Escape Simulator – Join the Hunt Map Walkthrough

Walkthrough Guide

Alchemy Puzzle

  • Use the paper title “Potio Numeralia” to find out how to make the potion.
  • Some of the ingredients listed go by different names.
  • Use the books and chemical paper to help figure out which ingredient bottles to use.
  • Devil’s Nettle goes by another name.
  • Use the two green books to find the other name for Devil’s Nettle.
  • The Yarrow Root bottle is located on the bookshelf behind the alchemy setup.
  • Dead Sea Water is located in the wood cabinet near the front of the room.
  • Sulfuric Acid goes by another name.
  • Use the list of common laboratory chemicals and the black book to find the other name for sulfuric acid.
  • Sulfuric acid is also known as Spiritus Vitrioli.
  • The Spiritus Vitrioli bottle is located behind the books on the bottom of the bookshelf next to the large metal cabinet.
  • Dead Head goes by another name.
  • Use the red book to find the other name for dead head.
  • Dead Head is also known as Capuut Mortum.
  • The Capuut Mortum bottle is located in the room with the staircase, near where the entrance is.
  • Place all 4 ingredients in the bowl (any order). Adding any other ingredients will reset the puzzle.
  • If done correctly, you will see the bowl pour into the pitcher.
  • Use the candle on one of the low bookshelves to light the burner at the bottom of the alchemy setup.
  • Use the potions to help you unlock something.
  • The box with the combination lock on the right side of the room has an alchemy flask next to it.
  • Look at the drawing on top of the box. This will help you determine the order to use the numbers.
  • Count the number of lines the potion goes up to, starting from the bottom.
  • Enter the numbers you got from counting, following the picture on top of the box.
  • 5-4-7-3

Telescope Puzzle

  • Do the symbols on the wall by the telescope look familiar to anything else you’ve found?
  • The symbols on the wall are similar to the symbols on the paper from the top right drawer of the wooden cabinet.
  • Use the translation on the paper to figure out what the symbols on the wall say.
  • The symbols on the wall form a compass, showing you which way north is pointing.
  • The paper on the table has directions on it.
  • Turn the telescope to face the correct directions in order.
  • Use the compass on the wall as your guide to find which way north faces.

Striped Picture Puzzle

  • Does the picture look similar to anything in the room?
  • 3 large rectangles with 4 smaller things around it.
  • The picture is a rough blueprint of the large tables and chairs in the room.
  • The star in the picture shows where the picture is in the room (for orientation).
  • Use the lines to help determine where to slide each chair.

Leave the Bunker

  • After completing all 3 puzzles, make sure to pick up the items that were unlocked.
  • Click on the stairs to leave the bunker.

Motel / Address Puzzle

  • Did you hear your phone go off? Have you checked it for any messages?
  • The text message from Dean told you to go to the victim’s apartment. Do you know the address?
  • Click on the laptop to pull up a screen where you can enter an address.
  • Use the keyboard keys to input the address.
  • Try looking around the motel room for information on Kiki Allan.
  • The street number can be found in the newspaper in the bathroom. Read the article about her murder.
  • Street number: 32715
  • The street name can be found on one of the magazine covers under the TV.
  • Street name: Singer
  • The apartment number can be found in the police report.
  • Have you checked out the vibrating bed yet?
  • There’s a quarter in one of the boots. Try putting it in the coin slot to start the bed.
  • Apartment number: 26D
  • After you’ve put the whole address in, the directions will download.
  • Head out of the motel to go to the apartment.

Police Officer

  • Police only? Aren’t you posing as an FBI agent?
  • Show the officer your fake FBI badge to gain access to the apartment.

Plant Puzzle

  • Kiki Allan looks like she was a plant person. She even took a picture of them.
  • Plant picture is in drawer under TV.
  • Find the plants from around the apartment and place them in their correct spots using the picture.
  • Plant on fridge; plant on kitchen counter; plant on kitchen rack; plant on table; plant on coffee table;
  • plant under TV; plant next to TV; plant in spider case; plant on wall shelf by bed;
  • plant on bathroom counter; plant on bathtub; plant behind shower curtain.

Key to Baby

  • Have you checked your phone lately?
  • The text message from Dean told you you can take his car, ‘baby’, if you can find the key.
  • His message is cryptic. Under your NOSE?
  • The large tiki head has a big nose. Look under it.
  • Press the red button to open the phone slot where the key to ‘baby’ is.

Cemetery Entrance

  • The cemetery is closed at this time of night. You’ll have to break in.
  • Try looking around for something you can use to pry the gates open.
  • Locate the crowbar by one of the tires, in the mud, and use it to open the gates.


  • Have you noticed some of the gravestones have candles by them?
  • The cabin is locked, but you can still reach through the windows.
  • The porch in front of the cabin is really noisy.
  • Try using something to pry up the squeaky boards.
  • Use the hammer found on the left side of the house to pry up each of the squeaky boards.
  • Have you noticed anywhere else with similar boards?
  • Place the boards on the wall on the left side of the house.
  • You will have to unscramble their positions.
  • The boards are old though, they might not fit perfectly.
  • It looks like there is one continuous line starting at ‘the mother’.
  • Order: mother, adventurer, friend, child, angel, hero
  • Have you seen those names anywhere else?
  • Use the book you got from the front window of the cabin to determine which name goes with which gravestone.
  • Light the candles in order. Make sure they are all extinguished before you start. If done correctly, you will hear the back gate open.

Bell Puzzle

  • The cabin is closed, but have you tried ringing the doorbell?
  • Have you seen the same bells behind the house?
  • Use the bells behind the house to play the same tune you hear when ringing the doorbell out front.
  • Order: bell 3, bell 5, bell 2, bell 1, bell 4, bell 3, bell 1
  • When done correctly, the front door will open.

