Enshrouded – Character Build End-Game Tier List

End-Game Tier List

I thought I would put some of my experience in writing so that it may help. While leveling, I thought Wand (Battlemage) was wildly overpowered, but after playing a bit at level 25 and crafting all gear (we grew a 4,000 flax garden lol) in the early access “endgame,” I now know the errors of my ways. Here is my tier list and my thoughts.

Tier List

  • S+: Wizard
  • A+: Ranger
  • B: 2-Hand Melee (Leapy Barb), Wand (Battlemage)
  • C: 1-Hand Melee

Strongly consider crafting deerstalker pants asap… I did some testing and the +1 to sprint looks to be about a 20% increase in sprint speed.

First, 114 skill points with this game’s skill tree is A LOT of points. As such, it is easy to get damage, defense, and QoL. All builds start with grabbing Double Jump (7 points), Earth Aura (15 points), and Water Aura (11 points). With these 33 points, the build’s defense is set. Then use the remaining 81 points to make the build and establish the damage profile.

S+ Tier

Wizard is slightly overtuned in the current sandbox. It can be annoying running out of stamina while travelling throughout the world, but its damage and survivability is simply unbelievable.

I believe Staff damage should NOT scale with intelligence. It should scale with Spirit. Having Staff damage scale with intelligence means high damage and high healing (Water Aura).

Wand and Healing should scale with intelligence while Staff should scale with Spirit. This build currently has no downsides.

A+ Tier

I’m not an assassin/ranger/rogue kind of player, but I can absolutely recommend the Ranger playstyle. Ranger is BY FAR the most fun with the most upside… but the arrow cost is stupid. We need an eternal arrow. Additionally, why is it when multi-shot procs burn multiple arrows!?!

This is incredibly frustrating. Either way, once the eternal arrow is brought into the game, this build will be my favorite to play. This build has the highest upside and skill expression. There is nothing in the game more satisfying than head shot chaining enemies. Soooo much fun!

B Tier

2-hand melee (Leapy Barb) is an interesting and highly effective build. High damage and very fun. I do NOT recommend squaring up with enemies and fighting them. The parry system in its current design is not fun or efficacious.

Granted, it could be a skill issue, but I feel the parry window is too small and the resulting stun is too low. The devs should consider doubling both the stun and the parry window and see if that is better. With all that being said, this build is all about being a leapy barbarian. Take Jump Attack, Jump Attack II, and Evasion Attack.

The combo is as follows: Close gap, jump, Jump Attack Slam, evade, Evasion Attack, jump, Jump Attack Slam… repeat. Make sure to have a 2-hand weapon of each type (pierce, blunt, cutting) on your bar and simply switch to the weapon that the current enemy is weak against while in midair. Very fun and very effective.

Wand (Battlemage) is the build I did all my level progression with. While levelling, I really thought Wand was quite overpowered, but after making the above builds, I now know that not to be the case.

Wand excels at turning off your brain and playing the game on autopilot. It allows you to run into melee range and fight without having to retreat. If a Wizard build runs into a group of above level enemies, the Wizard will need to retreat or stun that enemy with Begone. Battlemage can simply put-up shield and dps the enemy down.

The downside to this build is that it is susceptible to taking significant damage due to the shield’s angle of block. It isn’t uncommon for enemies to have damage profiles that hit at angles that knock you off your block.

Additionally, this build is the most stamina hungry. You would think Ranger would be, but the insane damage it can output means it has very little use for stamina in a fight.

Whereas Wand needs to block all incoming damage and survivability comes down to stamina management more than health management. Wand is great for when you are doing farm content, but I suggest one of the above builds for anything above your current level.

C Tier

1-hand melee is in a bad place right now. Leapy Barb or Battlemage does everything a 1-hand melee wants to do better. Want to be a support / tank / healer? Go Battlemage with Nemesis, Bloodletting, Earth Aura, and Water Aura. Want to go damage / tank? Leapy Barb + Nemesis.

There is no niche 1-hand melee currently fills. It has good damage, but also takes by far the most damage of all the builds I have currently tested. There is almost no content I would ever choose to run a 1-hand melee… except maybe destroying vases in a temple or something lol.

If the parry changes discussed in the 2-handed melee section were to be implemented, then maybe something could be done. But in the current sandbox, I wouldn’t use this build.


  1. Right now the magic skills are just super busted. Once my friend got Acid bite and the eternal spells they do 90% or more of our groups damage. With water aura they’re almost as tanky as my tank build, and with emergency blink they’re way less vulnerable to stuns. 1h melee builds are really good agasint hordes of trash like spiders and critters, and I can hide behind my shield and survive long enough with all the argro for the wizard to kill everything, but its just not as good as all the insane shit the wizard gets.

  2. Can’t stress enough how awful it is running out of arrows, but I get 4 bars of stamina and with the full rested buff plus the eagle eye set it comes back in seconds. Its definitely the go-to for gathering.

    It definitely needs either eternal arrows or some kind of boomerang weapon to fight off trash enemies while you save your arrows for bosses. Also if arrows don’t get an eternal version or some way to recover them then they need to be stronger than spells. It makes no sense to give the class with unlimited ammo and all the utility the most power.

  3. Nice to see an objective review of the archetypes.

    I like the idea of the spirit giving staff damage over int though, at the moment running with a wand and staff you pretty much have a bazooka in your back pocket for groups and wand for single.

    The 1-hand seems to work pretty well if you can work with parries, I’m not the biggest fan of it myself but my partner is dominating with it.

    I want to play / enjoy a range type but the main thing putting me off is the cost of arrows, breaking in to a new type of crafting is hard if you need to spend half of those resources on arrows as well.

    I think the two priorities they need to work on is ranger arrow needs being easier to manage (an eternal arrow would be sick) even if that eternal arrow used a small mana cost to pull out a “magical” arrow.

    The other priority should be helping melee characters able to hit flying targets by allowing the jump attack to have a hit box on the way down rather than just on the ground.

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