Dominions 6 – Who to Choose and Who to Play?

Who to Play?

A solid choice for a dragon pretender (which is a traditionally weak chassis) would be Early Age Ulm. Maybe go for the earth dragon with the poison breath since you can give him a couple more levels of Earth and get his protection up. Take Reinvigoration as a bless to help out your mages. Ulm is also straight forward enough that scales (production, growth ect.) really don’t matter, but if you take a bit of order for recruitment points and a bit of growth you’ll be able to churn out units.

EA Ulm is a great nation. It has very strong troops that aren’t so expensive that you can’t stand to replace an army if you make a whoopsie and lose one. The mages have a lot of earth magic, which is a fantastic path for buff spells, and the Ulmish troops take buffs very well. You can also dabble in the other elemental paths and have a bit of access to death and nature magic as well.

Focus on Enchantment (for buff’s like gift of giant strength) and Construction for your research. You can experiment with forging as well since Ulm can make very cheap magic items.

Only ‘traps’ in Ulm are their archers since your infantry have very low protection and the archers are as likely to hit them in melee as they are whoever you are trying to kill and their sacreds, which are just overpriced and generally not worth it.

Dragons are seen as weak mostly just because they struggle with survivability, and they are expensive in terms of design points for what you get. You’ll be just fine, especially in SP. Just be careful to to send your Dragon into a province full of Barbarians or Heavy Cavalry or things like that.

The idea of EA Ulm having weak magic mostly stems from the MP side of things where they tend to fall off pretty hard in the mid to late game. Their magic tends to be pretty straight forward, and focused with a relatively limited (by Dominions standards) number of options that are comparably easy to get your head around.

As far as the nations you have it narrowed down to… With Hinnom and Abysia you are looking at Blood and Astral magic plus wacky dominion stuff that kills your population, increases unrest, and all sorts of nonsense… They are both nations I would consider to be at the deep end of the pool. Blood is very micromanagment intensive and both Blood and Astral rely on communions and sabbaths, which after nearly 1000 hours in Dom 5 I still struggle with setting up sometimes. Hinnom is the more forgiving of the two since you can have giant’s as communion slaves and get them regenerating too as opposed to having their brains leak out their ears. That said, Abysia is an awesome nation. I have legitimately won wars in multiplayer games using basically nothing but their insane assassins, but maybe save them for a 2nd or 3rd game.

If you are looking at EA Agartha is a bit of an odd duck too. Surprisingly squishy troops that struggle to kill things and get torn apart by anything with range. Their Great Olms are powerful, but also awkward to use effectively. I’d point you towards MA for Agartha.

Helheim is a solid pick though. Reworked in a pretty big way for Dom 6 with a switch from Blood magic to glamour so a lot of old advice won’t apply. Powerful sacred cavalry that are very tough to kill. Give them a bless that boosts up their defense and they will carry you hard. The bless system changed big time in Dom 6 and they are a bless heavy nation so everyone is going to be experimenting along with you. Traditional wisdom was an imprisoned rainbow mage with good scales but that’s likely changed. Only thing I would consider to be absolutely is to make sure to take Magic scales since all their mages cost you the earth and the moon. Glamour magic is the new magic path and it is pretty cool stuff.

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  1. Stick to the early age nations for now, and steer clear of water nations. I would also stay away from blood nations for now as well such as Mictlin and Xibalba. That leaves quite a lot. Maybe roll with Earmor or Arco – can’t really go wrong there, and the greek and roman style troops should be somewhat familiar to anyone familiar with history.

  2. EA Vanheim

    You get vanhere’s which are sacred berserker dual-wielding badasses similar to EA Abysia’s sacred unit — only they trade in fire protection, fire shield, about 6 points of strength and some other tidbits for about 4x the defensive skill, glamour and less reliance on hot climate (heat scales). Also roughly half as cheap as well (70 gold 37 resources abysian sacreds vs 40 gold 16 resources for vanheres).

    Such a strong unit you can experiment with any sort of bless strategy or scales mix and still have a strong unit you can expand with after just two turns recruiting (I recommend 6-7 dominion scales so you can get 12-14 sacreds after two turns).

  3. Ulm feels like easy mode for me. I like them so far. Magic isn’t as make or break with them. Atleast early on.

    Their units are traditional medieval fare. Archers, knights, infantry. Very good at fighting and feel pretty unbreakable.

  4. Don’t pick a water nation and maybe avoid a nation that relies a LOT on Blood Magic but otherwise, they’re all good starts.

  5. There’s a million and one pieces of advice folks will throw your way. I found it almost overwhelming. No one actually agrees on much lol. What I ended up doing was just reading the Nation overviews in the manual and picked 3 that vibed the most with me. Then I asked folks about those specific 3. It narrowed people’s focus in comparing the pros and cons of those 3 rather then having to look at the dozens and dozens of nations available.

  6. Abysia would be the easiest to feel thematic with dragons. A nation of fire people. Could imagine a dragon from a volcano being worshipped.

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