Dragon’s Dogma 2 – Top 4 BiS Mage Skill Loadout

BiS Mage Skill Loadout

The Best Skills Are:

  • (1) Celestial Paen – You equip your pawn with double recitation and be spamming skills from start to end of the fight.
  • (2) Celerity – Increased speed for everything
  • (3) Palladium/Hallidium – Depends on your area and if you carry potions at all. Palldium is nice pre-dwarven so you don’t get CC locked. Hallidium so you don’t get get poisoned/blighted. These are preventive measures so if you don’t think you’ll get hit you can take something else.
  • (4) Elemental Affinity – Adds magic to your weapon.
  • (5) Solemnity – I’ve started using this instead of (3) since I don’t really worry about status effects anymore, and found that the silence knocks down units that are spell casting (?). This would be against drakes, liches, and chimeras.

Things to Be Aware Of:

Hallidium gets used for any type of debuff so sometimes they just waste way too much time casting this spell for no real reason.

Celerity is a small AoE so remember to get into the buff circle before you rush off against the enemy.

Solemnity. Pawn AI is dumb and will not use the skill at times for no apparent reason even when a drake is sitting there casting Meteron. (I have the drake badge so they should know better).

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  1. i wouldn’t rly recommend using solemnity. it’s way too much of a niche skill to take up 25% of your loadout. just carry prescribed tranquility books instead and cast them on drakes bc chimeras and liches are pretty easy to avoid
    and yeah i second ice affinity bc freezing enemies just gives u big damage windows even if they aren’t weak to ice

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