Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Explanation of Item Upgrading

Item Upgrading System

There are multiple different types. Each item has 4 upgrade levels. There are 3 basic and one red one, which was called Dragonforging in DDDA (but idk if it still is in DD2).

For the initial 3 upgrade slots, you can just pay money and/or materials for it. You have to do the first level to unlock second, etc.

You can choose between different upgrade styles for these. I have found 3 but I heard there are 4. The upgrade style depends on where you are when you upgrade it. If you go to Battahl, you will get Battahl-style upgrading.

Each style is better at something else. Battahl is strength/defense focused, Vermund is balanced, Elven is magic/magic defense-focused.

Last level is Dragonforging and can only be unlocked by the Dragonforged by using Wyrmslife Crystals. He’s an NPC in southern Battahl.

Where I can find the dwarven for upgrades?

There’s two quests you have to do.

The first one is after you’ve done the initial main quests in Vermund. Go to the castle, and right in the front yard, there should be a soldier named Roman who will give you the quest. It leads you to the dwarven smith in battahl, and you just have to basically help them get some materials.

The second quest is a follow-up after you rest for a day. They will ask you to go to a cave on the Volcanic Island, which can be quite tough if you’re low-level. Once you go there, make sure you kill all enemies in the cave before talking to the NPC inside, as the second half of the quest is time-sensitive, and wasting time fighting enemies will probably lead to a fail.

After you turn in the quests completely, you will unlock Dwarven upgrades.

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