Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Newbie Warrior Advice

Warrior Advice

The basic swing & one of his later skills get faster if you time your swings. I found those were broken as hell for damage output, essentially rendering most skills redundant. The upwards thrust for staggering big opponents is awesome though.

  • Rending/razing sweep is not worth a slot since it redundant with your basic attack.
  • Skyward/heavenward sunder is amazing. It has so many and large hitboxes, that it is the main move to use in front of big guys like ogres, chimeras, cyclopses.
  • Bellow/roar is a wasted slot.
  • Goring/ravening lunge is good for traveling and very useful against saurians, but obviously does nothign against large enemies and lacks usefulness against larger groups but you can isolate targets if the space allows for it.
  • Ladder/catapult launch is a wasted slot.
  • Surging/diluvian strike never used it, but i dont see any situation to use it other than for fun.
  • Revivify/inspirit: Very useful, especially when travelling without a mage pawn.
  • Savage/indomitable lash and knoll/moutain breaker: Redundant if you have heavenward sunder, wich is just better with its oddly many large hitboxes.
  • Tidal wrath/fury: Essential to have a quick defensive option.
  • Gale/windstorm slash: I dont know where and when you have enoug time use the dps this provies, but ig it can be fun.
  • Arc of might: This is just for fun, draining all your stamina mid batte is never a good idea and if you finish with it you didnt need it.

Best Weapon for Warrior

The best weapon that can be found in the wild is the cinderspine. Thats a big permanently fire enchanted spiked mace. For a sword your best bet for most of the game is to use grypic victory from bakbathal vendors.

In endgame you can buy the best warrior weapon (dragons bite) from the dude in the shrine for 110 WLC and the dragons flight against dragons is in all the weapon vendors stock in endgame aswell.

Best Party Comp for Warrior

  • 2 Sorcs 1 Mage

If you find the combo “too good” or if you are overwhelmed by the particle effects I’ve been having fun with 2 mages + 1 archer.

Issue with running thieves as Warrior is that they tend to be more prone to falling off cliffs/into the brine or they Implicate stuff out of your swinging range which I found to be annoying, so instead I’d suggest either 1 mage + 2 archers or 2 mages + 1 archer.

I set 1 mage up with only Celestial Paean so it can keep it up reliably, and I set the other up with Celerity + Palladium + Ice/Lightning Affinity + insert damage skill here.

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  1. Don’t worry about being the DPS, you are the knockdown machine. Your HP bar is fine to spend. Holding a charge move will keep you from being staggered, you can do the timed basic swings too to just ignore pretty much all goblins can throw at you. You’ll not kill fodder enemies as fast as the other vocations at times but you will stun multiple of them with each swing, keeping them stunlocked and knocked into terrain.

  2. The dragons flight sword has insane bonus dmg against dragons, so that after they are staggered an arc of might will do like half their hp if it connects on the heart. in this case it is a very useful skill. dragons flight is worth considering as your main weapon anyways, because the dmg is almost as good as dragons bite and the bonus against dragons (strongest and most fun enemies) is incredible.

  3. Good summary! Gale/Windstorm slash actually does pretty good dps, not sure if it would do more than Arc of Might similar moves though. Also you can technically negate Arc of Might by consuming a stamina curative, though it would only be good against larger foes that are staggered, which gives you the time to charge it up and even recover it if needed.
    Roar is good for pawns who need to grab agro, but whenever I use it enemies just ignore me…

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