ENDLESS Dungeon – Crystal Bot Stops Moving Fix

How to Fix

When the crystal bot just stops moving while it is on its way to the new zone door. I mean, I am unable to reproduce it and when it happened it was not at some sort of corner, there was no tower slot in the way, nor got the crystal bot in contact with a character.

It just randomly stopped in place while the moving animation was still working.


However, the current workaround for me was using RB to make the crystal bot follow me when that happened, then going back to the zone door and tell the crystal bot again the same command to open it up.

Making the crystal bot following you temporarily when it is stuck can help to unstuck it.

How to Reboot the Crystal Bot:

Terminals. On the level you are there are terminals which are marked accordingly on the map. You need to trigger all of them to get the power back.

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