Escape From Mystwood Mansion – Fuse Box Puzzle

How to Solve Fuse Box Puzzle

Here are some hints:

  1. The numbers on the bottom of the cups are not roman numerals.
  2. The first dial setting is S + IX = 6

And if needed, the solution is:

  • Three dots inside the hat = S in morse, IX under the cup -> S + IX = 6
  • A dash and dot on the book = N in morse, I under the cup, compass showing north east -> N + I + NE = 9
  • The phone is missing the button with the number 0

In the “Fuse Box” there are red switches below the 3 vertical dials, and the switches and dials can be seen at the same time. If you don’t see any switches below the dials then it might not be the “Fuse Box” you are trying to input the instructions into. If the dials are arranged horizontally then it is the “Safe Box” and the “Fuse Box” is a later puzzle. The “Safe Box” has to do with the coffee table.

Note: I just found a yellow paper indicating how to solve the fuse box puzzle and everything made sense. It’s on the top of the left bookcase when you are facing the fireplace (for some reason i kept looking for a clue on the other bookcase). 

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