Escape Simulator – Never Spy Too High (Part 1) Map Walkthrough

Full Walkthrough & Hints


Solution: Find a key under the doormat. Grab two keys from the desk, one for each player. Open the two locks on the wall by the door simultaneously.

Room 1

  • Hint 1: Electrical appliances tend to work better with power on
  • Solution 1: Security Booth player needs to use the camera screens to figure out which room you’re in. Then they need to use the electricity panel to route the power to it. When the lights turn on, use the power button on the computer.
  • Hint 2: If X turns into Y, then Y turns into.. ? Time for the Booth player to use the decoder. There’s a key in an open drawer by the door.
  • Solution 2: On the decoder, both the input and output dials can be rotated. First, set them so that they match the first two rows of symbols provided. Then rotate the input so it matches the second row (the one that output was set to). If done correctly, the output row will show you the solution.
  • Hint 3: After pressing the button on the computer, a bookshelf should move. Grab the video tape and give it to the Booth player through the chute. Don’t forget to grab the key from the desk too.

Room 2

  • Hint 1: Yeah, you need power again. It’s becoming a theme.
  • Hint 2: Map and marked locations. And the Booth player seems to have some postcards pinned to a wall.
  • Solution 2: Mark the locations visited by the person who sent the postcards. It may not be as obvious at first. Some locations are optional to allow some room for misunderstandings. Expected solution below.
  • Required: 25, 23, 16, 17, 19, 27, 21, 15, 6, 5, 1
  • Optional: 18, 28, 12

No other locations should be marked.

  • Hint 3: When the correct locations are selected, you’ll hear a jingle and a sound. A couple books should move, revealing a video tape. Also, don’t forget the key from the desk.

Room 3

  • Hint 1: Power. Then turn on the PC.
  • Hint 2: PC Camera. Face recognition. And a handy face sketcher. And a portrait in the Security Booth. I wonder…
  • Solution 2: Sketch out the face from the portrait on the device. Then put it on the holder and manipulate it so it’s roughly in front of the camera. Then try to login. If something goes wrong, the message should let you know whether the face is incorrect or if the holder is in the wrong spot (though it’s very lenient).

If you really can’t figure this out, just ask the booth player for the screenshot of the face.

  • Hint 3: After pressing a button on the computer, a tape should appear to the right of the screen. Grab it. And don’t forget the key to the next room.

Room 4

  • Hint 1: Power. Wait, did something move?
  • Solution 1: Turning power on and off moves the platforms. The goal is to lead the golden ball to the exit. In addition, if the ball is stuck, the ‘room’ player can use a lever on the right side of the frame to tilt it slightly.

This is a timing puzzle. It can be hard especially with bad connection, so it’s the only puzzle with a built-in skip button (to the right of the puzzle). Feel free to use it if you’re truly stuck.

  • Hint 2: When the ball reaches the exit, grab it and place it in the lion’s eye socket. If everything goes well, he should spit out a video tape. Grab it. Don’t forget to give all the tapes to the security booth player.

Final Puzzle

  • Hint: All those tapes… it’s time to watch them. Don’t forget to switch the video input.
  • Solution: The Booth player should have 5 tapes in total. 1 from an open drawer, 4 from the other player. They should all be inserted into the VCR players. Be sure to press the ‘VCR’ button right under the screens to see what’s on them.

The tapes reveal footage of a person entering the vault. The booth player should study them and tell the other player which buttons to press and in what order.


If done correctly, the vault should open. The security booth should open and the players can enter the vault together.

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