Getting Rid of the Ghost

  • Have you found the ghost’s grave yet?
  • Try using your EMF meter to locate her resting place.
  • Turn the EMF meter on using the button on the side. TURN IT OFF WHEN YOU ARE DONE WITH IT.
  • Grave is located near one of the trees by the cabin.
  • You’ll have to dig up the grave in order to get rid of the ghost.
  • Use the shovel found out front of the cemetary to dig up her grave.
  • Do you have everything you need to get rid of the ghost?
  • Dean’s text said you might need an object from the ghost if it’s particulary strong.
  • Wasn’t the EMF meter lit up all the way? Probably a very strong ghost.
  • There might be something that belonged to the ghost inside the cabin.
  • You need salt, gasoline, and object from the ghost, and a lighter to burn the bones.
  • Salt and lighter are inside the hunter’s gear box. Gasoline is next to the car.
  • Object from the ghost is a locket found on a wall shelf in the cabin.
  • After you put the salt, gas, and locket on the bones, use the lighter to set it ablaze.
  • Hear that? It’s the ghost. BOOM! It looks like she dropped something.
  • Use the key the ghost dropped on the briefcase from Kiki Allan’s apartment.

Hunting Gear Puzzle

  • Have you seen those symbols on the lock anywhere else?
  • Maybe there is some information in your journal.
  • Journal is located in back seat of the car.
  • There’s got to be a code to open the box somewhere.
  • Have you noticed the license plate right above the hunting gear?
  • Use the journal to translate the license plate into symbols.

Bookshelf Puzzle

  • There are symbols on the bookshelf. Have you seen ones like those anywhere else?
  • The joker card from inside Kiki Allan’s briefcase has symbols on the back.
  • Use the joker on the front to determine orientation of the card.
  • The symbols are 3 across and 3 down. Is there anything else set-up like that?
  • The symbols on the joker card represent the books on the bookshelf.
  • Use the symbols on the top left of the bookshelf.
  • Find the matching symbol on the joker card to find which set of books to count.
  • Code: 48271

Stone Chest Puzzle

  • Have you found the stone chest behind the house?
  • There are 4 square slots. Have you seen any items around that are similar in size and shape to those 4 square slots?
  • You need 4 stone tiles to place in the slots, but there are more than 4 hidden around here.
  • You need to figure out which tiles you need for the slots.
  • Have you noticed any of the symbols from the stone tiles anywhere around the cabin?
  • There’s a symbol written inside the gas stove, but the flames are covering the rest.
  • Use the gas meter valve outside on the left side of the house to turn off the gas stove.
  • Look inside the gas stove. You will see 4 symbols that match 4 of the stone tiles.
  • Tile locations: inside briefcase, inside toolbox where you found the hammer (outside left of house);
  • on wooden bench in graveyard; in the cauldron in the secret hiding place.

Secret Hiding Place

  • Have you read Kiki Allan’s journal yet?
  • Did you notice what she wrote on the side of one of the pages?
  • What lights could she be referring to?
  • There are 5 wall lights located in the cabin and 1 light outside the front door that can be turned.
  • Rotate each light so it is upside down.
  • Once all the lights are pointing down, it will open the secret hiding place under the sink.

Moon Puzzle

  • Have you seen the stone altar in the graveyard with the orbs in it? It stands directly under the moon.
  • Those orbs look like moon phases.
  • There are 16 orbs.
  • Did you see the item in Kiki Allan’s briefcase that mentioned 8 names born under certain moon phases?
  • Did you find the item under the cutting board in the cabin with names and moon phases?
  • The names on on the moon phase lists have symbols by them.
  • Have you seen those same symbols on anything else?
  • Did you find the runic chart in Kiki Allan’s apartment under the coffee table?
  • The symbols on the runic chart are the same symbols as the moon phase lists.
  • Does the placement of the symbols on the runic chart look similar to the placement of anything else?
  • The runic chart shows you which orb on the stone altar matches which symbol.
  • Use the moon phase list, runic chart, and picture on moon phases in the cabin to set each orb on the altar to the corresponding position.
  • When all the orbs are correctly in place, a red candle will appear.

Summoning Azazel

  • Kiki Allan wrote about how to summon Azazel in her journal.
  • You need to make sure you can trap Azazel before you summon him.
  • Have you found the demon trap yet?
  • The demon trap is underneath the rug in the cabin.
  • You need something to lure Azazel into the trap. Maybe Kiki’s journal tells you how.
  • Use the hex coin to lure Azazel into the demon trap.
  • Hex coin is found in Kiki’s apartment in a pair of jeans in the bedroom.
  • Have you found where to set up the ritual?
  • Look under the tablecloth in the cabin.
  • 1 red candle on each of the circles, bowl of acacia and oil of abramelin on the center. Hex coin in the
  • Candle locations: Kiki’s apartment in bottom drawer in bedroom; in cabinet after solving plant puzzle;
  • behind books in cabin bookshelf; after solving moon puzzle; in secret hiding place; in stone chest.
  • When done correctly, you will summon the yellow-eyed demon into the demon trap.

Defeating Azazel

  • You’ve summoned him and now he’s trapped. You have to figure out how to kill him.
  • Have you read about any weapons in your journal before?
  • The Colt is said to be able to kill ANYTHING.
  • Haven’t you seen a gun like that somewhere before?
  • Locate The Colt in the box of hunter gear.
  • Use The Colt on the demon Azazel.
  • If done correctly, you will hear a gunshot and a demon screech.

Congratulations! You did it!

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