Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Celestial Paean (Mage Maister Spell) for Mage Pawns

Mage Maister Spell: Pros and Cons

Pro: Stamina Regen Bonus

I’m a Magick Archer, and I have a high stamina regen because I invested in it. The spell makes my stamina, regenerate instantly though.

So if I needed to spam multiple sagittate avalanche for like a boss i can. But i don’t really need to ever do that.

Pro: Attack Speed

It’s great for melee (especially rogues). I’d consider it S tier for rogues. Not sure if ranged and spellcaster combatents benefit. It supposedely increases “Speed,” but do magick archers really benefit from that? All their abilities are similar to cast time.

The longer you hold the “cast” button, the more arrows you “cast.”

Pro: Reduces Damage Taken

This is great for everyone. Even if the other two benefits don’t help your vocation. But as a magick archer, I don’t get hit.

So this is more of an F tier benefit for me, and whether or not it benefits me will decide if I keep it.

Con: Long Cast Animation

So the mage pawn just stands there basically channeling it the entire time. And that’s fine. I’m not sure, but they might actually stop casting it if the pawn is attacked. Is that true?

But yeah this pulls them away from their duties as a support or damage dealer, however you set up your mage.

Con: Knocks Them on Their Feet

After the spell is done (no idea what the duration is or if it’s based on stamina), the caster is knocked on their feet, prone for 2-3 seconds (perhaps more for other pawns? Idk what the determining factors are).

This isn’t too important. Just more down time added in addition to the channel time.

Con: Completely Drains Stamina

I haven’t noticed if this is true or not for pawns. My pawn is set up for stamina regeneration, so by the time shes on her feet, she has all her stamina back.

Maybe this is just how pawns are designed; with faster or instant stamina regen?


  1. it’s also extremely useful for MS because you get to spam invulnerability and the maister skill

  2. It’s absolutely must have for my thief I can spam skull splitter and use the meister skill which don’t let you get hit I love it not sure about other classes and your right it’s sss tier

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