Enshrouded – Double Jump Is a Stamina-Free Dodge

Double Jump Trick

Double Jumping is not only great for travel, it’s also essentially a stamina-free dodge for most enemies in the game.

I haven’t seen anyone mention this before, you can get through most combat by just jumping over enemies when they attack.

It also seems to make them braindead for a second so you can handle huge groups without too much risk.

Also makes jump attacks very useful when you get the spacing down because you even get backstab damage for jumping and slamming directly behind them.

Just don’t try it on ranged or huge enemies they’ll happily slap you out of the sky (like the annoying hammer-wielding mosquito I am).


  1. Jump attack upgrade is incredibly overpowered. You can counter just about everything that doesn’t fly and it does good damage. Depending on weapon and strength / stats of course.

  2. Double jumping is actually too useful. It is far and away the most value of a perk from the entire tree. Not just for combat but also for traversal.

    I’d almost prefer it to be a wall jump or heavy stamina use wall-climbing instead of a straight up second jump.

    • It does have a few flaws with the current state of the game, though. Getting hit by an arrow or a shroud grenade can cancel the attack. There’s also times where if an enemy is just underneath you on your first jump, the double-jump just won’t work, and if you’re late on the double-jump, you can end up gliding instead. I’ve also noticed that you can get briefly “stuck” while trying to slam downwards on groups of enemies. It takes a little bit of finesse and timing to aim at a safe spot to hit the ground with larger packs of enemies. I’ve even had those shroud enemies with spears cancel the attack as well.

      Outside of combat, it’s really good with a weapon that can break multiple containers at a time found in the vaults and spires for materials.

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