Enshrouded – How to Defeat The Boss of Pikemead

The Boss of Pikemead Fighting Tips

Some basic advice to show how easy this boss is: his attacks all have horrible tracking aside the tailspin.

However you can fully avoid him ever useing tailspin.

First Off: Dont lock on. Its a pure downside as melee in this fight as all it does is slow you down.

Circle the dragon at medium distance. Do not attack. Wait for the dragon to attack you. Keep moveing. Never stand still. You dont have to sprint. His attacks will all miss by doing this. Then learn his attacks doing this. There is 2 attacks that go on for so long you have a free dps window in them.

The first shorter window is his breath attack. When he does it after he misses sprint towards his front claw and wail at it. Backoff the moment he finishes his attack animation. If you stay close hell use tailspin which is hard to read.

The other bigger window is his roar where he summons the small bugs. Rush towards him and wail away. You can hit his mouth to stun him aswell but the former is more braindead but takes longer to kill him. Choose what you want.

If the minions make it in just kill them. They have very low hp. Wait for his attack. Kill minions. Repeait till all minions are gone.

Repeat till death!

Beat him solo as level 11 melee 1h/shield guy. No water aura. He really isnt hard. No boss is in this game sadly. Bring health potions and bandages to heal yourself whenever you need to. Always wait for an attack and avoid it before healing with bandages.

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  1. He is not balanced correctly. I’ve had no trouble with anything in the game except him, who was impossible. I had the same build, no magic, all archer/ melee. shield and 1 handed sword. I couldn’t get a dent on him in 20 or so tries at L 13. Tried every tactic anyone suggested to no avail. Watched Youtube videos and tried again. Nope. Dreamed up some of own like carving out the fungus so I get up on the wall, but he hits you up on the wall and you have less room to move, so nope.

    But I had completed everything I could reach in the game map, so I cheesed a stairway into the Nomadlands and levelled to 18. Explored everywhere I could reach again, but any further upgrades were gated in red shroud until the Wyrm was dead.

    With the best gear I could get, which included a good sword, a great bow, and and an OP wand, and dozens of practice runs I tried again. I never got him down past 80%. Not even close.

    I was left with three options: 1; Quit the game and give it a D- review because I couldn’t reach 40% of the content, 2; Go to Elwynn Forest to grind boars like the South Park crew to add levels but no gear and hope to do better at L 25 after skipping all the other content because I can’t reach it, or 3: Cheat or mod the game. Thankfully the wemod app is already figuring out that the game needs adjustment. I used it just long enough to kill the worm and open that gate.

    Until I realized it will also turn off the shroud timer completely too. I urgently disliked the shroud timer. Getting rid of it brought my eventual review up an entire letter grade.

    Try the Wyrm until it’s not fun any more, then kill him with the wemod app. It’s free, and only takes a few minutes to download.

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