy,2,17119
1034,The Great Mirror of Maaki,2,16607
1035,Palace of Dreams,2,278529
1037,Brigand Lair,0,223
1038,Academy of War,1,223
1039,Damned Merchant,1,223
1040,Fields of Blood,1,1
1041,Blood Henge,2,223
1042,Ebony Tower,2,223
1043,Summoning Circle,2,735
1044,Gore Swamps,1,16512
1045,Mount Chaining,1,16607
1046,The Vale of Infinite Horror,1,278751
1047,The Blood Keep,1,16388
1048,Devil's Den,1,16607
1049,The Ebony Circle,2,16607
1050,The Demon Gate,1,16607
1051,The Prison of Hearts,1,16607
1052,The Mountain of Power,2,16392
1053,Hall of Flayed Skins,2,278751
1054,Assassins Guild,2,223
1055,Haunted Torture Chamber,2,735
1056,The Blood Rock,2,16388
1057,Forest of Pain,2,16386
1058,Red Forest,2,16386
1059,Bloodleaf Forest,1,2
1060,Bloodstone Mountain,1,4
1061,Bloodwind Waste,1,8
1062,Bloodsucker Fens,1,128
1063,Bloodmarble Mausoleum,1,735
1064,Bloodsplatter Pattern,1,735
1065,Torture Tower,1,262160
1066,Bloodshade Glen,2,16514
1067,The Slaughterhouse,2,16607
1068,The Lodge,2,16607
1069,Pool of Unhealthy Rites,2,735
1070,Bloodstone Mirror,2,223
1071,Palace of Wicked Dreams,2,16
1072,Tower of the Devil's Bride,1,16607
1073,Slave Market,1,735
1074,Forgotten Village,0,2
1075,Sacrificial Grove,1,18
1076,Bleeding Tree,2,2
1077,Stained Altar,2,16607
1079,The First Gate,1,17119
1080,The Second Gate,1,17119
1081,The Third Gate,2,17119
1082,Tower of the Deformer,2,16607
1083,House of Disfigurement,2,16607
1084,Statue of Hideous Visage,5,223
1085,Demon Gate,5,223
1086,Cliffside Abattoir,1,16388
1087,Redcap Feeding Ground,2,223
1088,Ancient Temple,0,262879
1089,Pool of Sanctity,1,735
1090,Hidden Monastery,1,223
1091,Monastery of Light,2,223
1094,Temple of Time,2,262367
1095,The Marble Temple,1,16607
1096,The Empty Grave,1,279263
1097,The Forgotten Crypt,1,279263
1098,The Ward,2,16607
1099,The Records of Mankind,2,278751
1100,Order of the Secret Light,2,17631
1101,Order of the Undying,2,17631
1102,Shrine of the Outcast,1,735
1103,Temple of the Spider God,2,735
1104,Temple of the Hidden Flame,2,735
1105,Temple of Flying Monkeys,2,16607
1106,The Martyr's Grave,2,767
1107,Cradle of Faith,2,262911
1108,Pillar of Life,2,17151
1109,The Prophet's Sigil,2,262911
1110,Oracle's Lair,2,262911
1111,Mountain of Revelation,2,4
1112,Place of Prophecy,2,767
1113,Stele of Law,2,255
1114,Temple of Life and Death,2,16607
1115,Garden of Longevity,2,16599
1116,The Holy Crypt of Anre,5,16607
1117,Knightly Order,5,223
1118,Gorge of Glowing Fish,0,32
1119,Glowing Sands,0,256
1120,Sparkling Current,0,32
1121,Crust of Molten Sulphur,0,256
1122,Underwater Volcano,0,256
1123,Smoldering Starfish Colony,0,32
1124,Pond of Lava,1,256
1125,Steaming Stone,1,256
1126,Boiling Current,1,32
1127,Fire Rift,1,256
1128,Magma River,2,768
1129,Thermal Vent,0,256
1130,Underwater Cave,1,32
1131,Imprisoned Zephyr,2,32
1132,Pocket of Air,2,32
1133,Diamond Corals,2,32
1134,Floating Rock,0,131072
1135,Bubbling Fissure,0,32
1136,Foaming Waves,1,64
1137,Island of Floating Stone,1,131072
1138,Scoriatic Cliffs,2,256
1139,Coral Reef,0,131072
1140,Clam Field,0,32
1141,Coral Statue,1,32
1142,Sunken Island,2,32
1143,Man'o'War Breeding Ground,2,32
1144,Sunken Tower,1,32
1145,Troll Pit,2,32
1146,Shrine of the Shark Lords,2,32
1147,Tower of Pearls,2,32
1148,Isle of Ice,1,16416
1149,Academy Underneath,1,16416
1150,The Hippocampoi Fields,2,16416
1151,Sentient Current,2,32
1152,Kraken Pit,2,256
1153,Cold Currents,0,256
1154,Depths Unnamed,0,256
1155,Whispering Waters,1,256
1156,Glowing Depths,1,256
1157,Falling Depths,1,256
1158,Dark Waters,1,256
