Elite Dangerous – Briscoe’s Legacy Base Tips

How to Kill Incoming Hostiles

Don’t rush, it’s not a timed mission!

  • They don’t know you’re there: you have the first move: play it well.
  • Remember that you have the jet pack: they should have it too, but they are very reluctant to use it!
  • Take the fight wherever you want: with some jumps and quick runs you can lose track of yourself, and maybe return to the building where there are other energy packs!
  • The grenades: here hand granades fly which is a wonderful! I can’t personally rely on granades as much as I can in other video games; but if they bounce or you throw them against the walls you can help yourself.
  • If you’re new to FPS, try not to run out of shots from the rifle, check how many you have: the pistol isn’t too bad but with the rifle you control the distance well.
  • Here the enemies absorb more hits than a tree trunk: always reload, before every single firefight, reload; first charge to break the shield, reload, second charge to finish off the enemy, reload; when you break the shield the enemies have a moment of failure: use that time to reload: you can’t do much wrong, you have to hit them, or you have to start again (or almost)!
  • Always looking for cover, or keeping an eye on one, always thinking: then where will I go?
  • Being high up can help a lot, but don’t overdo it, don’t be under the fire of so many enemies just to kill one: cover yourself well!
  • Behind cover, but high up, it can be a golden place, but here you are alone, you also have to move and change places.
  • Instead: do not fly away because of fear: do not fly like a feathered bird, or they will pull you down: they all have your same weapons.
  • Remember: they are trapped, not you. Kill them all!

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