Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Tips for Strider

Strider Tips

The most important thing for your damage output, outside of buffing items like Periapts (which you can stack 4 times), is augments.

For Strider, Vehemence (Fighter) + Clout (Warrior) = +32% STR, Eminence on top which will give aerial attacks like Skull Splitter (later Brain Splitter) a +72% damage boost, which is close to the augment cap of +80%.

Strider specifically also wants to have a very important skill ring from BBI, one that has both Brain Splitter and Hailstorm Volley, arguably the best skill ring in the game.

Another thing you might wanna have equipped, and this is easily overlooked, is Barbed Nails, best coupled w/ the Impact augment.

Stagger/knockdown power can make a big difference, since enemies in that state often take way more damage, and can’t fight back of course.

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