1159,The Darkness,2,16640
1160,The Gate in the Deep,2,16640
1161,Cavern of Underwater Ice,0,256
1162,Charmed Current,0,32
1163,Sweet Water Current,0,32
1164,Frozen Deeps,0,256
1165,Tears of the Ancients,1,256
1166,Ridge of Ice,0,288
1167,Fathoms Deep,0,16640
1169,The Sunken Observatory,2,16672
1170,Underwater Cliff,0,288
1171,Moving Sand Banks,0,32
1172,Basalt Statue,1,288
1173,Isle of the Sea Fathers,1,147456
1174,Basalt Halls,2,256
1175,City of Stones,1,16640
1176,Caves in the Deep,0,256
1177,Copper Clams,1,256
1178,Mineral Fingers,1,256
1179,Plateau of Shards,1,256
1180,Long Lost Circle,2,256
1181,The Basalt Forge,2,16640
1182,Rock Crab Colony,0,32
1183,Underwater Stalagmite,0,256
1184,Ridge of Volcanic Glass,0,256
1185,Meteorite Rock,0,256
1186,Basalt Plateau,0,256
1187,Mountain Underneath,1,256
1188,Fossilized Conch,1,32
1189,Forgotten Crevasse,1,256
1190,Glowing Kelp Forest,0,65536
1191,Kelp Fortress,0,131072
1192,Amber Beach Island,2,131072
1193,Floating Forest,2,131072
1194,Kelp Grove,0,131072
1195,Coral Garden,1,32
1196,Sea Oak,1,32
1197,The Amber Halls,2,16416
1198,The Forest Beneath the Waves,2,16416
1199,Kelp Sea,2,65536
1200,Forest of Amber Kelp,2,81920
1201,Fields of Glowing Algae,0,32
1202,Giant Anemone,0,32
1203,Ridge of Empty Shells,0,256
1204,Wall of Living Kelp,0,65536
1205,Monstrous Conch,0,32
1206,Living Sediment,0,32
1207,Lair of the Eel-King,1,256
1208,Breeding Ground of Eels,1,256
1209,Sunken Galley,0,32
1210,Reef of Sunken Ships,1,131072
1211,Dying Ground of the Whales,1,16416
1212,Isle of Death,1,16416
1213,Dark Depths,1,256
1214,Ghoul Fish Cave,1,256
1215,The Wasted Sea,1,16640
1216,The Sea of Dead Memories,1,16640
1217,Black Sands,0,32
1218,Basalt Ruins,0,256
1219,Submerged Catacombs,0,32
1220,Stale Current,0,32
1221,Black Coral Reef,0,32
1222,Field of Undead Clams,1,32
1223,Halls of the Drowned,1,16416
1224,Sunken Ship of Dread,2,17440
1225,Pearl Stairway,2,32
1226,Arcane Gateway,2,288
1227,The Water Solstice,2,16416
1228,Basalt Pillars,1,256
1229,Labyrinth of the Deeps,2,256
1230,Gorge of Mystery,2,256
1231,The Crater,1,16640
1232,The Last Void,2,16640
1233,The Iron Caverns,1,17152
1234,Submerged Labyrinth,0,32
1235,Displaced Tunnel,0,256
1236,Arcane Vent,0,256
1237,Shimmering Conches,0,32
1238,Pearl Farm,0,32
1239,Eye Pebble Plain,1,32
1240,Abyss to the Beyond,1,256
1241,Blasphemous Presence,1,256
1242,Enchanted Current,1,16416
1243,Shimmerfish Reef,0,32
1244,Dream Kelp,0,32
1245,Singing Sands,1,32
1246,Lingering Corpusants,1,32
1247,Slumbering Seaweeds,1,32
1248,Witchfire Fog,0,32
1249,Drowned Dreams,2,32
1250,Isle of the Unaging,2,16416
1251,Siren Cliffs,2,16416
1252,Faces Beneath the Waves,2,32
1253,Whale Song Forest,1,32
1254,Pearl Sphere,1,32
1256,Ancient Temple of the Deeps,0,288
1257,Knightly Order of the Deep,5,32
1258,Shambler Reef,0,64
1259,Navigators Guild,2,64
1260,Wailwind Shores,1,64
1261,Rain Forest,5,2
1265,Great Oasis,2,8
1266,Date Oasis,1,8
1267,City of Dates,2,16392
1268,Oasis of Verdant Greenery,2,16392
1269,Chitterpalm Oasis,0,8
1270,Cavern of Flames,1,512
1271,Underground Lake,1,512
1272,Air Shaft,1,512
1273,Basalt Wall,1,512
1274,Painted Cavern,1,512
1275,Bone Filled Cave,1,512
1276,Mushroom Forest,1,512
1277,Cave of Glowing Mushrooms,1,512
1278,Trapped Lights,0,512
1279,Dripping Stones,0,512
1280,Trapped Wind,0,512
1281,Mineral Deposit,0,512
1282,Spiral Shaft,0,512
1283,Cavern Tomb,0,512
1284,Moss Covered Cavern,0,512
1285,Cavern of Dreams,0,512
1286,Cavern of Rubies,2,512
1287,Cavern of Magma,1,512
