ENDLESS Dungeon – Co-Op Progression Is Shared

Co-Op Progression Explained

There is Co-op progression in Endless Dungeon for like 90% of content.


  • Resources get picked up and both players get them. So you can spend them separately. (This was bugged in the previous BETA before, it is fixed now)
  • Heroes can be upgraded by all Players separately in the same lobby! (You unlock their Ability Slots and buy them / equip them yourself)
  • Hero Quests can be completed together in the same lobby! (Quest are not completed for both players – you have to play the character obviously)
  • Districts/Maps get unlocked by all players as you pick up the keys! (The Lobby’s progression is tied to the host, but all players progress together)
  • Crypto Keys ( progression ) get unlocked by all players.
  • Library Unlockables are also fully shared.

Not Shared

  • Hero Unlocks. You do get all the maps – but you’ll have to quickly complete them in your own lobby to get the unlock dialogues
  • Weapon Upgrades are tied to the HOSTS’S Upgrades ( Hero Upgrades are separate still )

Weapon upgrades in general help, but the least significant upgrade and since you unlock everything for all players, to unlock a hero you just have to complete a district fast once on even like Story Mode and you are ready to go – takes like 3 minutes if you rush on easy.

Alternatively you can just swap the Host to your friend and do a map with them so they also get the hero – you’ll repeat maps dozens of times anyway.

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  1. Be aware that as the non-host player, the only thing that will happen for you is that you pool up resources.
    You can’t unlock anything and all your quests aren’t progressed at all, regardless if the host is doing the same quest with you and if your quest stuff just happens to spawn during play.
    You will have to play solo or host yourself in order to progress the quests.
    You also have to go in to your own solo or hosted game to spend your resources.

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