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Walkthrough Guide


The player starts in the aforementioned art studio, with four paintings on their own easels. To begin, choose one of the paintings and select it to be transported to its corresponding room.

Madam Noir (The Office Room)

  1. Start with reading the To-Do list the manager left behind for you. completing this room involves completing the list.
  2. Cleaning the maintenance office = check that office for anything. You will find the manager’s suitcase there, locked with a number lock.
  3. The number lock answer is the manager’s birthday.
  4. The to-do list states that the manager’s birthday is tomorrow, check the date on the to-do list.
  5. Answer to the suitcase number lock is 923, which is the manager’s birthday. [/spoiler] There is a key in it that unlocks the manager’s office.
  6. The next step is to replace the water for the water cooler. check the maintenance office for one.
  7. The top shelf on the left is where you will find it. take it and put it in the water cooler.
  8. The next step is to water the office plant, the list says to use the mug in the manager’s office
  9. Take the mug and put it in the water cooler after you replace it. It will fill up for you to use.
  10. Place the mug over by the plant to make it grow, revealing the key to leave the office.

Andromeda (Space Room)

  1. Inside the room, you see a terminal in front of you, an electric panel to the left and battery slots to the right.
  2. The terminal has a button that will be able to be pressed when two puzzles are solved.
  3. The first puzzle is the electric panel. Four colored wires can turn around the center, placing all of them in the correct position will unlock the box below the panel.
  4. To solve it, locate a cipher in the closet on the right. It will tell you how to solve it.
  5. The cipher the note refers to is on the center terminal. Reveal it with the keyboard.
  6. How the cipher works: on the screen is each color wire, the direction that they start in, and the orientation they must turn in to get to the correct position. if the number is a positive, you move it clockwise (right). If it is negative, you move it counter clockwise (left).
  7. Correct orientation:
Magenta: East
Red: South west
Green: North
Blue: North West
  1. Unlocking the puzzle reveals a lever, activating it will solve the puzzle.
  2. The battery slots on the right are missing their batteries. Find them around the room.
  3. The battery locations:
On еhe right chair
In the closet on the right
Behind the potted plant next to the battery terminal
In the drawer on the left side
In the box that opens when the electric panel is fixed
  1. when both puzzles are solved, the button will become usable. Press it to open the window to reveal the galaxy, completing the room

Midnight Serene (Cabin Room)

  1. The room contains 4 wooden sculptures, a jackal, a ram, a falcon, and a sword in the stone.
  2. On the table, there is a note that tells a story of the three animals and the paths they take.
  3. To find the map, pull the sword out of the stone to open the drawer that contains the map.
  4. The map shows the positions of the three animals and a compass that tells you which way is north in relation to the story and map.
  5. The three animal sculptures have white arrows that depict the direction they face.
  6. To solve the puzzle, you must orient each animal statue in three steps to open a box on the table. You will know when you get it right by the candles behind the box lighting up.
  7. Orientations:
First: Turn the jackal to face south, turn the eagle to face north west, turn the ram to face west
Second: Turn the jackal to face east, turn the eagle to face north east, turn the ram to face south east
Third: Turn the jackal to face north west, turn both the eagle and the ram to face south west
  1. when the puzzle is solved, the box will open revealing a key to the door

Egyptian Dream (Adventure Room)

  1. When you start, you are in a room with four skeletons holding bowls.
  2. Find a clue around the room perhaps a note somewhere
  3. Find a note in the box in one of the corners of the room
  4. The note tells you that the four adventurers uncovered four treasures. These treasures can be found around the room.
  5. The golden ball is in the pendulum. the quartz is in the fire bowl. The silver is in the blue jar. There is no bronze ball in the room since the adventurer lost it.
  6. According to the note, the hunter’s glasses are made of bronze. use that as a substitute.
  7. Where the treasures go:
The golden ball goes with the skeleton with the adventure hat
The quartz ball goes with the skeleton with the bow
The silver ball goes with the skeleton with the magnifying glass
Take the glasses off the hunter's skeleton and place it with the skeleton with the radio
  1. Upon solving this puzzle, the center pillar will reveal a new puzzle.
  2. Orient the pillars so all the lines on them line up
  3. Completing this puzzle reveals a golden statue, which is where the room ends.

The End

After completing a room, there will be a key on the painting that you came from. The keys go into the chest on the table. Upon opening the chest after completing all four rooms, you will get the key to the art studio. use it on the door to complete the room.

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