Enshrouded – Combat Tips

Useful Tips for Combat

For super early levels, craft or loot and use a Wand to range them until close. Craft or loot and use a Shield. You can hold block and take zero damage for a very long time at lower levels.

For blocking, there is a Parry mechanic that will stagger the enemy (Melee). You have to not be holding block then right mouse just as the enemy starts their attack. It’s tricky to get right but amazing one you do.

Next, learn to dodge roll (ctrl + WASD) it will save your life many times, but it uses tons of Stamina so be careful.

Lastly height. Use the terrain to “cheese” the enemy. If you can get up on even a small ledge and fire Wand attacks down, they won’t be able to do much to you.

Make sure you are rested as this gives a massive stamina bonus, put more decorative items in your base as this increases the timer. Parrying is also op.

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