Escape Simulator – Buccaneer’s Bay Map Walkthrough

Hints / Walkthrough

You’ll need that stick to reach something, what kind of lock is holding it in place?

  • Have you taken a look at the the upright barrel?
  • Have you seen those same symbols anywhere else in the room?
  • The Anchor is down.

Answer: Right, Down, Up, Right, Left, Down

What can you reach now that you have the stick?

Answer: Use the stick on the bag to the left of the door.

What was in the bag?

  • How can it help you open the door?
  • How do you know which constellations to use?

Answer: 5974

Have you taken a good look at the map on the table?

  • What normally opens a treasure chest?
  • Have you found all 6 keys and placed them on the map?
  • Key 1 is near the door; Key 2 is under the table; Key 3 fell out of the bag; Key 4 is in the clock; Key 5 is on the shelf; Key 6 is on the floor in the corner.
  • The map has something in the middle of it, have you seen that anywhere else?
  • The lock on the left cabinet also has a skull in the middle of it.

Answer: Left, Left, Down, Up, Right, Up

What was in the left cabinet?

  • The note mentioned the broken clock, how might that help you?
  • The teacup has a roman numeral on it, and ingredients on the inside.
  • Which ingredients do the hands of the clock point to?
  • Did you check the bottom of the ingredient baskets?
  • What did the note say was special about these ingredients?

Answer: 120

Did you find the rope letters in the buckets?

  • Where might you want to put the rope letters?
  • What did you find in the right cabinet?
  • The two notes in the bottom of the chest make one message; the message itself isn’t important, but do they remind you of anything?
  • Each note has 5 words on it, laid out in a particular way.
  • Each word starts with a different letter.

Answer: Top Row, Left to Right: L C N M; Middle Row, Left to Right: O P; Bottom Row, Left to Right: R S A E

Did you take both notes out of the rotting book?

  • Did anything seem important in the note of regret?
  • You just finished putting up 10 letters, how might they help?
  • The number note has the number 0-9 on it in the same layout as the letters on the board, and the note mentions “odds” being in your favour.
  • What letter is in the same spot as 1? 3?

Answer: PEARL

The note in the book mentioned wanting to return a gift.

  • Did you take Grace’s Gift from the cover of the book?

Answer: Put Grace’s Gift on the skeleton.

Did you read the note under the chest inside the chest?

  • Did you go back and check the paintings?
  • What disaster did the note say befell the ship you’re looking for?
  • What is the name of the ship that fits that fate?

Answer: BESS

The map in the small chest has black lines on it.

  • It also has a red X to mark the treasure.
  • Start from Anchorage.

Answer: Up, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left

The note says the treasure is cursed, but more importantly, it says to listen to the warning.

  • Have you tried reading it out loud?
  • Some of the words sound like numbers.

Answer: 41242

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