Escape Simulator – Become a Craftsman Map Walkthrough

Walkthrough Guide


Open the arch gates:

  1. Better first move to the wooden drawer cabinet on your left front. A letter from Mr. S will tell you what to do. To open the arch gates requires two steps, see the poster and the jackal on it across from your spawn.
  2. Pick the jackal and put it on the table lefthand where the socket shows its image. A green light will be on meaning puzzle solved.
  3. Button the poster down to show a 3-digit lock. The code is on either side of the poster: 716. Then both gates will open.

The 1st eye Yellow:

  1. The first switch box containing the yellow eye is an easy task. Click the middle spheric button and wait for the animation coming to its end. Memorize the order of number presence: 538.

The 2nd eye Purple:

  1. Before entering the gate, pay attention to the note hanging on the tree. Follow the order to pick a golden melon and inspect it carefully in your inventory. Here you get the purple eye. The stand altar on your left is not of importance for now.

Enter the foyer:

  1. The door key is not beneath the carpet. In case you are still not prepared, a light will show you where the key is: on the right next to the stone.


Open the jail door:

  1. The first thing you need to do in the foyer is to check the drawer cabinet on your right. Do not hesitate to click the button on the inner side of the right drawer. It will activate the switch box above, showing you a gear pattern and a spool.
  2. Turn around to zoom in on the mirror in the cell. Read 4 black arrows: ↓↑←→,which is the steps of turning the spool. More details can be found on the cabinet door behind the curtains.
  3. The spool will lower the mirror to the jail door handle level. Stand as much close to the door to slide the inner panel, which will show the code to the panel lock: 1968.
  4. Next focus on the verificator. Pick at least 3 bullets from the orange bowl. Read the arrow sequence on 3 sides of the device: ↑ means pulling up the wooden switch with 3 holes; → means you put 3 whichever bullets in the holes exactly from left to right in sequence; ↓ means pushing down the wooden switch. Don’t forget the pushing down, or you won’t get the multifunctional gear.

The 3rd eye Red:

  1. Put the fresh gear on the switch box gear pattern to trigger its animation. The side will give you the jail door key; the chapel will turn around and show you a red eye button; A red light beam could also be activated to throw a heart pattern on the wall. The red eye button allows you to get the red eye between the 2 chapels.

Boots puzzle:

  1. Again stand as close as possible to the jail door to open it. 2 things in the cell: pick the right skate shoe and see the picture of “cannon and snowman” on the upper distant wall.
  2. The left skate shoe and other 2 pairs of boots can be found elsewhere easily. Open the white cabinet and follow the instructions to place those boots. From left to right it will be “walking=1→rubber=2→skating=3→cowboy=4”, hence the puzzle on the wall triggered by the boots will have a code of 3142 (after skakting3, I walked1 to the bar4 in the rain2) and completed by using the same gear above.

Living Room & Bathroom

Activate 4 4-button plates:

  1. The book shelf moves sideways leading you to the living room. Open the lower right cabinet door of it to get a T-shaped pipe.
  2. As the letter from Mr. S tells, find the basket with the poop ball in it under the writing table beside the bathroom door. Drag it to the corner under the shelf of plants beside the window. Magnetic force will free the poop ball.
  3. Throw the poop ball at the target on the door to open it. Another target on the toilet lid directs you to flush it away and get the wheel pump key.
  4. Pick the wheel in the right cabinet of the water sink. Put the key, T-shaped pipe and wheel in their right place to activate the pump at the end of the bathtub. After animation, you will get a rook figure black in the turning part and a handle and a map of the chess board in the wall cabinet. A 4-button plate will also emerge to the surface in use.
  5. The king figure white is concealed under the poker chip lid opposite to the key hole on the chess board. Put all 4 figures on their right place according to the map and the chess board will turn around to show you a 4-button plate.
  6. The pump also unlock the clock door, first pick the plushy cat and then drag the middle clock weight out and downward to lower the hanging cabinet, in which you could get a L-shaped pipe and another 4-button plate.
  7. Put the L-shaped pipe behind the bathroom door where the red pattern indicates its place. The vapor will push the drawer of the writing table out, giving you a magic pen and cat mini WC key.
  8. Put the magic pen into the ink bottle and get the code of the calculator. The calculator is on the second floor of the shelf in the corner of the bath room, hidden under a rag. Type in 4÷2-0+9 in sequence (not in sum as 11) and unlock the upper panel. Here you get the wall lantern and the 4th 4-button plate. The wall lantern can be put behind you in the socket on the chapel wall, immediately showing red light then green alternatively if you dial/release or click it.

Cat and her mini poop:

  1. Come back to the Cat mini WC on the book shelf, unlock it and put the plushy cat on the toilet to get her mini poop ball for later use.

Key to the 5th eye:

  1. Now you get 4 4-button plates with 4 different patterns on each. Each plate can be only clicked on one button at a time. The first set of code is obvious on the panel where you picked the T-shaped pipe. Click the corresponding pattern button on the 4 plates, which is “chess board=boat; hanging cabinet=mouse; bathtub=tree; shelf=moon” to open the lower doors of the book shelf, giving you a poop cannon and the map of how to place the 5 eyes on the stand alter, better photo it for later use.

Key to the 4th eye:

  1. The second set of code requires you to go back to the foyer and inspect the chapel switch box, where you find the red eye. You will see a star on the side of the cabinet, in relation to the hanging cabinet; a moon on the chapel, opposite the red eye button, in relation to the bathtub. And for this you may need the button in the middle of the gear to turn the chapels back and repeat doing so to see the red light beam and its heart. You could know the chess board is heart when you make the wall lantern giving out red light, because the chess board plate is bathed in the red light simultaneously. Finally, on the second floor of the book shelf, after pulling the book aside, you could see a shelf model with an apple on it. So “chess board=heart; hanging cabinet=star; bathtub=moon; shelf=apple” to open the left cabinet door of the water sink in the bathroom, giving you another handle.

The 4th eye Orange:

  1. Put the 2 handles on the surface of the water sink, one longitude and another horizontal, with the third one on the wall beside the mirror altitude. Don’t forget to click or dial/release the wall lantern to turn green, and the mirror also disappears to show a “holographic situation”, in which you manipulate the “3 dimensional” handles and their child cameras to put together a image of 2D skull. Then the skull with the orange eye on the table will be teleported on the plate above the bathtub after a 5-second counting down.

The 5th eye Blue:

  1. Though the window is closed after the teleportation, you can open it again by using the wall lantern. This is because on the ceiling through the window, 4 patterns wait there to inform you of the launching code. To translate the picture into number, you need some abstract mind: the duck has a 2 on its back; the butterfly’s wings shape like 3; the snail has a 6 in the middle of its shell; the snowman shows a 8 with its head and body. And it is 2386 according to the arrow.
  2. Now you have a poop cannon, a mini poop ball and the launching code. Go back to the window in the living room and inspect the last device on the sill. Remember the picture indicating the cannon and snowman together in the cell? Put the poop cannon on the gear and trigger the animation. Under the cannon, you get the chess board key and put the mini poop ball on the cone; Under the snowman, which has the same arrow as on the ceiling other side, you enter the 2386 code.
  3. Insert the key into the chess board key hole and after a series of animation, you get the blue eye. Or first unlocking the chess board and then entering the launching code will do the same.

Stand Altar and exit:

  1. With 5 eyes and the instruction map, you come back to the stand altar in the yard, unlock it and see its back. Take the key to the Exit and congratulations!
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