Escape Simulator – Never Spy Too High (Part 2) Map Walkthrough

Full Walkthrough

The Maze

Goal: Reach the Maintenence Access panel. It’s right next to the enterance.

Hint: See that sign on the floor that says Crane Controls? That could be useful.

Solution: One of the players needs to use the crane controls. The other goes into the maze. Use the crane to raise the stacks of gold and open new paths. The maze player has to use color-coded buttons on the floor to open gates to move forward. Be quick, as they only stay open for a short time!

Maintenence Access

Goal: Complete the sequence to gain access.

Solution: This is a timing/precision minigame. When the sequence starts, the maze player will see the green area on the screen start moving around. The maze player can use the knob to rotate the red area, while the crane player can use the crane rotation controls to control the long yellow dial. The goal is for the players to keep the yellow dial inside the green zone, while also not touching the red zone for a certain amount of time.

Communicate well and use the red zone as a guide, as the crane player can see it as well. As this puzzle can be hard with bad connection, there is a skip button at the bottom of the maintenence panel.

The Cleanup

Goal: Learn the code to the door.

Hint: The maintenence panel displayed some mysterious letter and number combinations. Could these be coordinates?

Solution: The letter and number pairs displayed on the screen are indeed coordinates. The crane player should be able to easily identify which spot in the maze these coordinates correspond to. As some of the numbers may be obscured by dirt, use the Cleanek bot to tidy it up.

Once the code is revealed, the maze player should enter it on the panel next to the crane controls. If you really can’t solve it, you’ll find the code underneath.

Code: 5814

Synchronization Training

Goal: Synchronize all the interactibles (4 panels, 1 toy rocket display)

Hint: The rooms appear to be mirrored…

Spoiler: The general goal is to make the same light pattern appear on both players’ panels. The patterns have to be mirrored horizontally however. Similarily, the toy rocket display needs to be set so it appears mirrored through the glass.

Panel 1:

  • Hint: The big button moves the ‘snake’ around.
  • Solution: Move the snake so it’s in the same location on both panels. Remember about the mirror thing.

Panel 2:

  • Hint: The buttons look like a d-pad. What do they control?
  • Solution: Imagine that the buttons control an invisible cursor. When the cursor enters a new position, it flips the light (turns on if it’s off, turns off if it’s on). The easiest way to synchronize is to turn all the lights on or off (though I plan to change that).

Panel 3:

  • Hint: 5 blue buttons. 5 red buttons. A 5×5 grid. What’s the connection?
  • Solution: Red buttons select the column. Blue buttons select the row. Pressing a pair of red-blue buttons switches a light in the corresponding position. Remember that the panels are mirrored, so column 1 is on the left side for one player and on the right for the other. Once again, the easiest way to synchronize is to set all the lights to either on or off.

Panel 4:

  • Hint: The panels for the players aren’t exactly the same… Also, it’s split in four quadrants?
  • Solution: The big button rotates the quadrants around. For one player the entire screen is just display, while for the other, one of the quadrants is interactive at a time (lower corner by the button). Simple copy the pattern so that the two displays match. Again, remember about the mirroring.


  • Hint: Only some of the rings are interactive. But they’re different for each player.
  • Solution: If one of your rings can be rotated, the same ring is static for the other player. Communicate, look around, and try to align the rings so that they’re all rotated at the same angles. WIth the mirroring in mind, of course.


  • If done correctly, you’ll hear a jingle and the exit door will open. Walk through it and press the buttons simultaneously.
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