Escape Simulator – Overtime Escape Map Walkthrough

Solutions & Walkthrough

Blue Drawers

  • Hint 1: Look at the black box on the blue drawers. Notice anything on it?
  • Hint 2: The whiteboard with a game of tic-tac-toe on it is labeled as a hint.

Solution: Look at the whiteboard and only open the drawers which correspond to the Xs on said whiteboard. Those drawers are the left one in the top row, the right one in the middle row, and the center one in the bottom row.

Arrow Puzzle

  • Hint 1: There’s a USB flash drive that contains useful information
  • Hint 2: The USB flash drive is located on one of the computers. Now where could it be used?
  • Hint 3: Turn on the other computer, then stick the USB flash drive in it. An image will appear on the computer screen.
  • Hint 4: The image shows a white line going through black tiles. What could it mean?

Solution: The order in which you need to turn the arrows, from left to right & top to bottom, is: Right, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Right, and Up.

Trophy Puzzle

  • Hint 1: There are two rows of the trophies. Notice anything?
  • Hint 2 In the top row, each trophy faces the same way.

Solution: Turn the trophies on the bottom row so that they all face in the same direction with the ones above them.

Folders With Letters

  • Hint 1: There are two different rows of folders with letters on them in the room. What could they mean?
  • Hint 2: Next to the black box there are four folders with letters on them. The box also has a lock with a four digit code on it. Now what could the letters indicate?
  • Hint 3: The folders next to the black box have the letters E, H, L and P on them. The nine folders on the top shelf also have folders with these letters on them.

Solution: Each one of the nine folders on the top shelf represents a number from 1-9 (in order). The folders next to the box indicate the numbers needed to open the box. Thus the code is 5372.

Pattern Recognition Tests

  • Hint 1: You can find one Pattern Recognition test in the room labeled as (A). However, you need four more of these tests. See the “Folders With Letters” hints above if you’re unsure on how to get more Pattern Recognition tests.
  • Hint 2: There are five Pattern Recognition tests in total, labeled from (A) to (E). There is also a combination lock with five digits on it.

Solution: You simply have to recognize the pattern in each one of the tests, and then use the answer numbers on the combination lock, with the answer of the test (A) being the first digit and the answer of the test (E) being the last digit on the lock. Thus the code for the lock is 25526.

Colored Combination Lock

  • Hint 1: There’s a Rubik’s cube on one of the desks. Notice anything weird about it?
  • Hint 2: Excluding the black squares, the Rubik’s cube only has red, blue, green and yellow squares on it. What could this mean?

Solution: Count the number of colored squares (5 red, 9 blue, 5 green and 2 yellow). Those are the digits for the lock, so the code is 5952.

Dice Puzzle

  • Hint 1: You first need to find six notes, each with a different symbol inside a blue square.
  • Hint 2: Once you find the notes, you’ll need to find out the order they go in on the blue “dice” squares on one of the shelves. Notes on the bulletin board might help you.
  • Hint 3: If you’re missing some of the notes, the locations are: 1-On the fridge, 2-In the trashcan, 3-In the paper shredder, 4-Under the phone on the desk, 5-Under a stack of papers on the desk, 6-On the side of a row of folders on one of the shelves.

Solution: The correct order for the symbols is 1-Hourglass, 2-Trashcan, 3-Papers, 4-Telephone, 5-Letter, and 6-Floppy Disk. Place them on the blue squares with dice symbols on them on the shelf.

Pullable Folders

  • Hint 1: Look at the white and black folders on the top shelf. What could they indicate?
  • Hint 2: You’ll need to pull out certain folders on each row. There’s a message from Frank on the bulletin board that might help you with this puzzle.

Solution: You’ll need to pull the folders that correspond to the white folders on the top shelf. And, like it said in the message, the top row is done as normal, but the bottom row is reversed. So, on the top row you should pull out the first folder, the third folder and the last three folders. On the bottom row, you should pull out the first three folders, the sixth folder and the last folder.

The Office Door

Solution: There’s a key to the office door in a briefcase under one of the desks. Grab it and use it to open the door.

Box On The Hallway (The One With The Red Lightning Icon)

  • Hint 1: You will need eight chips in total for this part. Seven of those chips are rewards for the puzzles you solve. You can find hints and solutions for all of those puzzles in this discussion. The eighth chip can be found in the briefcase under one of the desks.
  • Hint 2: You need something to unscrew the screws on the metal covering.
  • Hint 3: There’s a screwdriver in the janitor’s closet. Use that.

Solution: Just put the chips into the electrical thingy after you have removed the metal covering with the screwdriver. The order of the chips doesn’t matter.

That should cover pretty much everything.

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