Escape Simulator – Still (in) Life Map Walkthrough

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Day 1

You need to find the right objects for your still-life painting and display them in their correct spot on the table. You’ll find a clue for it inside the case that’s in the bookcase, along with a piece of charcoal.

Each symbol represents an object. You can compare the objects that are present in each painting with the symbols in each of their title signs:

  • The symbol that looks like an X is present in every sign except for one, and the skull is the only element present in all of the corresponding paintings.
  • The symbol that looks like a backwards K is only present in the painting that has a lamp and a flower, along with another symbol that looks like a 9. The symbol that looks like a 9 is also present in another painting that has a flower and no lamp, therefore it must represent the flower, and the symbol that looks like a K must represent the lamp.
  • The symbol that looks like a backwards C is only present in the painting with a flower, a skull and an hourglass, therefore by elimination it must represent the hourglass.
  • The triangle symbol is present in two paintings. These have two elements in common, the glass and the quill. But it cannot be the glass one, since there’s a painting with glasses on it but no triangle in its sign. So it must represent the quill.

Gather the right objects (the hourglass is behind a door in the bookcase) and place them in the correct places according to the clue. Use the charcoal in the canvas and you’ll draw a sketch of your still-life. After, you can go to bed and end your day

Night 1

Walk towards the giant skull and click on it to break it apart, and again to get inside it. You’ll see a device with a screen and a telegraph, you can zoom on it and click the 3 levers, each one will commence a sequence of long and short pulses on the telegraph. On the floor you’ll see several symbols containing a combination of long and short lines. Find the ones that match the telegraph sequences and click on the arrow to see what other symbols they’re pointing at.

These are the answers you need to send back. There is another device with black buttons; push the buttons so that they’ll match the correct symbols (three black buttons = complete line; two black buttons with a white spot in the middle = two short lines). Press the big white button after each symbol to validate it. If you did it correctly you’ll be transported outside of the skull.


_ .. _ >> .. _ ..
.. _ _ >> _ .. ..
_ _ _ >> .. .. ..

Grab the floating painting brush and use it on the white door to color it. Now you can use it to wake up to the next day

Day 2

The rain is washing away the colors of the objects on the table, you can use them to paint your canvas. Grab the painting brush from the sink and use it on the color puddles beneath each object; after getting the color on the brush you can use it on the elements in the canvas, one by one, until it is completely colored. After you’re done you can go to bed and be transported to the dream realm

Night 2

Now the giant objects have plain colors and you can click on the lamp, whose candle is out. You’ll be transported to a place with a firepit, candles and several books. You can grab one of the candles of the candlestick to your right. One of the books is different, with no number on the spine but some text on the sides. You can flip the book in your inventory, the white line indicates which way is down.

You’ll see the letters are actually numbers, which indicate the books you must place on the firepit. When you do this you’ll be able to burn them with the candle and be transported out of the lamp again.

The lamp gets lit and you can grab the floating varnish. Use it on the door; it will change and you can use it to wake up

Day 3

The objects are now trapped inside a glass orb, you’ll need to break it. Grab a chisel from the floating desk and a hammer from the wall lamp in an upside-down column. Use the chisel in the orb, then the hammer: you’ll find a bottle of varnish among the objects once the orb is smashed. Grab it and use it on the canvas to finish your painting; you can go to bed afterwards

Night 3

The giant objects are now fully colored and detailed, and you can click on the hourglass to get inside it. You’ll find yourself in a gallery with many versions of the same painting and a grave. Zoom in on the tombstone and click the hourglass stone to see two dates (birth and death) that you have to complete. Notice some numbers/month can be changed, but others don’t move: you can use them later as a reference for inputing the right date.

Zoom in on the ripped piece of canvas on the floor tombstone to find a clue: you’ll need to find the paintings that have no boat on them. There are four such paintings in the gallery, each with a number on it (3, 16, 49, 87).

There is only one way to include those numbers on the tombstone dates so that it makes sense, you can figure it out by process of elimination:

  • 49 and 87 can’t be day or month numbers, only year ones. It only makes sense that the birth was in 1887 and the death was in 1949 (if it was the other way around, 1849 to 1987, the artist would have lived for 138 years!)
  • Now that the years are complete, 16 and 3 remain to fill a day and a month. Since 16 cannot be a month number it must be the day one, and 3 must refer to the month (March).

When the date is complete you’ll get outside of the hourglass to find that the ink bottle has toppled and you can grab the quill. Use it on the door to change it one more time and use it to wake up

Day 4

Grab the painting and place it on the frame on the wall. You’ll see a quill behind a window, you can go around the floating wall to get to the other side and grab the quill. Use it on the sign to write the title and arrive to the ending

Night 4 (Ending)

You can’t reach your painting if you try, turn the other way around and walk towards the light. Back in your studio, you can click on the paintings to reveal the room credits. Grab the key from the box on the table and use it on the door to get outside and end your story.


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