1288,Magma Halls,2,512
1289,Dripping Caverns,1,512
1290,Mud Caverns,1,512
1291,Ice Caverns,2,512
1292,Stalagmite Cavern,1,512
1293,Mist Caverns,1,512
1294,Gold Deposit,0,512
1295,Silver Deposit,0,512
1296,Copper Deposit,0,512
1297,Iron Deposit,0,512
1298,Hidden Gold Deposit,0,512
1299,Hidden Gem Deposits,0,512
1300,Mammoth Cave,2,512
1301,Earth Blood Vein,1,512
1302,Crystal Cavern,0,512
1303,Crystal Forest,1,512
1304,Glittering Cavern,1,512
1305,Buried Temple,2,512
1306,Gemwall Cavern,2,512
1307,Troglodyte Cave,2,512
1308,The Storm Underneath,2,16896
1309,Ancient Tomb,1,512
1310,Opulent Tomb,2,512
1311,Umbral Cave,2,512
1312,Caveman Cavern,1,512
1313,Cavern of Ancient Mushrooms,0,512
1314,Gemsparkle Gorge,1,512
1315,Gorge of Silent Songs,2,512
1316,Hidden Halls of Crystal,2,512
1317,The Howling Abyss,1,16896
1318,Nest of Bats,2,512
1319,The Lesser Abyss,2,16896
1320,Splattermaid Gorge,2,16896
1321,Tomb of Seven Oracles,2,16896
1322,Infinite Cavern,2,16896
1323,Riddle Dark,2,16896
1324,The Umbral Conclave,2,16896
1325,Subterranean City,2,17920
1326,The Silent Sea,2,16896
1327,The Olm Cavern,2,16896
1328,Halls of Stalagmitic Splendor,2,512
1329,Halls of Imprisoned Sunlight,2,16896
1332,The Throne of the Second Age,11,214015
1333,The Throne of War,11,214015
1334,The Throne of Night,11,214015
1335,The Throne of Beasts,11,214015
1336,The Throne of Thorns,11,214015
1337,The Throne of Flames,11,214015
1338,The Throne of Ice,11,214015
1339,The Throne of Storms,11,16607
1340,The Throne of Might,11,214015
1341,The Throne of the Stars,11,214015
1342,The Throne of Stability,11,214015
1343,The Throne of the Deeps,11,16640
1344,The Throne of Pearls,11,16640
1345,The Throne of Bones,11,214015
1346,The High Throne,11,214015
1347,The Throne of Zeal,11,214015
1348,The Brass Throne,11,214015
1349,The Coral Throne,11,16640
1350,The Throne of Pestilence,11,214015
1351,The Lower Throne,11,16607
1352,The Mirror Throne,11,17119
1353,The Throne of Twilight,11,16607
1354,The Rainbow Throne,11,16607
1355,The Throne of Spring,11,16607
1356,The Throne of Summer,11,16607
1357,The Throne of Autumn,11,16607
1358,The Throne of Winter,11,16607
1359,The Throne of the First Age,12,214015
1360,The Throne of Law,12,214015
1361,The Throne of Gaia,12,16607
1362,The Crystal Throne,12,17119
1363,The Iron Throne,12,16607
1364,The Silver Throne,12,16607
1365,The Golden Throne,12,16607
1366,The Throne of Bureaucracy,12,214015
1367,The Throne of Knowledge,12,16607
1368,The Throne of Life,12,214015
1369,The Throne of Death,12,214015
1370,The Throne of Fortune,12,214015
1371,The Throne of Misfortune,12,214015
1372,The Throne of Chains,12,16607
1373,The Inner Throne,12,16607
1374,The Outer Throne,12,214015
1375,The Throne of the Moon,12,214015
1376,The Throne of Dreams,12,214015
1377,The Throne of the Churning Ocean,12,16416
1378,The Throne of the Artificer,12,16607
1379,The Throne of Fire,12,16607
1380,The Throne of Earth,12,16607
1381,The Throne of Water,12,214015
1382,The Throne of Air,12,16607
1383,The Throne of Splendour,13,214015
1384,The Throne of the Pantokrator,13,214015
1385,The Throne of Abundance,13,214015
1386,The Throne of Eternal Suffering,13,214015
1387,The Throne of the Sun,13,214015
1388,The Throne of Sorcery,13,214015
1389,The Throne of Elements,13,214015
1390,The Shattered Throne,13,214015
1391,The Throne of Creation,13,214015
1392,The Throne of Destiny,13,214015
1393,The Throne of Power,13,214015
1394,The Throne of Time,13,214015
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